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eating less and exercising more does not = weight loss

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For me at least i have determined that eating less and exercising more does nothing for weight loss. the whole idea that if you operate at a defect will make you loose weight is Bull**** i have been working out and eating less for over a year with absolutely no weight loss. What other options do i have? is there any good weight loss piles i can try? Because i am about to go f*** shot myself if i cannot stop being fat.




28 year old female 5f6 an obese 168  I do weight training 2x a week and walk every day for a good 30min. I count my calories and keep an average of 1200 cals per day, i tried upping it to 1500 to see if i was eating too little but i only gained weight. I eat very little processed food and cooking all most everything that i eat. I can't think of what else i can give up, and i just can't go to the gym every day. I don't want to have to live at the gym to loss weight. What i really want is an life style change that i can keep up for life.

But nothing i have tried has working, All i can find it that i am a stupid fat Bit*** whole  dose not know how to count calories and must really be pounding down double cheese burgers and deep fried butter 10x a day and never moving my but off the couch. Because the "only weight to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more". I am a total failure and do not deserve to live.........   I hate everything about my self i am stupid fat and ugly.




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Check with your gym. Most have a nutritionist and personal trainers. My sister was having the same problem and thought she was eating right and doing the correct exercises but was not losing any weight. We encouraged her to see the nutritionist and she also decided to get a couple of sessions with the persoanl trainer. The nutritionist was able to give her a proper diet for her body type and the personal trainer gave her the correct workout with the proper lbs of weight to use and in 6 months, she has not only lost weight, her whole body is toned and she looks great! (I'm SO jealous!!!)

Just a couple of sessions shouldn't be too expensive - most places will offer you a two or three time deal - and you really only need them to get started... (They are probably going to tell you that weight training 2Xs a week is not enough...)

Also, try changing up your cardio since you are doing the same thing every day - I found that when I do different things every day (running one day, rowing the next) I lose weight faster than if I do the same thing everyday. (I had the same problem as you when the only cardio I was doing was walking - now I do different activities everyday and have started loosing weight...)

Also, be honest with yourself - take a look at your workout and ask yourself am I working out so that I am raising my heart rate? Or do I just look like I am working out - These two ladies at my gym are there everyday, but they talk more than they do anything else. I can get my entire routine done in the time it takes them to get through two machines... If you are ernestly working out, then the trainer and nutrtionist should do the trick!

As far as the critic's advice - this is a short term and EXPENSIVE solution to an ongoing issue. If you opt for that solution, you won't solve your problem long term. Also, I don't think you are sad, just frustrated by your situation!! I know how that can feel and believe me, I've thought of lipo too, but I don't want to spend $5-10,000 and then in a year just be back to my same weight again - that would be a total waste of time and money! You are better off spending less money on professionals to tell you what you are doing wrong in your routine so that you can fix that and then you have a long term solution and a correct lifestyle to keep you at the weight you want to be at.

Hope it helps!

Sounds like you're mixing high exercise with very low calories and as a result, your weight-loss has stalled. It also sounds like you tried eating a tiny bit more for a short time but freaked out with water-weight set on and/or you didn't instantly lose weight, so didn't bother to keep at it.

Just a guess though.


How long did you try eating 1500 for? If you didn't give it a chance to work, you might have just been seeing the extra food and water weight on the scale - I can't imagine that you burn so little that eating 1500 made you gain pounds of fat too quickly (remember, it takes 3500 calories MORE than you burn to gain a pound of fat).

Also, as someone who started with pretty much exactly your stats (and please feel free to check my profile on here - I've got a summary of what I did to lose weight, and it did not require hours upon hours at the gym)... you are NOT obese. Based on your BMI, you are "mildly overweight". You already feel crappy enough - don't kick yourself when you are down.

According to CC you should be eating 1,575 to lose 1lb a week... bringing you down to a healthy weight (150) by March 12. Have you tried to use the tools on CC at all??

If you are that frustrated, go for the nutritionist/trainer suggestion. Something somewhere is not adding up. Eating at a deficit for a year, you're gonna lose, even with crappy metabolisim. If you've committed to this for a year already, you've got the hardest part beat... stick-to-it-ness. Getting the professionals tweak your technique should be all you need to get it done.      

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Yes i am very frustrated by my lack of weight loss, it is very depressing for me to keep here people say just eat less and work out more and you will loose weight. Or to hear people say they just stooped eating X every day and they doped 20 pounds.

I can't stop walking every day because i have two dogs who would be very upset if they did not get their daily walk. I don't have a row machine at my home so unless i am at the gym my only option for cardio is walking.

I don't have to see a ton of weight loss each week, i just want to see some progress heck i would be thrilled if i could lose .5 pounds a week instead of staying at 168.. 


It just feels that nothing i do works, i just need some progress any progress to make me feel less like a failure.


I under stand water weight but I should see some progress on the scale each week, other wise what i am doing is not working. I don't want to have to go to liposuction as that is not a long term solution and it is very expensive i simply do not have that much money laying around. Weight loss should be simple, i just want to have a body that i am not ashamed of, i have never been a big eater and i have always preferred raw veggies or fruit to pretty much everything else. I just for once in my life want to not be the fat person. 


