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Not eating enough...

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I have a question,

I have been trying to lose my weight for a while. But it seems now that I don't seem as hungry and I noticed this weekend that I am eating a lot less than I should.

Q1:   How long does it take before the starvation mode set in??

Q2:   Should I be concerned that I don't want to eat?

Any help would be helpful.
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1) It depends on the person

2) depends how much have you already eaten?

Question- how much less are you eating?

Take Care.
I am having the same problem! I cant seem to get more than 1050 cals a day. Any more than that, and im sick to my stomach. Im am only in my second week, and the weight is comming off nicley too. I decided to stay at the 1050 cals, and if I platue, Im gonna up the cals. I am going to see a doctor, to make sure that I am not hurting myself, but so far, this is working fine for me and as long as I get the docs ok, I will continue the route I am going. I would say that maybe you should do the same, talk to a doc and get his opinion on it! hope that helps
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Well I have only been eating about 1000 calories a day.....and I feel bad cause I know that I am supposed to eat more. But it's hard to do and I really don't feel hungry after that.
Im having the same problem with not eating enough! But the way i look at it is if your not hungry then dont eat! Dont force yourself to eat because it will just make you feel sick!
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question for all of you:  how is your balance of fats carbs and proteins?  if it's in good balance and you can afford the fats, peanut butter and other nuts are good ways to give your body the extra cals that it NEEDS.   also fresh fruit.   very good for you!!  and yes, there are literally hundreds of posts here about starvation mode, but even if you ARE losing weight, you still have to feed your internal organs.  this is not all about losing weight, it's about having a healthy body.  that's the most important thing.
I also find myself in this category.  Ever since I've been
tracking what I eat and trying to eat more healthily, I seem to want to
eat less.  But I still think it's important to get enough
calories.  I used to think, If my body needed calories, I'd be
hungry, right?  But now I don't think that's necessarily the
case--you can eat such high volume things that your body thinks it has
had enough to sustain it.  I remember my dad remarking once (when
he was post-op and could only have chicken and beef broth) that you
could drink broth non-stop all day and it still wouldn't give you
enough calories to live.  So, I usually try to fill in my calories
in the evening, often with this delicious frozen cherry pie thing I
made that only has about 150 calories per serving.  Since it's a
treat and is so good, I don't mind eating it even if I'm not that
hungry, and it usually brings me up to my day's limit.  I think I
might actually post the recipe in the foods forum.
Not being an expert on the subject matter, I think some of it may have to do with addictive personalities.  Same as gambling and alcohol.  You may be mentally enjoying the weight loss and feeling fine because you want to feel that way.  Your brain controls all the hunger cravings, and the addiction part may be stronger than the craving part.

Eating disorders, mainly anorexia, have also been linked to addictions and such. 

I am not trying to scare you, but it is very possible.

Someone posted that they are going to see their doctor, and I think that is probably the best thing to do.  Everyone is different, bodies react differently.  Its hard to give one specific explanation or reason behind it all.
I'll try to scare you.  Anorexia sucks.  Sometimes you DO need to eat, even if you're not hungry, to get your cals up.  Here is what a 100 pound girl needs to run her organs:

"a 5'2" 19 year old female weighing 100 pounds (which is WAY too small anyways but this is the example given)... needs 1,200 calories to just sit around all day and do nothing. This is how it's broken down (scientifically)

-The heart needs 12% of the calories (144 cals)
-The kidney needs 12% of the calories (144 cals)
-The Liver needs 23% of the calories (276 cals)
-The brain needs 23% of the calories (276 cals)
-The skeletal muscle needs 30% of the calories (360 cals)"

(pasted from this post http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/3178 .html)

If you weigh more than that (or get up and walk around a little, not to mention working out), you MUST eat more than that or your body will start digesting its organs to live.  You will destroy your metabolism (hey, guess what? that will make you FAT eventually, if it doesn't kill you first) and damage your organs.

If you are eating less than 1,200 calories on a regular basis, you need to either start eating more, or talk to your doctor about whether this is healthy for you.  Excessive restriction is very bad for you.  Both hunger and LACK OF HUNGER can be psychological.  I can tell you from personal experience that there were times I felt physically ill as I approached 1,000 calories, that I was NOT hungry and did NOT want to go over that amount.  But you need to, to be healthy.  And guess what? I'm losing as much fat eating well over that amount as I was eating under it.  I'm just not ALSO losing muscle tissue and organ tissue (hey, your brain is an organ)

/end rant
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1,000 Calories IS NOT ENOUGH. EVER.
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