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Eating 900 calories a day?

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So I'm 18 male and weigh 160 pounds.  I need to lose like 10 pounds, so is eating like 500-900 calories a day okay or is it bad?

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It's not even close to okay.  I sincerely hope that you've underestimated your calories or aren't counting a lot.

The minimum you should be eating is about 1800 per day.  The minimum guide is 1200F/1500M +300teen +%exercise.  So if you're doing a lot of workouts or just somewhat active in your life, you should eat even more.  If you're taller than average, you'll want to eat more.  If you're heavier than average you should eat more.

I must 2nd Ms. Whipple.

Besides -- if you lose 10 lbs by restricting your caloric intake to between 500 and 900 calories a day, chances are you'll gain it back just as quickly, and then some.

CC provides awesome tools for figuring out what your caloric intake should be.  The trick is that you have to be honest with yourself about things like your starting weight and activity level.  I was surprised at the number CC handed me -- but I've eaten within my range for just over a solid month and increased my exercise, and I'm already down about 10 lbs.

Let me add just a bit here.  If you keep a small deficit while getting the minimum, your weight loss probably won't be significant like the biggest loser show, but you will have a tendency to lose a little bit of non vital things while enabling your body to do it's regular job with just a little bit less in the way of resources.  Extreme diets shock the body and frequently cause your body to use muscle, bone, tendons, and organs for it's regular tasks which is highly undesirable.

It's the definition of bad, when it comes to your health.

900 calories is about HALF of what you should be eating, minimum. You lose the weight slowly, it'll stay off longer, and easier.

Workout, eat healthy meals, 5-6 small meals a day, and do a minimum of 1800-2000 calories a day, and you should lose weight. Be sure never to go under 1800, as a teenage male you need more calories than most.

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NOOOOO WAYYYYYYY. Sure you might lose some weight right away, but your metabolism will suffer therefore once you start eating more than that you will gain it back plus more. Since you're a guy you don't have as many fat cells as women, therefore you can lose weight more quickly. with Eating within a healthy range for your height/weight/age and daily exercise you will surely lose weight.

Woah, no way! A adult male blob whose existance was solely based on a living room couch would need a minimum of 1500. You're 18, and medically still considered a child, so your minimum amount of calories to maintain your current weight would be 2,200 calories, and that's not taking into account any sports or extra activity (e.g. lots of walking, working out) beyond normal daily life. If you're fairly active, you need 2,400 to 2,800. If you're very active, you need even more than that! If you try to sustain life on 500 calories you will become extremely sick and your body will begin to eat away at vital tissue and muscle and you will not get essential vitamins and minerals. You could stunt your growth! Please, please do not endager your health for 10 lbs. Not that I'm second guessing your person judgments, but how did you arrive on the need to lose 10 lbs? How tall are you?

You should consume no less than 1800 calories a day if you're trying to lose weight (assuming that you don't exert effort beyond day to day living).


kokorozashi - i just wanted to note for the OP that CC's tools would not be effective because he's only 18.

No, it is not okay unless you want to make yourself sick. Why would  you want to do that? Young men your age need much more than that. Don't look for a quick fix. Lookup clean/balanced eating. Find out how many calories you need a day for your age and activity level. "Diets" don't work and usually lead to weight gain after the diet is over. If you cannot stick with the change why bother?

Original Post by supose:

So I'm 18 male and weigh 160 pounds.  I need to lose like 10 pounds, so is eating like 500-900 calories a day okay or is it bad?

BTW, how tall are you?  You're at a prime age for growing in the upward direction, so those 10 pounds may very well be part of that process.  You're going to look and feel better if you work on building muscle instead of losing weight.  You'll need to be eating at least 2100 if not more depending on your height for maintenance plus whatever your workouts use.

courtneylauren -- good point.

It's an interesting phenomenon -- most males, at least, don't officially seem to be done growing these days until around age 24 or so, but a lot of medical resources automatically group everyone 18 and up with adults.

Personally, I gained about 3" between 18 and 21 -- I wonder if I would've been slightly taller if I hadn't more or less quit eating (not on purpose, it was a depression thing) for several months when I was 19.

So, yah: seconding what everyone else said, again :D

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