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yes i have use the tools on CC, i use the "lose it app" on my Iphone as i find that 100 times easier to enter in my foods then  the CC app And yes i should have lost weight at  my defect for a year that is why i am frustrated. the only answer i can find is that i am too stupid to really know what i am eating and that i am obsessively eating more then i say.

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And Yes i am rising my heart rate and really working out at the gym i normally do 30+min on the treadmill with some interval springing mixed in, i general to a mix of machine normally i use 8-12 different machines each time  doing 3 sets of 15 reps on each. i have manged to get up to 200 pounds of weight for my legs but am only at 30-50 pounds for my arms.

First thing I would do in your situation is look at the scale a lot less frequently because it seems to bother you. I would aim for once every two weeks or even once a month. Also everyone reacts differently to defecits you need to figure out which works for you, experiment a little. You need to shake up your metabolism a little and 1200 seems far too low given your activity level each week. What is your main goal. Is it strictly weight loss? According to the calculator I just used your maitenance is 2077 calories a day, for fat loss, 1661 and for extreme fat loss, 1377 that's at exercising 3 days a week. I'd shoot you up to 5 days a week at you being out for 30 minutes with the dogs.

Ignore the scale for a little while, eat a little more, experiment with just how much, continue your exercise and above all stop beating yourself up.

Here's the calculator it even shows you how to mix up your calorie intake for the week.

http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calc ulator.htm#

Eating less always works for me.  I guess I can't understand how it wouldn't.  I always exercise, but usually amp it up so I don't gain.  You're still young so maybe you just don't know your body yet.  I'm 28 and eating in moderation when I am hungry, making sure I am hydrated and staying active keeps me at a nice weight.  I do indulge once in a while too, and it doesn't make me gain.  I can't tell you exactly how many calories I eat though.

However the easiest way is still calories in versus calories out.  I would go to the doctors and get some tests, you might have a thyroid condition or something that is preventing you from losing weight.  You never know.

Best of luck.

I know a lot of other people have mentioned this, but it sounds like you are not eating enough. I think you should put the scale away for a while and focus on keeping track of your measurements. Try upping your calories to 1500 and aiming for about -500 calories in exercise each day. Don't eat less than that and don't exercise more until you start seeing the scale move. Because you have such a high deficit each day, you are forcing your body to hold onto fat. It's frustrating, and it's super stressful on your body. 

wow. some real melodrama here.

catnight, think of your body as a car. you can't go fast without burning some fuel. before you started exercising, you were idling at the curb. you were burning a little fuel, but you weren't going anywhere. now that you're exercising and eating less, it's like you're coasting downhill. you're moving, it's true, but you're still not burning much fuel. and when you try to go back up that hill, you're going to be out of luck.

fill the tank and step on the gas.

I can't wait until I get to be a "an obese **** at 168 pounds."  Give me your number right now!!  I want it.  I agree that treating your body like a car that needs good fuel to operate well is a grand idea.  My weight has gyrated from 175 to 172 for months so I guess I am for sure more than obese.  Yay me.  And I, too, have a dog that demands walks- and spitball sessions by the hour.  Good on ya for your energy level. 

  • Do you have a 500 calorie daily deficit, after factoring in calories burned during exercise?
  • Are you getting a minimum of 25g of fiber every day?
  • Are you getting 5-7 servings of veggies every day?
  • What is your fat / protein / carb breakdown every day?
  • Are you drinking enough water?
  • Is your exercise a mixture of cardio + strength training?
  • Are you taking at prescription meds which could impact your weight loss? (including birth control?)
  • Have you had your thyroid checked?
  • Have you met with a registered dietician or licensed nutritionist?
  • Have you spoken with your doctor about this and been examined and tested?
Original Post by catnight3:

I hate everything about my self i am stupid fat and ugly.

You need therapy more than you need weight loss advice. :/ That is not a healthy relationship with your body. 

it doesn't sound like you are fat.

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Original Post by catnight3:

I hate everything about my self i am stupid fat and ugly.

You need therapy more than you need weight loss advice. :/ That is not a healthy relationship with your body. 

I agree. You help yourself from the inside out. You can't change the outside if you don't change the inside.

I know therapy doesn't work for everyone (it didn't for me), but I suggest trying it. It may work for you. If it doesn't, you need to work harder on bettering your outlook because right now you sound like a pity party. That's harsh, but it's true. Nobody will think you're fat if you don't. People can smell insecurity from miles away. Fix your outlook and you'll stop stressing and maybe even lose some weight from that all. Your problem could very well be your stress levels. But for now, you need to stop sounding like a pity party and sound like a strong young woman who is confident in herself and her ability to make that number on the scale go down.

Just to throw in a different thought, you might want to talk to a physician as well. There are several medical conditions that could be causing you to gain weight/hold on to weight at a calorie deficit, and your doctor can run some blood tests that would give you an answer about that possibility. While I agree with what everyone else has said, I also would hate for you to be working so hard and not getting results because of a (treatable!!!) medical condition.

Good luck!

I am having similar problems and getting my thyroid checked and my allergies checked next week. 

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