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eat before or after walking?

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Everyday at work I go for a 30 minute walk then I eat my lunch the remaining 15 minutes.

Anyone know if its better to eat before I walk? I've been doing it this way so I don't get those terrible side cramps. If its better to eat before the walk though, I can eat at my desk about 15 minutes my break then walk, and actually make it a 40 minute walk instead.... hmm...

Suggestions? What are you other lunch walkers chosing to do with their time?
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I guess technically I am walking before lunch. I usually wake up eat breakfast and go for a 30-40 min walk, and then eat lunch about 40min-1hr after I walked. 
I do the same thing. I go walking with the boss - he's trying to lose weight too and we keep eachother honest about walking.  When I get back I eat my lunch. This works best for me. :)
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I do think that its whatever works for you but i have heard that it is better to eat after excersise - just becasue your metobilsm is at his highest after a little excersise so it burns your food quiker??
It's better to walk before you eat. 

Walking after you eat doesn't hurt either. Walking at a slow regular pace afterwards can aid digestion. However, if you walk at an exercise pace before you eat, you speed up your metabolism. That metabolic rate will stay elevated as you eat your lunch, and this burns more calories sooner. Also, you're eating when you feel more hungry, which should be satisfying.  If you walk at an exercise pace after you eat, the calories you just consumed won't be available to burn and your body is trying to work to digest the food you just ate. Cramps can occur if you're walking at a workout pace.

I think that you should stick with what you're doing now.

I hope that helps.
Wonderful replies!! Fantastic, as always, thanks ladies!! :)
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