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Eating 1200 Calories a day & burning 1200 calories a day. Healthy?

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I am 5'2, 172 pounds. I recently began to work out a lot and I put myself on a 1200 a day calorie diet. If I work out a few hours each day and burn the 1200 I eat, will I be ok? Am I depriving myself or is that just fine? Is that like starving myself?
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that would be starving yourself quite a bit.

you can use the site to see how many calories a day you expend during your normal activities, and then you can factor in your excersices as well.

im pretty new to this stuff as well, and everything i have been hearing is that you should have at the MAXIMUM a 1000 calorie per day deficit of what you take in, compared to what you expend.  anything less than that will be putting you at risk to go into starvation mode, where your body will hoard all the calories, fat, and everything it can use to store as energy for later.

i would suggest upping your calories immediatly.  make use of the site to see what you should be eating, and set goals for yourself.  it is a really good guide and can be a good motivator as well!
That's not much. :/

I'm 5'1" and 185 lbs. I can eat 1500 calories a day, exercise 3 times a week and still lose weight. Even when I eat 1800 calories, it doesn't affect anything really. 1200 is unnecessary, you don't need to eat so little to make a difference.
if you did that, ud truthfully be eating 0 calories a day. Now answer me this.. do you think that's healthy?
Good grief!  Listen to the smart folks in this thread.  If you eat 1200 and burn 1200, your body has exactly zero fuel to run itself.  It needs calories to do everything it does all day long, like breathing, digesting, growing hair, and replentishing cells.  Give your body the high quality fuel it needs, and don't starve it.  I'm 5' 7", I started dieting Jan 14th, I weighed 225 lbs then.  I now weigh 200.  I've lost 25 lbs in just under two months.  I eat between 1800 and 2000 calories a day, more if I do more exercise than my usual 30 minute walk.  I don't lose weight easily, but I'm living proof that you don't have to starve yourself to lose weight.  In fact, it's not going to help you if you starve yourself.  It's counter productive.  My usual calorie deficit is 500, not 1000, not 1200.
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As people keep on saying, it's counterproductive to eat only what you burn extra.

Now, you might or might not care about the fact that it's extremely unhealthy and in the long run will put you in a hospital. However, if your goal is weight loss, you will fail eating like that. Your body will try it's best to store all the fat you have, and will sacrifice your muscles and internal organs rather than burn the fat. Your metabolism rate will slow down as much as it can, in an attempt to compensate your starvation and hold on to your body fat. In the end all you did was get your body fat percentage up.

It's equal to eating nothing on a daily basis without exercise, with the small bonus of some vitamins and nutrients.

The body needs energy to run the heart, brain, and other organs/muscles. Energy comes in the form of food. When you burn all of the food energy off through exercise, your organs are getting no energy at all! It's all going to fuel your limbs during the exercise!

Would you tell your best friend, a family member, or your child (present or future) to harm their body in that way? I doubt it. Treat yourself with the same love and respect you treat the ones you love.
and really just thinking about the fact you want to lose:

over 1000 cut will throw you into starvation mode making your body burn muscle and leave all your fatty tissue alone for later.
it will lower your metabolism making your ability to burn less.

so that means what you get out of this:

-higher body fat %
-slower metabolism
-weight stalls/regains if healthy choices are resumed for at least a month or more

plus all the health risks.for example...thats just too much fat burning for your kidneys and liver to process. you could end up with inflamed kidneys or damaged liver (which a healthy liver is part of a healthy metab)

its really not worth it because its just not effective for what you want and for continuing your loss or having the ability to maintain that loss in a healthy manner.

a easy math way i have used during my loss is to take my weight times 10 and thats my calorie count for being somewhat active.
laying around doing nothing i shave off an extra 100.

you will lose more to eat more and workout properly.
too much working out will also throw you into a stall.
for a beginner hard cardio more than 3 times a week to start will throw you into a stall after you lose the water weight.
plus it opens you up for injuries..and then if you cant work out thats a bummer if its your thing..

just dont even bother with it. the aftermath will annoy the crap out of you and the health risks are not too nifty either.
First of all, I suggest that you create a proper profile and do some research on a safe way to lose weight.  There are a lot of resources on this site and other sites that can help you with that.  If you have trouble, you can use this walkthrough, it should help you with the basics on creating your profile and calorie counting:

http://www.calorie-count.com/calories/screenc ast.php

I also suggest you read this guide created by Hkellick on how to lose weight the proper way.  Yes itā??s long but it has a lot of valuable information:

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/1223 0.html

You have to remember that weight loss isnā??t about eating LESS, itā??s about fooling your body into losing weight.  Many people like you, post here thinking that if you eat practically nothing and then burn the rest off with exercise it is a healthy and fast way to lose weight.  Well itā??s not, and hereā??s why:

1.      Yes you will start losing weight at first, but as time goes on your weightloss will slow down or stop completely.  This is called ā??starvation modeā? as your body starts to slow down your metabolism because it thinks you are going through a famine.  This is dangerous for your health.  Getting out of this rut will be tough because in most cases you will have to gain back most of the weight you lost to tell your body that there is no more famine.  You can find information on ā??starvation modeā? in this article: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/core_march_8. htm

2.      You wonā??t be able to keep up the routine of over-exercising and under-eating for long.  Eventually you will crack and binge eat.  If you deprive yourself of the foods you love like chocolate ice cream, or even fettuccine alfredo.  One day you will find yourself eating way too much of it without knowing why.

