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Eating bread and losing weight?

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I am wondering if anyone has had success losing weight/getting to thier goal weight while eating bread?  I found a healthy bread that is 90 calories per slice..  Since i'm in school and have no access to a microwave I was thinking two pieces with hummus filled with vegetables or two pieces with mustard, cooked chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and cucumber of course I would also have a salad on the side.  I eat oatmeal for breakfast and vegetables, protiene and usually a quarter cup of quinoa for supper... I am with in my daily calories if I have the bread for lunch.. I know bread is tabooed alot and I am wondering if it will hinder my weight loss at all.

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bread is not going to impair your weight loss in the slightest. eat your bread and enjoy it. it's not at all taboo by health minded individuals. that idea is the byproduct of the atkins revolution and you have no reason to shy away from WHOLE grain bread products! 

Agreed! I eat bread everyday and am still losing 3-5 pounds per week. If you are concerned about the calories Wonder Bread has a Smart White that is only 50 cal per slice and contains the same amount of fiber as whole wheat. You should be able to have any kind though as long as you are making room for it in your calorie budget.

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No problem. I would though eat really tasteful artisan bread - not the 'fake' sponge bread you find on many supermarket shelves (at least in the US). A good bread should not contain much more than flour, water, salt. The flavor should be based on the fermentation process.

oK, so I'm a guy, and heavier, but I've lost 86 pounds so far this year while eating 4-6 slices of bread a day, just staying within my calorie budget. I agree with fgransee about the ideal bread - but am on a budget and the expensive breads would do nasty things to my wallet so I'm on supermarket breads - still works just not as tasty.

Actually, white bread is only one GI point more than wheat bread. 

I have a sandwich for lunch nearly every day.  I have a bagel many mornings.  Garlic bread with my pasta, and so forth.

Never had a problem losing weight and eating bread.

I think the only reason to cut out bread entirely is if you've Celiac or a similar gluten intolerance.

Really, no matter WHAT it is, bread, chocolate, ice cream, french fries - if it fits in your calorie intake (and you're getting all your nutrients), I don't think anything should be off-limits.  Though I'll admit I don't get fries very often, because the salt makes me puff up like a blowfish :)

Bread in moderation is not a problem for most people. Though I would not eat low fat- the few extra calories for real bread are worth it to me. Plus, you are getting good protein with low fat in the hummus, so it evens out.

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Thank-you for replying everyone!  I am now planning on making my own bread to make sure its as healthy as possible.. Its great to know that I can have it and worry about it hindering my weight loss.

Try the website www.farmgirlfare.com If you get into the actual blog she has recipes for all different kinds of bread and it is very good.  Home made bread is very satisfying and fun to make.

Good luck with your journey, I admire your choices and effort.

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Its not the bread thats the problem, its the gluten in the bread that causes people to gain weight and feel bloated.  Think beer belly, beer is made from wheat, barley and rye, which all contain gluten.  

If you switch to a gluten-free bread, Udi's is my favorite, then you won't have that issue anymore.  They have many gluten-free foods now that are more tolerable to people, including pasta and desserts.  

There  are more and more cases of gluten intolerance and celiac disease being diagnosed every day, so if you're having trouble with bread they recommend that you limit the intake to 2-3 times a week, that's 2 sandwiches and a pasta dish because wheat isn't digested in the human body, that's why its ground so fine so it will pass through the digestive tract more easily.  But it still causes damage and side effects like IBD, IBS, Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis, and in extreme cases Celiac Disease.  So try it and see if it works better for you.  Its so easy, I have been eating gluten-free for 4 years because I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and I went into remission after 6 months.  I'm also dairy and soy free, but the gluten is what causes the diarrhea, the dairy causes my eczema to break out, not sure what the soy causes 'cause I haven't had any in 4 years and if I ingested it unknowingly I didn't have a reaction.  

It also takes away that brain fog!

Good luck!

Is there a Wegmans nearby? If so, Wegmans has a lite bread in wheat or white that has 80 calories for 2 slices! It's my go to bread for sandwiches and french toast.

Gluten is only a problem if you're gluten intolerant.  Most of us can eat it just fine. 

Weight loss is about calories.  As long as your total calories eaten don't exceed your calories burned, you'll lose weight.  That includes calories from bread.  I ate bread of all types the whole time I was losing, and continue to eat bread on maintenance, and have had no issues at all.

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If you're concerned about the calories try Nature's Own Brand.  Their bread is awesome at only 50 cal. per slice and tastes great too!!  They have a sugar free kind I get.

Also, it seems like you are eating a lot of carbs, some at every meal.  What I tend to do if I'm having a sandwich for lunch is to not have toast, or oatmeal or a bagel, etc. for breakfast.  I tend to have yogurt w/fruit or eggs, or something that doesn't have a lot of carbs.  I just try to balance it a bit more.

If you're within your calorie limits, then no matter how much bread or carbs you eat you should be fine.

i eat several slices of a 100% whole wheat bread at 70 calories a slice, and have had no problem maintaining my weight for my whole 70 years. it is a very healthy carbohydrate if eaten with the right condiments and healthy things between the slices such as peanut butter or tuna.

I have lost 65 lbs in a year and I NEVER gave up any bread products! I did however switch them all to Fiber One! I eat Fiber One wraps all the time as well as their bread, english muffins and snacks. Helps keep me regular and I get to still enjoy bread. I feel like all this gluten and wheat free stuff is just another Atkins diet fad, I do understand that people with Gluten intolerance cant have it, but most people can and still loose weight just fine!

Original Post by kanitbeu:

Its not the bread thats the problem, its the gluten in the bread that causes people to gain weight and feel bloated.  .  

 You could have written "its the gluten in the bread that causes SOME people to gain weight and feel bloated``....  Such blanket statements as yours above just spread misinformation. 

Glad to see most people (here on this thread anyway)  are not taken in by the gluten-panic.  As someone above said,  only people with celiac disease or a diagnosed gluten intolerance need to avoid gluten.  The rest of us can enjoy our whole grain breads (in peace,  I might add!!).

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I eat lavash wraps.  They are great with hummus.  The brand I use has only 40 calories per serving (1 oz./28 grams) and only 5 grams of carbs.

omg of course bread isnt hindering your weight loss! some people go on the bread diet where they can eat like 10 peices a day lol, seriously, ive learnt a calorie is a calorie no matter what or where from.

bread would be healthier than having a carb susbstitute, for your nervous system anyway :)

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stgcanada, if you can eat bread and like it, keep eating it. It sounds like you know how to count the calories in a sandwich already.

It's anecdotal information, but reading the low carb boards there does seem to be a problem with bloating and gas among low carbers if they reintroduce bread into their diets. This could be due to changes in their gut flora. But I wonder whether they've maybe lost their ability to digest gluten by avoiding it, the same way people lose their ability to digest lactose.

I found a whole grain and whole wheat for 35 and 40 calories a slice. It is Aunt Millie's healthy goodness bread and is very good.But I don't know what states it is sold in


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