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Do you not eat sweets at all, once in a while or a little everyday?

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Hi everybody!

I'm new and still figuring out what works for my body diet-wise.

I like to have something sweet everyday after dinner, like 1/8 of a Lindt milk chocolate bar to curb my cravings. Or if I go for something more substantial, like pumpkin pie, I workout more to balance out my burn and eat meter.

I'm trying to lose 17 pounds by mid-January and am wondering if I should swear off sweets completely for the time being?  Yet at the same time, I want to develop my diet as a lifestyle for long-term maintenance so I feel that a little bit per day, and a balance with exercise is good too (although I may not lose weight as fast).

I think your feedback would really help me:  What is your approach and why?

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Every day I let myself have a cup of sherbert. I don't think I could do without it. Sometimes I trade this for chocolate. (Especially the Lindt cooking chocolate. Four of those squares are like 200 calories. Are you KIDDING me?! I was stoked.)

I wouldn't swear off sweets or else I know I will never survive once I reach my goal weight. I think people who deprive themselves are being unrealistic. I know I am. I still go out to eat usually at least twice a week and I still lose weight.

BTW - I've lost 13 pounds since July and I have 14 more to lose. I'm also trying to get ride of my 14 extra by January. =) I think if I can lose 13 in three months, I can lose 14 in four! Haha! ;-P

I'm pretty lucky, I don't have a sweet tooth. It is rare that I crave something sweet, I'm a carb junkie. My mom has a monster sweet tooth. She she was dieting after Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet she started to eat a tablespoon or two of sugar free ice cream to help her. Also the sugar free jell-o helps a lot too she says.

Hello, I'm pretty new too.  I just started 9/29. I'm no expert but I know how you feel cause I'm ALWAYS craving something sweet. 

  I don't think that depriving yourself of sweets is the way to go though. I've tried that but then go on a sweet eating binge.I think that what you're doing currently is the way to go about it. Just try not to go for the more substantial sweets too often because like you said you want to develop a healthy lifestyle.

   What I do when I want something substantial is eat a serving size bowl of honey bunches of oats which is given a B+. So maybe finding something like that. My goal is to get down to my goal weight then be able to trust myself to eat more substantial sweets in moderation. For example instead of the usual size of chocolate cake I would have had I'll just eat half.

   Hope that helps, It's been working for me. Good Luck!

I have something every day.  Or almost.  Sometimes (like tonight) it's a donut.  But other times, it's just something like a Skinny Cow ice cream.  I always save up for something.  And if the cals are gone, then nothing sweet for me.  That's sorta how I make it work.  If I want to sustain these changes, I need some of the sweet stuff, but with all the foods I would eat, I need to change the amount of it I'm eating.  So, I saved for the donut, a cookie, or whatever, but I made it fit at the end of the day.  I've been counting since May and have lost a bunch, with even more than that bunch to go. 

I eat something every day. I think that knowing myself if I deprived myself of the sweet stuff altogether I'd end up binging on the stuff eventually. I wouldn't be able to convince myself to go back to dieting either. That's why diets that tell you what things you can and can't eat never worked for me long term and calorie counting has. Make sure you log it and fit it into your allowance and you're fine.

I've found that it's just easier to get rid of sweet foods alltogether.. Just a few months ago I started lowering my sugar and ended up eliminating milk, apples, bananas, ketchup, honey, etc.. from my diet, now if I have anything sweet it just tastes excessive and my sweet tooth has disappeared.

I tried restricting my sweet foods and it just made me crave them more. I would go all week without any chocolate and then eat a whole bag of M&M's. So now i have a fun size chocolate each day and my cravings are reduced because i know i get some chocolate. Definately allow yourself a little treat each day (roughly 10% of your daily calories)

I had been saving 150-200 cals for a desert most nights, like a low fat rice pudding or yoghurt. I thought I wouldnt be able to give up deserts.  

But I now have my dinner and as long as i keep my brain occupied after my dinner, chatting on line, reading a book, watching a dvd, doing some small weights etc, I find I no longer need it most days of the week!

But, having said that, most days I give myself a little treat, a tiny 10g bag of haribo jelly sweets or sugar free marshmallows generally do the trick.  I will buy one a day rather than a 100g bag and have it in my cupboard, it would NEVER last! lol

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I have to be really careful with sweets. I am a sweet-aholic! If you are able to really discipline your intake and keep it low, then you should be fine depending on your phsically activity. I needed to lose 35 pounds to reach a goal weight, and I don't have a physically active job, so I have had to cut out all sweets - except a capacinno in the morning. One psychological trick I use on myself is the delay reward program. Same principle worked to help me quit smoking. Simply, I never think of denying myself of a treat. I just put it off till tomorrow. When the next day comes, I do the same thing. The weight lose and the possibility of weight gain helps to keep the motivation going.

The big picture is to come up with a routine that you can live with over a long, long time. It's supid to make huge sacrifices to lose weight and then just give up and gain it all over again - and usually more.  Good luck.

i usually save up my calories for something sweet everyday or every other day. like the other day i had an oatmeal creme pie after lunch and the day after i had a skinny cow mint ice cream sandwich. today my friend is coming over to bake brownies.. so i'm taking it light with my other meals :)

i used to restrict my sweets a lot when i first started to lose weight, but then after a while that lead to me binging.. so now i don't ignore my cravings, i just satisfy them in moderation because i don't want them to get out of hand!

