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Eating 1500-1700 Calories a Day

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I am 18 M weigh 172 Right now and I am losing a lot of weight. I think I might be losing it too fast because when I started out I was eating 1200 calories then I bumped it up to 1400 now I average about 1600 a day. How much weight will I gain back if I get down to my target weight and continue to eat healthy but eat about 2100 Calories a day or something how much weight will I gain back?
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There are people on here that know a whole lot more than me but it would make sence for you to slowly increase your calories until you stop losing (but don't gain) and that would be what you need to maintain.
I want to keep losing but I think I might be losing too fast.  However on the show biggest loser they did lose a lot of pounds fast.
The people on biggest loser are morbidly obese and are under the care of professionals.  If you are morbidly obese and are also under the care of a professional then loosing a lot of wieght quickly is okay.

For the rest of us loosing weight too quickly can be bad.  How quickly are you loosing the weight?  A majority of it could be water weight.  What does your excersice routine look like?  To loose weight more slowly try using the tools on this website.  Find you daily expenditure.  Find your allowance (make sure you give plenty of time to reach your goal weight).  As long as you have a deficit you should loose weight.  More calories will equal a safer rate of loss.  Hope that helped =)
Well I remember maybe a month maybe 2 months again I weighed 188 and now im 172 I think that might be too fast . My workout schedule isn't consistant but I go to the gym maybe 3-4 Times a week and jog on the elliptical for 30-35 minutes for about 3 miles.  Then I do 150 situps chest press.  After I do that on my days off I just started doing pushups and arm curls. thats about it.

PS What tools on the site?
Use the tools on this website to figure out your expenditure and intake and how much you need to intake to maintain or lose. Just plug and chug.
Go to the tab that says TOOLS.  Put in your numbers on both the ALLOWANCE and EXPENDITURE.  If you need some more help, trying reading this.

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/3971 4.html
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