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Eating every 2 to 3 hours??

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im sure you guys have heard about eating 5 to 6 small meals a day every 2 to 3 hours, right? it helps keep your metabolism going because you arent eating 3 big meals spaced apart by 5 or 6 hours.

anywho, say i wake up at 7:00 AM, go for a run and get back and have breakfast at 8:00. like...140 cal instand oatmeal, 80 cal yogurt, and 50 cal all bran.

so thats like 270 cal of good wholesome food.

according to that 5 to 6 small meals a day, im supposed to eat something 2 or 3 hours later, around 10:00 or 11:00 AM. question is...what if im not hungry? shud i eat something just to keep my metabolism going? if so, what? like 100 calories of something? and if i do, does that count as one of my 5 meals a day? i try to eat 5-300 or so calorie meals a day. so if im not hungry and turn one of those into a 100 calorie snack, all of a sudden my calorie intake for the day is 1300. and what if i do that twice a day? it becomes 1100! so shud i eat even when im not hungry?

thx for any advice!
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from what i understand your body should get used to eating that often and will eventually regulate to those hours. I keep trying to stick to this same plan but i keep messing up! :D good luck
i c. thanks for the advice. so are you going under or over your calorie intake?

also. r u saying i shudnt eat if im not hungry? or if i should eat like 100 calories and after a few weeks my body will demand the 300 calories? or am i supposed to eat the 300 calorie meal even if im not hungry?

thx for any replies!
I have found that eating every 2 to 3 hours definitely keeps the metabolism going and even curbs hunger! I wouldn't worry about counting the meals, but the calories. If you eat a 100 calorie snack then eat 200 calories at a later point. I have a job that allows me to eat whenever I want and my best days are when I consume 1600 calories over a 10 hour period and I'm pretty much eating all day long. This of course means I eat a lot of fruits and I know some people have problems with the sugar content of fruits but I've lost 60 pounds since January by eating lots of carbs and very low fats combined with daily trips to the gym.
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Yes. Eat if your not hungry. Even if its a little 100 calorie snack. Your body will get used to eating every 2-3 hours and after a week or so you should start feeling hungry more often.

I try to eat 5-6 times a day. I usually do breakfast, snack, lunch, (most often times I forget this snack), dinner and sometimes a later snack if I've forgotten earlier in the day.

Even if your not hungry, much on an apple, maybe a few almonds or some carrots.  Apples are a natural source of energy so they will give you a little energy boost too.

Hope this helps.
ok. for example.
i eat a 300 calorie breakfast
3 hours later, not hungry, so i eat a 100 calorie snack.
3 hours later, hungry so i eat a 300 calorie meal
3 hours later, not hungry so i eat a 100 calorie snack.
3 hours later, hungry so i eat a 300 calorie meal.

that gets me to 1100 calories. my goal for calories is 1500. is this bad? or should i stick to this and my body will eventually start getting hungrier at the right times?
What I did to get started on the small more frequent meals was break down the meal and eat parts of it every few hours. For example bowl of whole grain cereal, banna and yogurt. Eat the cereal at home. An hour or two after I arrive at work, eat th yogurt, then just before lunch eat the banna. Go to the salade bar at work, select raw veggies to snack on through out the rest of the day and though in a handfull of almonds around 4pm. Never really got hungery, and did not eat more calories, in fact less. Hope that helps.

Do not eat if you are not hungry.  If you do get hungry have a small snack/meal.  The guideline for eating several meals per day is so that you aren't hungry all of the time.  Being hungry can lead to overeating. 

The key is to avoid *going hungry* for many hours.  It is easiest to avoid going hungry if you eat small meals throughout the day.  Some people do not need to do this if they eat well balanced meals, as you seem to be doing. 

I agree with csims.  I do the same thing.  I have fruit throughout the morning and then a Special K bar right before lunch and then I have a salad or something else light for lunch and then a banana for snack in the afternoon and then a dinner.  I am basically eating every couple of hours but I still get what I need and keep it at 1200.
I do Small Breakfast, Snack, Small Lunch, Snack, and then I eat a little more for Dinner, sensible, and I make sure to eat before 7 pm.  The way I see it is if I eat a little more for dinner, it is 12 hours before I eat again and I don't wake up feeling sick.  But I also make sure to eat at least three hours before bed.

My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes (2 weeks ago) so we are learning the road to counting calories, couting carbs, and eating lighter "meals" at mealtime and DEFINITELY midmorning and midafternoon snacks.  This is to help keep his blood sugar as even as possible throughout the day.

But another advantage to regulated blood sugar is it curbs hunger.  So I'm guessing if you distribute your calories relatively evenly throughout the day, you eventually may reach a point where you never feel really hungry, with the growly stomach and all.  But as I said, it is new and we are still learning.  I will say that since his diagnosis, I've lost six pounds.  So there must be something to it!

I started doing this a while ago, and your body does adjust to it. Since I eat a small breakfast, I AM hungry around 9:30, then 12, then 3, then dinner at 6. I don't snack anymore, I guess becasue my sugar is stable.
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