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Can eating too much fiber cause a temporary weight gain?

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I've been eating a lot of fiber filled vegetables (and staying within my calorie budget) and my weights gone up 4 pounds in about 2 weeks. One day my weight suddenly shot up 4 pounds (literally overnight) and has stayed there since. I havent been eating any higher calories and have just been eating a lot of things like kale, broccoli, green beans. Is this temporary/permanent and why is this happening?

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Sort of depends on your bathroom habits ... Have you been, umm, regular? (A lot of time suddenly increasing fiber can lead to constipation, which can lead to temporary weight gain, particularly when one's diet has been full of voluminous, low-cal, foods.)

I'd say it's normal to be (temporarily) gaining weight by adding in the fiber. Generally, when you start eating more fiber, you have to up your water intake by a good deal. Like asparagus said, you need to keep track of bathroom habits when you stay playing with fiber. It's not like the people in commercials and TV imply, eat some fiber and BOOM you have to go, it actually can be quite the opposite.

Up your water intake to about double what your drinking now. Considering most people do not drink enough water anyway (especially when they are working out), it'll be good for you either way. The water will help your body flush out. Try drinking at least 2 cups when you are eating your high-fiber meals, and remember to hydrate throughout the day!

Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, cauliflower) can interfere with thyroid hormones if you are eating large amounts raw. They are really good for you so don't stop eating them, but you might want to not eat too many in that family and see what happens. My thyroid dr. told me to limit them. If your thyroid hormones are being blocked, you can gain water weight fast but not "real" weight.

If it is from the fiber, you might try adding more soluble fiber like in oats.

Over the past 3 weeks in the area I live, we have noticed that many of us that are trying to lose weight and eat healthy have actually gained weight. We are starting to think that because of the heat our bodies are retaining more water than normal. Maybe that sounds crazy, but I have also noticed that my rings are tighter. I have been keeping a sharp eye on my sodium intake, and it's not related to that, either.

You have to think of vegetables as builders, now all that fiber is cleaning your bowels, but you need something that will flush them...ex. fruits high in antioxidants...try starting your day with some strawberries or bluebrries and possibly a little coffe would do the trick, the weight gain is because of the amount of water souluble nutrients in the vegetables, if you go do 30 minutes of cardio, you might notice you have sweat a great deal more than normal, that is because there are no starches (depending on the amount of starchy foods you consume) to hold onto the water. for every 1 gram of carb you eat, your body will retain 2.7 grams of water. this is why low carb diets are so effective for weight loss, and  consuming no carbs promotes fasting like results.

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I've been at my goal weight for a long time now and I eat a lot of vegetables, especially at night. My weight goes up 4-6 pounds, sometimes within the same day. I wouldn't worry about it at all and I agree with the other posts that your body is adjusting it's water content.

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I'm just wondering if you are also doing alot of strength exercises or weights? My first week in the gym I worked really hard and was gutted to see that I had actually put on 4 pounds! This was due to the weights that I was doing and is a good think as long as you don't feel any bigger or your measurements have not gone up.  Also make sure you haven't reduced your calorie intake too drastically as this can put your body into starvation mode and result in you gaining weight!

devest - That may be because you are not properly hydrated. As a result, your body holds on to every ounce of liquid that it can get a hold of. I notice that I start to look and feel bloated when I have not been drinking enough water because even with proper sodium levels, your body needs the water to flush out other toxins. As backwards as it sounds, you need to drink more water in order to lose the water weight, as the hydration will actually flush it out.


The standard of "8 cups of water a day" is a low estimation of what you should drink. Males should drink closer to 11 cups, while women should be drinking 9 or more. This is with just day to day activities. Add working out and summertime heat and you have to add even more water. There are days when I drink 15+ cups and STILL don't feel properly hydrated. Days when I don't drink even the 8, I feel huge and bloated because your body will carry around all water you've actually taken in.

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