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eating less calories, exercise regularly and gain weight?????

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I have just started more than a week ago to exercise regularly, walking, pilates and dance about 60 - 90 min. a day.  I also watch my calories.  I thought I did pretty good, disciplined and all.  Then I weigh myself every morning right after I got up to find out my weight is not down but up.  I don't understand.  Any explainations please!
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heidi, how much is it up?  Were you in the habit of weighing before?  If so, was your weight constant or fluctuating?

I ask because it may be weight gain, or it may simply be normal weight fluctuation? 
Also is 'watch my calories' the same as count my calories? If so what did you average and what kind of deficit did you have daily? 
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

I thought I would weigh early in the morning before I eat anything, so it would reflect the accurate weight (?).  I was down from 134.... to 131.12, then last two days up to 132.44 & 132.60.

I burn about 400 - 500 kcal a day, and eat about 1200 - 1600 a day. 
The body has natural fluctuations from day to day.  That's normal.  You haven't gained weight from where you started, you've still lost over a pound.  Maybe you should consider weighing yourself only once a week, if natural fluctuations are upsetting you.

Also, with your exercise, you should stick closer to the 1600 than the 1200.  1200 is what a woman should eat, bare minimum, if she's sitting around and doing nothing.  So when you exercise, you need a bit more than that.
heidi if you are gaining weight despite watching your calories and working out then that means you are eating too much. You need to reduce your calories further if you want weight loss. Unless you are doing quite a bit of weight resistence training and have experienced a very minor weight gain would the weight gain be attributed to muscle. Unfortunately the only way to lose weight is through calorie reduction and if how ever many calories you are eating now isn't working for weight loss then reduce the calories some more.

I can't belive you would say that!!!  Weight fluctuations are normal.  I fluctuate a few pounds every day.  No big deal.  Eating less is not necessarily the answer.   Your body needs fuel to exercise and live. 

don't worry Heidi you are still down weight and doing the right things.  Just keep going for awhile and see what happens and definately only weigh yourself once a week.
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weight fluctuations are perfectly normal

and if u hav just started the exercise routine, u might be losing fat but gaining some muscle weight..
Don't stress over it to much.  You haven't been doing this very long.  Your weight did go down.  I suggest only "posting" your weight one day a week.  (I only post when I lose then I don't get a spikey graph) A healthy weight loss takes time and it sounds like you are doing everything right.  Just don't get discouraged and keep up all the extra effort.  
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Thank you everyone.  It's very encouraging to read your comments.  I will try to stick with what I have been doing (can't believe I am this disciplined!)
i went through the same thing two years ago and was given the same advice. by chance i had my yearly physical and found out i was hypothyroid. without being treated i gained 10lbs in 2mos. im not saying you have hypothyroidism but  60% of those who have it, dont know it.
The kinds of weight loss fluctuations you are experiencing are perfectly normal.  I weighed 147.4 on Monday.  On Tuesday, I dropped to 146.4.  Today I was back up to 147.  Sometimes it seems like I am not making any progress.  But when I look at my weight from week to week, I usually average about .6 to .8 lb.  It's slow and sometimes discouraging, but then again, I am not really depriving myself too much, only walking about 3 days a week, and still losing.  So I'm satisfied.  I saw my doctor this week and discussed it with her.  She said that was just a good steady weight loss and I would be more likely to keep it off that way.

Keep it up.  You'll get there.
If you are doing all you can and eating about 1200 a day and still not losing....See your Doctor about hypothyroidism! There are Google sites to find out the symptoms. I don't have them handy right now. Good luck!
If you just started exercising within the past 2 weeks, it could definitely be water weight that you are seeing on the scale.  Many people, including runners, swimmers, and little old me, experience an increase in weight immediately after resuming a heavy workout schedule. 

It's your muscles swelling with water and glycogen as they repair themselves after workouts. 

I used to despair after I would start running or aerobics or whatever and my pants got tighter!  But if you just persist, maintain a reasonable deficit, and keep drinking water, all that will correct itself.

hang in there.
i have a question along these lines- how much muscle in pounds can one gain from increasing their excerise? because i have been excercsing more and eating great but my weight has stayed exactly the same. i feel much mroe comfortable in my body though. is it possible that i have lost fat and gained muscles, making my weight the same? i would like to think i have lost 3 pounds, but is it possible to gain that much in muscle or am i just crazy?
thea8 ~ yes, it is possible that you are converting body fat into lean muscle.  The closer you are to your goal, the less change you will see on the scale during this process, but the tape measure and the way your clothes fit will tell more of the story. a 5 inch cube of muscle weighs more than a 5 inch cube of fat... so the muscle weighs more inch for inch but takes up less space :)  It's a gr8 thing :)

heidi ~ have you ever weighed every day say over a 2 or 3 month period?  at the same time of day, like in the morning just after you use the restroom but before you eat or drink anything....

i did, and I was suprised to see my weight ping pong up and down like a bouncing super ball....  and like the week to 10 days before time of the month (totm), my wieght would climb up 8 - 12 lbs... then after I started I would lose it all over 3 days...  so the morning of day 4 was always my lowest point of the whole month (if I was trying to just maintain weight)

the point... even though you are eating less and exercising more, your "water weight fluctuation" could be going up.

i was really surprised to find out that i spiked in the middle of the month too! never knew until I tracked it for a few months.

now.... here's the deal... if you do track it daily, don't fret the ups and downs, because it is totally normal.  getting weighed is just a tool to see if you are losing or gaining... as a result of what you are trying to do by changing the way you eat and exercise.

focus on the process of how you eat and exercise, make sure you are keeping a deficit, and you will see the results...
You see, this is why I have cut down weighing myself on scales and instead check my waist measurements.

Scales don't tell the whole truth because, as others have said, you could have a lot of sodium in your body and water which would reflect on the scales so it's not necessarily fat.

I agree. Don't worry about the mid-month gain, it's just water and I see it every month as well.
This could be occuring for three reasons.

Number one which I can be quite often guilty of myself  is under estimating the calorie intake and over estimating the calorie expenditure by exercising.

Number two, Your body eventually adapts to this new intake level and your metabolism rapidly slows down especially if you are also exercising. You need to eat more foods which naturally brings up your metaloblism. Not to over do it, but it sounds that you could use more protein with a little less carbs. Also green vegetable over fruit will make your body worker harder to digest and burn more calories. So, go enjoy a nice green salad for lunch, light on the dressing and maybe add a few nuts such as almonds and cashews.  The CC home page has a good reference on foods you should be eating to increase your metalbolism.  

Number three is the type  of workout your doing. Don't just do long streches of cardio or exercise classes. You also need to increase your lean muscle mass. Yes pump up the weights. By doing both you will also find the your sessions at the Gym is not so boring. A leaner body at the same weight burns calories at a higher rate.

Hope this helps
sounds like you're being really healthy and disciplined...good for u! i'm sure the extra weight is just increased muscle weight and your body's natural fluctuations due to adjusting metabolism and every day water weight. it is good idea just to weight once a week, in morn, same time. good luck, keep up the good work!

Hi im new on this forum, i also have had the same problem, for the last 4 days i started exercising burning around 550-600 calories on the cross trainer. my calorie food intake for the last 4 days has been 700-800 calories, and i've been consuming alot of negative calories, apples, carrots, celeries.

4 days ago i weighed at 81.4 kilos, now after weighing myself this mornings its gone up to 83.2 kilos is this normal? im trying to lose weight, so i dont want to suddenly gain muscles, and be very butch.


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