I have a pint of Light Phish Food once a week, and I have two Smart Ones sundaes probably 2-3 of the other days. I fit them into my daily calories, but I'm still trying to cut down. I find that as I eat more nutritious food (lots more veggies and fruit lately), I want the ice cream less. Now it's just a psychological addiction, I think. But I manage to keep my daily grade at at least a B-, even on the ice cream days- and I can usually get it to a B+.  

I have it, as long as it fits. If I feel like I'm depriving myself of something, then I'll end up going nuts and eating anything sweet I can find.

At work, I'll keep some hershey kisses. You have to unwrap each one, so it makes you more concious of how MANY you eat. Plus, sucking on one can take as long as eating a candy bar, so usually 1 or 2 is good enough.

Or, I'll get dark chocolate dove bars (or the wrapped single ones). Dark chocolate has antioxidants in it, plus it's a lot richer than milk chocolate so a bar of 5 squares can last me 3 or 4 days, 1 or 2 squares a day. Yum Yum!

I'm TRYING to get away from stuff like that though, and being satisfied with an apple and peanut butter or some granola. At night, I can be satisfied with a bowl of cereal, which is awesome cuz I always have healthier cereal at home!

I cut back quite a bit on sweets when I first started. I found myself wanting them, especially after dinner at night. So I improvised and started looking for items that were not as high in sugar as my old standbys. I eat angel food cake with sliced strawberries and sugar free cool whip. I will cut up an apple put some splenda on them and some Cinnamon and put it in the microwave for one minute. Delicious. I do have the occasional sugar cookie. Doing this has stopped any cravings for chocolates and really high fat/sugar desserts.

I do like my "once a day" treat! Most of the time I have a square or 2 or dark chocolate (adore the lindt range, at the moment I'm working my way through a bar of dark choc + sesame seeds...it's been in the fridge for over a week and there's still half left!) Sometimes I have ice cream and occasionally an oatmeal cookie.

As long as it fits into my cals for the day, I don't worry about it. And I've found that since I've started adding in the treat I don't tend crave much in the way of sugar.

I most certainly haven't given up sweet things, and I've lost almost 50 pounds since July! Just make sure you're eating the sweets in moderation, and you're trying to vary it (try eating fruit sometimes, not just candybars and pie).

But I agree with the other posters - if you want to lose the weight by January, maybe cutting out the sugar WOULD be best. But if you want to develop eating habits that you can stick with to KEEP the weight off, Don't deprive yourself too much.

my sweets in my day are apples. it satisfies my craving without making me feel guilty! I also chew a lot of gum. Before i used to restrict all the time but now i will let myself have a treat every now and then. Like for instance, last weekend was my sister's bridal shower and i had a piece of cake. and for the first time i didn't feel guilty about it!! :) i just want to be healthy and LIVE and not obsess about every little morsel!

So i think sweets are okay in moderation, as long as you arent eating cakes and pies every day you should be fine.

I love sweets! I have chocolate every day by carefully budgeting my calories. My favorites are moccaccino granola bars by Second Cup (140 cals), and fat free chocolate pudding- 90 cals (I eat it with a chop stick, just dipping the tip in and sucking the pudding off- it takes me 10 minutes to eat it, so it feels like I ate more than I really did)

Every 3 weeks or so, I have a bday party, holiday, or get-together with family or friends, and because it doesn't happen often, I allow myself to indulge more than usual. For example, my daughters bday was this past week, and I had a piece of chocolate cake with ice cream and a small piece of apple pie. And I weigh less this week than I did last week :)

My sweet tooth is being mostly satisfied with fruits.  However, I am an "opportunistic" eater, so if there's birthday cake or home made cookies, I'll partake.

I have been eliminating processed foods from my diet, which includes store bought cookies, cakes, doughnuts, etc.  I have also strictly reduced my diet cola intake which I think helped to reduce my cravings for sweet stuff.

Somewhere in heaven my mom is laughing because I'm now eating like she told me I should.  (This banana is for you, Mom!).

My approach when I was actively trying to lose weight was to allow myself my indulgences. I keep some of that 70% dark chocolate around the house all the time, and on days when I felt that I wanted some chocolate I would take it. I also had protein shake mixes that were really tasty and in chocolate and strawberry/banana flavour. That being said, I did often fight away cravings at first and the urges to eat crap eventually passed away, far far away.

The why of my behaviour is that if I deny myself then how will I learn how to deal with indulgences and with temptations once I've reached a weight I want to stay at? This approach to it helped me to learn good portion sizing and allowed me to make decisions based on whether or not I wanted to have that many extra calories on a day.

And finally, now that I'm not actively trying to lose a lot of weight I have one square of the 70% dark chocolate everyday. Delicious and it keeps me away from pretty much any other sweet/chocolatey stuff. I get my fix.

I dont even crave for sweets during the week. That is, because I buy myself a bag of candy every weekend and eat it during Fri-Sunday. It hasn't hindered my weight loss at all - just the opposite! Im losing more when I do pig outs once a week than I did when I just ate *too* little. And also, IF I get a candy craving during the week, I can calm myself by the thought that I can have ma' candy and eat it too in Saturday.

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