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Eating Fiber to lose weight

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I just want to share my way of losing weight... FIBER and tons of it. I usually get it from All Bran cereal or boiled beans.  I have lost around 40lbs on this diet and have maintained my current weight for 3years.  Whenever I gain weight, I try to consume around 40g of fiber for 2-3 weeks. It fills you up (especially if you drink a lot of water with it) and has a good amount of nutrient in it as well. I read sometime ago that you can subtract 4-5 calories for each gram of fiber(although I am not sure how true this is)?
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I don't know about subtracting calories, but I agree that fiber has helped me lose weight.  I take whole psyllium husks every morning in a glass of orange juice and it fills me up so I'm not tempted to snack all morning.  It's probably one of the more effective dietary changes I've made.  My only hesitation in recommending it is that you HAVE to drink lots of additional fluids or risk dehydration -- and this is a problem for me because I don't drink as much water as I should -- and it's easy to abuse.  Because it makes you feel full, I've heard of people using it to combat hunger.  So please use your psyllium responsibly.  ;-)
hey i love my fiber one cereal. 14g's of fiber for 1/2 a cup! and the taste reminds me of cheerios.

What kind of fiber is soluble fiber?  or what is your favorite kind of soluble fiber? Is fiber one soulable? I'm so confused about these.  I need to eat more fiber as i'm only eatting 20g's a day.  They say that 1/3rd of your fiber intake should be soluble. Thanks!
Here is a good link that explains some of the differences between soluble and insoluble fiber:

http://www.healthcastle.com/fiber-solubleinso luble.shtml
yeah I was just reading that. but insoulable is wheat oat and soulable is oat/oat bran, and i'm just so confused :)  When I get home I'll read the back of my fiber one box to see whats really going on. Thanks for the site.
i like to oat - oat - oat - ooples and banono's

haha okay sorry :) too many cartoons!
Chances are if you're eating a variety of fruits, whole grains, and legumes, you're getting the right proportions of fiber.  Even oats, which have a high proportion of soluble fiber, have lots of insoluble fiber as well.  I don't know if it's really necessary to worry about the proportions.  If you eat your 25-30g daily, you're already healthier than most americans regardless of the breakdown.
i need MORE! :) I'd really like to up it 10g's. Yep thats final. Starting this weekend 25-35g's.  And I say this weekend, because I gotta test how my body will react. Wouldnt want a close call at work or anything. Oh man okay I'm shutting up now.
17star17: If you need a quick 10g of fiber, but want to enjoy a treat too, try fiber one's snack bars. I am in love with the oat and peanut butter flavor, and it's only 140 calories and has 9g of fiber per bar. Just drink lots of water with it. it tastes so delicious.  I eat one when my fiber is low that day.

I also add a fiber cereal to my breakfast , so by the end of the day after all of my food, I'm at about 30-40g of fiber a day. And it's not that bad. 
:) thanks. ive seen those fiber one bars in the store but havnt tried em.  i LOVE fiber one alone.  I just need to learn to 'snack' more :) Thanks greyskies.
I like the snack bar as well but it never fills me up. And eventhought the bar has fiber, it has more calories that the cereal.

If you need to increase you fiber intake, just have more serving of Fiber One or All Bran with skim milk. By the way, I think All Bran has fewer calories than Fiber One, but Fiber One is more tasty!

In my view high fiber and low calories is the way to go
That's great to hear, congradulations on your weight loss! And you did it in a healthy way, rather than starving yourself.

Most foods that contain alot of fiber are healthier, so this must have aided in your weight loss as well. I don't know how true that calorie subtraction is there, but you sure will lose weight from your regular 'bathroom visits' and have a flatter tummy ;)

Apples, bananas, blueberries, and any kind of veggies are all very high in fiber but very lowcal. My recent love for veggies has definately raised my fiber intake.
I usually have a breakfast that consists of fibre with protein:

  • 100g Egg Whites -  9g protein
  • 2 whole wheat toast - 4g Fibre
  • 2 slices turkey - 5g protein
  • 100g strawberries - 3g Fibre
The total is about 7g Fibre and 14g Protein.  All this is about 300 cals and it fills me up for hours.
I have also been following a VERY high fibre diet as well.  I have managed to loose 10 lbs in 3 weeks following this.  But I can assure you that you must drink lots of water otherwise the fibre can have the opposite effect and constipate you.  I have made my goal  to drink 18.9L/5 Gallons  of water a week. (I refill my water jug weekly).  There are some great "sweet" snacks available that are high in fibre --Kellogs All Bran bars 130 cal/4 g fibre or the Kellogs All Bran Snack bites  100 cal/5g fibre both of these are in the cereal section.  Plus even regular Pork and Beans 1/2 cup 170 cal/7g fibre.  And of course I am eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
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