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Weight Loss
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Eating to live, not living to eat.

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Hey there!

Although i've been a memeber of calorie count for over a year now, I have never truley kept myself in 'diet mode'. I managed to come up with multiple excuses such as 'you may still grow', 'you're not thaaat fat', 'i'm too busy to excercise', 'I'll start dieting after this peice of cake', you know the usual i-don't-want-to-diet scenario. But recently I feel I've been having even less control over my overall diet and excercise regime and it is spilling and damaging all areas of my life beyond a number on a scale. I binge on cookies to the point where I can't concentrate in class because of the ridiculous sugar peak and low. I feel depressed about 1 day a week because of my wild overeating and lack of ability to have a healthy diet.

My new years resolution was to simply be healthier, excercise consistency, and stop obsessing about dieting, weight, fat, and then counteracting that with binges. I wanted to be able to grasp control and push aside the insignificance of food/weight obsession and start focusing on my life. But, my progress thus far has been dire, if at all even attempted. I still contemplate starting a new diet regime bi-weekly and still binge just as often.

So, I decided, tonight, to make some good use of my account on this websight. I know whats standing between me and happier lifestyle is more than a size smaller in a pair of jeans, that it's a mental state, and that I need support morraly and emotionly not just some 'diet tricks'.

So, I suppose what I'm asking for in this forum are some inspirational stories, not necesseraly about 'mega weight loss' or 'how to stop chocolate cravings' but rather advice to help me regrasp the importance of living, and remembering that foods role, although vital, is not why we live.

I suppose, in a phrase, I'd like some tips on how to start eating to live, not eating to live.
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I also meant to add that I'm not obese, nor severly overweight. I am 'soft around the edges' and am striving for healthy lean, not a stick thin figure.

Admitting you have problem is half the battle! LOL  I know it sounds pathetic but the fact that you're concerned is what's important.  Utilize the tools CC has to offer.  Find out what your caloric intake should be, then look up some of your favorite foods in the food log- pick the ones with the highest letter grade and you'll be well on your way to a newer, healthier you!  I like to log my menu one day in advanced so that I can make sure I'm eating a balanced nutrition (which for me is 50% complex carbs, 30% good fats, and 20% lean protein.)  Having a balanced nutrition has really helped reduce the amount of cravings that I have for "bad" foods and making my meals the night before gives me something to look forward to the next day, plus, since the meals are already prepared, I don't end up looking for something "easy" to eat.  My snack time is right in the middle of when I'm in class, so I bring it with me- even if it's just a nutri grain cereal bar!  If I can do it ANYBODY can!  Good Luck! :-)

Thank you for that.

I can't say I always practice what I preach, but there is one main idea that I try to keep in mind.

First of all, food is there to nourish your body.  Just because it can be placed in your mouth and swallowed doesn't mean it's nourishing food.  Just because it's not "bad" for you, or not high-calorie also doesn't mean it's nourishing food.  Nourishing food has vitamins, nutrients, protein or something beneficial in it.  When you eat it, you should be able to say "wow, this was full of protein that will help my muscles grow, vitamin B12 which will give me energy, iron which will help me form red blood cells and improve my circulation, etc."


Wow. I think you and me have had the same revelation genie recently.

We rock.
hey im kinda new here. ive always been an active person but had problems with controling my appetite. for the past year though i have done fairly well and i think its because of a new mindset i aquired. i dont think of my self as dieting and think of myself as making a lifestyle change. you have probably heard that before but its totaly true. just because junk foods and fatty fast foods have become highly convieniant in modern day society doesn't mean that that is now the norm, or at least has to be for you. once you start eating right, all the foods that are so good for you start tasting so much better.  you end up conditioning your mind to enjoy eating all the processed fatty foods and high surgar based products. i feel kind of enlightened to the new world of organic foods that are out there, i even feel like i can think more clearly without the mood altering surgar highs affecting me that you spoke of. well, i hope that this helped at all.
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