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Eating healthy at Six Flags

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So, we're going to Six Flags tomorrow, and I'm not sure what healthy options are there. I figure I could pick out healthy-ish sandwich (read: not devastating, calorie-wise), but does anyone have any specific ideas or suggestions?

We're going to Six Flags St. Louis. And I'm not going to be walking around with a turkey leg in my hand. Just sayin'. ;)


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There is usually a subway in most of the "cedar fair" amusement parks... so I know it's not perfect but I would say that would be your best bet or if you can find a sit down place they might have a grilled chicken sandwich of some sort and maybe a side salad.  but you can go on the website and look at all the menus of the places they have.  :)

Unfortunately, St Louis Six Flags (I've been) doesn't have many healthy choices.  It does have a few "Sit Down-ish" restaurants in it to get healthier food.  I can't imagine the Turkey Leg would be that healthy... it's dripping with greasy goodness. 


No Subway, I wish there was!  They have a diner style place, a burger joint, ice cream parlor, and Hurricane Harbor has some interesting food choices.


Best of luck and have fun!

could you try packing a few snacks? the amusement parks here (canada's wonderland) will let you bring in small snacks and water bottles, .. they just don't let you bring in coolers and such things. if you toss a few apples and a bottle of water in your bag, you should be all right. and you'll be walking around all day, so if you just wait until you're hungry, then get one thing (ie get only a burger, OR only an ice cream) it won't be the healthiest day, but it won't be a bomb.

Yeah, I agree with the previous poster - if you can bring some fruit in your bag, it'd be a good thing. Maybe bring a travel size peanut butter with you and get a soft pretzel, wipe off some of the salt, and dip? Its not exactly gonna be an A+ healthy day, but in the end, do something that helps you take food off your mind and enjoy your fun day with your group!

I went to Dutch Wonderland last weekend. Like any amusement parks they have mostly greasy fast food, however in refrigerated section I found containers with salad and grilled chicken without any dressing, they also had yogurt parfaits, I think with current movement toward being healthy Six Flags may also have refrigerated section with something healthier.   Have fun tomorrow!

The Six Flags I have gone to did not allow any food carried in unless you had a medical condition. They do let you leave the park and come back for lunch. You get your hand stamped at the exit. I've always brought food in a cooler and walked to the car for lunch and a little airconditioning :)

Oh I didn't event think of that!  Six Flags has a park area right outside so you and your family can have a picnic!  Very good point!  Of course, you may have to eat in the back of your car and you may sweat your butt off trying to get back to the car/picnic area, but at least you'll burn calories walking out there!

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