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Eating maintenance to lose?

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I am "overweight" by about 5 pounds and over my ideal weight by 15-20 pounds.  Since I'm not too much overweight, it seems to take a lot more time to lose pounds.  I have trouble with the whole "deficit" think since I don't think I measure my calorie intake or expenditure correctly, and therefore I often feel like either my brain is deprived of food or just excessively hungry.  I did fine for a few weeks at 500 cals below current maintenance, but the weight loss tapered off, and I felt like feeling hungry wasn't worth it.

So I had a thought the other day--what if I aim to consume the maintenance calories of my ideal weight!  This is certainly less than I consume now, but more than I was consuming while "dieting."  It seems like a happy medium that my body could gradually get used to.

I have heard so much about the dreaded "plateau" that people hit when they are trying to lose their last 10-20 lbs.  99% of stories that I've read here say the plateau was broken by upping calories.  I feel like since I'm starting in that range, it makes sense to eat near maintenance to begin with.

Has anyone done this?  Or something similar?  Thoughts?
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I looked up mmy numbers and my maintence at goal is about 100 calories more than I eat now...your plan sounds good.  Let us know how it works
That's what I have been doing for a month now. It's slow going, the scale moves a little but I feel like I am toner now. Like by body is adjusting better. My clothes are getting loose so I do know that it's working.

I have lost weight before fast, gained it back after a while. You get flabby, like the jello commercial. I'm eating alot of fruits and veggies so I know the additional calories are the right kind. I have about 15 lbs to loose to get to where I want to be, maybe if you have more weight to loose you could drop weight a little faster.

This isn't the way for a person who wants to loose it fast, you will get discouraged after awhile. I figure I didn't gain it all at once so I can't loose it that way.  

I love food. I see posts that says they have a hard time eating the calories for the day and wonder what is wrong with me. I don't have worry about not getting enough calories or starvation mode. 

By eating the maintance calories of my goal weight it gives me more flexiblity. I don't feel guilty if I eat.

Bottom line is it does work, at least it does for me.

Hope this helps

sounds good unless it gives you too high of a deficit b/c of added activities or ???

ever have weekend warrior syndrome ~ work hard but barely move during the week and on the weekend, go go go... those types of high activity days, may still need to up calories...
I think that is a good idea. I have just lost 10 pounds and am looking to go for another 20 - 30. It has been really slow! I have only lost one pound this month even though I had huge weekly deficits. I am going to eat my maintance calories. It will take longer to lose it but at least its better than agonizing over not losing weight.
Keep in mind sometimes you have to make sure you are "eating enough to lose weight"

cutting back 500 from what you burn  on normal days is good, but from what I have read and experienced, on the days you work out you have to eat a bit more to make up for it, otherwise you eat less, and burn and your daily intake ends up being less than the healthy amount. Weeks of that over and over sends signals to your body to start holding onto whatever you give it because it needs it just to function.
There is actually a book I read in Barnes & Noble last year about this concept.  The idea was that by eating your maintenance calories you learn to accurately judge how much you are eating and should be eating for the rest of your life.  It was written by a mother/daughter team, who each lost about 100 lbs.
If regular 500 deficit = 3500 per week = 1 lb per week (on average), the going with a 100 deficit will make the whole weight loss 5 times slower.

If you are fine with this, then go for it.  If the benefits of eating more and a slower weight loss are better for you, then you have found you ticket to success.

Personally, that is kinda what I am doing now.
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