3.      Thereā??s no quick fix or fast way to lose weight.  Diet pills donā??t work or are harmful to your body, drinking 15 cups of green tea will only make you go to the bathroom like crazy and doing 100 crunches a day will give you rock-hard abs...underneath that pudge where you canā??t see it.

What is needed is a balance, you should be eating a MAXIMUM of 500-800 calories below your maintenance amount (including what you burn for exercise) to lose about 1-2 lbs per week on average.  Itā??s been medically tested to be the most effective way of losing weight without doing much harm to your body in the process.  On top of that a man should not eat below 1500 calories and a woman, 1200 calories a day. This number is the minimum amount of calories your body needs to function (organs, brain, lungs etc.). 

So there are two lines you shouldnā??t cross, the first is eating less than 800 calories below your maintenance to keep your metabolism running, and the second is eating below 1200 calories a day, to keep your body functioning, even if that means that your deficit is less.

As I said above, there is no fast or easy way to lose weight, itā??s a long and arduous process full of obstacles and set-backs.  What is most important is that you are committed to changing your life and leading a healthier lifestyle that includes good nutrition and daily exercise.  Itā??s a big change, and if you are strong and committed you will eventually reach your goal, even if it takes years.
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Am I correct to read the initial inquiry as you plan to burn 1200 calories overall during the day, rather than burning 1200 during a single workout? If you are consuming more calories than you are burning, then you are storing these calories. Does it make sense to say you will lose weight when you continue to store more fat?

"To lose weight requires this proven magic formula: you must burn more calories than you take in." http://www.ifpa-fitness.com/Resources_Article s_WhatIsCalorieDeficit.aspx
hi there, new to all this as well i was thinking the same thing to be honest i wanted to burn about 900- 1000 calories a day and try and eat about 1200 it odesnt make sense at all really !! thanks for the advice but deffo goin to find it hard just want to see some results fast !

What you are supposed to do is multiply your goal weight, say 120 by 10 and that is the number of calories you should eat everyday.  So for that equation it would be 1200 calories per day.  The heavier you are the more calories you will be able to eat and still lose weight, so the equation would be different for everyone.  If your goal weight is 140 pounds, then you should eat 1400 calories per day.  Eating a 300 calorie breakfast is very important.  I eat a 300 calorie breakfast sometimes yogurt and cereal with skim milk.  Sometimes High Fiber Oatmeal, sometimes a high fiber english muffin with I can't believe it's not butter spray and a little bit of jelly.  I then eat a 300 calorie lunch, sometimes a weight watcher meal and sometimes something fresh.  Also, if you are short on time, you would be surprised at how many restaurants you can get a 300 calorie meal for.  I have figured out that you can get 1 In N Out cheesburger protein style with grilled onions and ketchup and mustard instead of the spread is 250 calories, also the panda express mushroom chicken is 180 calories for a small serving and their chicken eggrolls are 150 calories each and are pretty big.  I then eat a 500 calorie dinner and leave myself 100 calories for dessert.  I like to eat golden spoon for dessert because for a 4 ounce serving (a mini) it is only 88 calories.  I also buy sugar free puddings, and freeze sugar free hot coco's.  I have been on this diet for 2.5 weeks and have lost 7 pounds.  I have also been exercising about 2-3 times per week with the new Wii EA Active game. Its great and works out every area in my body.

This has been working for me and gives me enough calories to give me a lot of energy but also takes off the pounds.

How do you burn 1200 cals a day from workouts?  Are you calculating your cals burned properly?  Some cardio machines do not calculate your calories burned accurately. 

Zombie thread.

Calories Burnt Without Exercise - How Many Calories Does a Body Burn Naturally?


Most likely, you know that your metabolism is somehow connected to your weight. This is indeed true as your weight greatly depends on the total amount of calories consumed and the amount you burn. When you take in more calories than you actually need, you gain a whole lot of weight. When you take in less than what is needed, you lose weight. Metabolism is the body's process of burning calories.


78 Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Calories can be cruel. Sweat through a 30-minute workout and you can torch 200. Take three gulps of a foamy frappuccino and you're right back where you started.But slashing those suckers can be as effortless as piling them on. We've found 78 ways you can cut 100 or more calories at a pop.

The OP hasn't logged in since Dec of 08. 

just a warning - the method that piperlilith describes only works if your goal weight is 120 lbs or heavier. if i used that method I would be eating less than 1200 calories a day! just let the burn meter and calorie target tools on caloriecount.com help you, and do what they say - they're focused on healthy weight loss.

as for your question...if your deficit is more than 1000 calories i'm pretty sure that's going to put you into starvation mode. i've heard that a deficit of up to 1000 calories is ok, as long as it's created by exercise rather than reducing your caloric intake under 1200 calories. i'm not really sure about any of this though - i've been trying to research it (which is how i stumbled across this thread) and i keep finding conflicting information.

oh damn i didn't realize this was a dead thread :( well whatevs

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