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Eating at goal mantainance- what do you think?

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Hie everyone. I have lost 27lbs in the last year on my own, just exercising and watching what I eat. I havent lost any weight in 3 months now and I thought I would try something new. I am 38yrs young, 5"5, 162ish, GW 135. At my goal weight I would be eating 1800cal, exercising 5 days a week  ( 3days ST )to mantaion that weight. I have decided to eat 1800cal and exercise 5 days.  Ideally that should take me to my goal weight sometime. What do you think?

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This is a very good plan.  Go for it, and good luck!


I think that is a great idea and I wish more people would do exactly that.  Just start eating 1800 calories a day and figure that you'll never have to change (okay, maybe you'll want to eat less when you are really old), but there will be no transitioning to maintenance, no plateaus, no mind-games. Welcome to the club of people who are trying to eat right and stay active without 'dieting'.


The only problem, I think, with eating at goal weight maintenance is that as you get closer to your goal weight weight loss is going to slow down quite a bit.

If you are only creating a deficit through eating at some point that deficit is going to get down to only 100 calories and then even less and less.

Most people do not measure the calories they eat so accurately that they can say for sure they have not actually eaten those extra 100 calories, or more, and not realized it.

That is obviously going to slow down your weight loss even more, because you could very easily eat at maintenance for your current weight instead of eat at maintenance for the weight you want to be. You could even very easily accidentally eat higher than your current maintenance and actually start gaining a little bit of weight back.

However if you are eating at where-you-want-to-be maintenance AND exercising 3-5 times a week you will create a bigger deficit and most likely get to where you want to be eventually without having to drastically reduce calories.

The key word here, however, is eventually.

Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I understand the weight loss is going to be slow, but I've been through a year of slow weight loss already, only this time I wont have to constantly jump on the scale and get disappointed. I also think this gives me more leeway with exercise without worrying about starvation mode.

At the moment my exercise plan is Charlean extreme for strength training M,W.F. (these are usually 30 min) then 30 min of cardio, this could be a jog, 30 day shred, brazillian buttlift, turbofire or revabs. On T and W cardio could be insanity, turbo fire, cathe, jillian michaels, zumba. I take the weekend off but go for leisurely walks with my friends or do a stretch video.

I find this schedule very easy to keep and I am never hungry. I definately have to be aware of my calories.


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