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Eating cereal at night

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Its 8:30 and I have the munchies but am feeling really guilty about eating this late.  I have the calories to 'spend' and I just did a half hour on the elliptical but I worry about eating late.  And then on top of it what I want is cereal and I have a 'carb-phobia'.  There is sooo much conflicting and confusing information out there I am afraid to eat!!  How many of you eat cereal at night??  Does it slow down your losses at all??
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i sometimes eat cereal for every meal. i often eat cereal at night. no, it will not harm your progress(unless you binge on it). If you are really that worried, then eat it dry, that way it takes longer to eat, and there's no calories from milk.
Well, I can only tell you my experience. I've been eating cereal lately, at night, as a way to make sure I eat all of my calories and avoid eating the less healthy snacks my SO is eating. I've lost weight. Actually, I got "unstuck" and lost almost a pound. I get to eat, which alleviates some stress around eating, and I don't feel deprived when my sweetie is eating something that would throw off my efforts. I suggest that since you have the calories, you did the exercise, and you're hungry, that you enjoy your cereal and give your body the fuel it needs. It's okay :)
Another nighttime cereal eater here.  I eat a bowl every night as a snack and don't have any problems from it.  If it fits into your calories and doesn't trigger a binge (many people, sometimes myself included, have trouble sticking to just one bowl!) I say go for it!

Edited to add: the milk before bed might actually even help you sleep better.
My mom lost 90 pounds herself and eats a HUGE bowl of cereal with bananas and walnuts EVERY night for dinner. Shes been doing great and loves it.
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Since when is 8:30 "late night?" ;)

Now I feel real guilty.

Last night at around 11 pm I had a bowl of Kashani's Honey Almond Flax Crunch. I ended up going to bed a couple of hours later.

I read that you shouldn't eat past 8 pm or something. But then I read that you shouldn't go to bed feeling hungry. It's a sick mind game.  

I love cereal at night too.  Nothing better than a big bowl of Honey Nut Toasty O's and ice cold skim milk.
I personally try to stay away from eating much after 8:00 just because it makes me feel bloated. It's probably a psychological thing. But I do know of a lot of people who hold off on eating their carbs (like cereal) until just before going to bed. That way their blood sugar rises & crashes while they're asleep and they don't get the munchies until morning when it's time to eat breakfast anyway. Seems to work for them. Probably as long as you're within your calorie budget, you'll be fine!
My Dad is 78, extremely healthy and does not count calories.  He eats a mug full of fiber one cereal every night around 11pm.  He swears by it and is not a pound over weight.
OK..thanks everyone....now I feel better about my 'indulgence'.....

I personally wouldn't worry too much about eating late at night . . .  It can actually really help with Muscle wasting during your 8 hours of fasting to come.   A lot of lifters , body builders, guys who want muscles - will actually make their last meal of the day later, and a protein shake, or a source of lean protein.


The way I figure it, is it's fine to eat late if you are genuinely hungry. If you're just munchy or bored, then it might be better to resist. Then again, if you've exercised and you have calorie left, why not as long as it's not cocoa puffs or something!
cereal is not bad for you. even lucky charms has like 12 vitamins and minerals. it's all a matter of portion control.
If I'm particularly hungry at night I will have a cup of dry plain old cheerios....Muching them one at a time takes awhile and it give my brain time to realize that I'm no longer hungry.

Just don't eat a cereal that's loaded with sugar !

It hasn't stopped my progress at all...especially since it's only 100 calories.
I personally love cereal at night.  Every-night for dessert I have a bowl of Special K Chocolate cereal with 1 cup of skim (fat free) milk.  It is around 200 calories and it is GREAT!  It really takes care of my cravings for chocolate.

Oatmeal at night is sooooo good, too. I like it with a little bit of peanut butter and jelly

Oatmeal, bran with 1/2 banana...cereal is good as long as your not

adding sugar..go for it.

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