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Eating "healthy" and stomach problems.

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This is maybe something I should talk to a nutrionist about. 

I've been trying to get back to eating better.  I've given up (for the time) hamburgers, pizza, and the usual greesy food they serve at our cafeteria at work and have been replacing them with sandwhiches and lots of fruit and vegitables.  I've also cut out the soda and have been drinking about 6 glasses of water per day.

Calorie-wise I'm getting enough (about what I was eating before - about 2,400 Calories) but my stomach has been really bothering me lately.  Maybe it's the acid in the fruit.  I thought I'd feel better after switching diets but I felt healtier when I ate the "junk". 

I've been working on this for about 2 months now so it's not something I need to "just get used to".

Anyone else have this problem?
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I would really talk to your doctor about this - there are problems like diverticulitus which are exacerbated by what you are eat. I have been having more stomach aches since I started eating more veggies and fruits, but it seems to be tapering off after a week, so you may have an underlying medical condition.

An easy thing you could do is to cut one type of fruit out for a week and see if it makes any difference. I cannot tolerate large amounts of fresh citrus fruit without getting a huge stomach ache!

And try upping your water to 8 - 8 oz glasses a day.
I understand, I'm experiencing stomach problems also.   I have terrible heartburn a lot and in the middle of the night I'll wake up get "sick" (if you know what I mean) about one every other week (I'm not preggers). I've been hitting the CC hard over the last 2 months or so.  Eating plenty to cover my required calories (aprox 1400), I always drink a ton of water (no coffee, no soda) and I try to spread food out over the day so my stomach isn't empty.  The prescription drugs don't help.  The doc says there's nothing wrong with me (maybe I need a new doc).  I do have a history of a sensitive stomach so I've stopped eating grease/fast food etc.  a long time ago.  Does anyone know of any stomach calming food/drink/herb that fits in the diet.  Has anyone tried Cimetidine?  I'm just miserable and thinking about going back to my 2000-2100 cal normal diet (5'7/240).
i'd talk to your doctor about it, but i have a really awful stomach, which is how i started eating the way i do now anyway.. but if it's any help, my doctor said the foods i can't eat won't break down and for some reason i can't digest them.  also, i was told that when your body isn't used to foods it can upset your stomach.  either which way get a professional opinion but good luck and i hope you feel better!
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Some things that are soothing for the tummy but won't mess up your diet are:

Peppermint tea - helps regulate the gas and calm the stomach by relaxing some of the muscles around it.  But if you have a hiatal hernia, it can make the reflux from it worse because it relaxes the valve that prevents reflux too.

Ginger tea, or just ginger in general - helps prevent nausea.  Including motion sickness and seasickness.

Chamomile tea - generally a very soothing herb, very very mild flavor.  It helps by just helping you feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Parsley - just eat some.  It helps you digest stuff.  So does cilantro, and cumin.

If you think part of your problem might be gassiness (which can make tummies upset, too), then you can try Beano or other helps with that, or more cumin. 

Different things work for different people, so try different things.  You might be surprised!
Possibly an allergy to something you are eating now- try what someone said above, cut out one type of fruit at a time for several days and see if that makes a difference.

Don't eat too much fruit at one time, especially citrus, without eating some carbs and protein as the acids in the fruits can upset some people's digestion. Eat some bread with the fruit, or if you've cut out bread bananas can be tolerated by most people and might help tone down any acidity.
When I first started eating better for me I got a lot of gas, I know gross but I did. I even went out and bought gas-x. It has slowed down a lot though but I still get it. I remember when it first started my stomach felt like someone was ripping it out. I guess its from the veggies and whole grains.  Who knows though, I would talk to a doctor.
I had stomach problems as well when I first started eating tons of fruits and veggies and just eating better overall. I think it may just be your body re-adjusting to the different foods and fuels being put into it. I started cutting out all junk and eating healthier since the end of March, and just NOW I'm starting to feel really good no matter what I eat. At first I thought I was allergic to certain fruits and veggies too, such as bananas, artichokes etc. because I would get really painful stomachaches, (like I was punched in the gut!) but the more I "forced" myself to eat these things and just tough it out, the more my body accepted it and now I eat these things daily with no problems.
I experienced heart burn from a ton of foods. Most of my life I have been healthy as a horse. It turned out to be a small hernia from weight lifting was causing acid to get into my stomach. I take a form of prylosec that is perscription once a day and it got rid of the problem. If it persits, seek medical help
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