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What do you eat when you have a sweet tooth?

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Struggling with my sweet tooth. What do you guys eat when you crave something sweet that isn't full of calories and fat?

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Sometimes I'll have a yogurt (like Yoplait Whips) or a Hershey's dark chocolate miniature... or a 100 calorie pudding with some low fat cool whip ;) mmm..

I really wanted a skinny cow ice cream after lunch but didn't want to go over my lunch allowance so I had coffee sweetened with splenda and sugar free coffeemate. It wasn't as great as ice cream, but it got me through the sweet craving.

Hmm, not full of calories.  Normally my sweet-tooth (which is pretty bad) is satisfied by my general diet, which is pretty sweet.  I drink carnation instant breakfast before my workout, then have a protein bar (yum) and fruit afterwards.  For lunch I give myself some fruit with the rest of it or I eat a sweet salad.  Dinners are often stir-fry in a slightly sweet sauce, and then I treat myself to dessert.

But if I just want a *taste* of something sweet, I go for:

Tootsie roll midges (the little ones): 10 cal a piece and you can savor them for a little while.

Trader Joe's coffee toffee candies: 15 cal a piece and you can savor them for a good 15-20 minutes each.


Basically anything you can chew or suck on for a good long time.

Hard candy works really well for me if I make myself suck on it instead of chew it.

Fruit with a bit of cottage cheese.  Fruit alone just makes me want more sweet, or something salty to balance the sweet.

I give in to my sweet tooth.

I'd rather lose a battle than the whole war. At the grocery store on the corner, you can buy Lindor truffles individually, not in a pack. I grab 2 of those every other day or so. Makes me happy and keeps me from over-indulging in the long run.

One or two pieces of dove dark chocolate usually does the trick for me :)

Sugar free pudding, fruit..especially watermelon, and Fage0% with NF Reddi-whip and Splenda mixed in!!  It's my favorite!

lots of gum. lots and lots of gum.

or kettlecorn popcorn.

animal crackers.


Hard candy, specifically I had had these before but just recently found them again, and I seriously am in love with them. If you like mint chocolate chip ice cream you will too, they are the baskin robbins sugar free mint chocolate chip hard candies. 10 calories a piece.

however, I do really agree with healthyforever. I've tried the deprive myself of all sweets/junk before, it works for awhile and then one day I'll just go insane and eat everything I've been craving. Tonight I had a 90 cal pack of peanut m&m's (I also love peanut m&ms I have gone through the bag with like 3.5 servings in one day before) and I sucked on them mostly and really enjoyed them. I ended up about 100 over my calorie goal today (not over maintenance, just weight loss goal) which is way better than me eating over 700 calories of peanut m&ms this weekend or something.

Home-made smoothie with berries and little bit soymilk... or broccoli drizzled with sweet chili sauce :)

A piece or two of dark chocolate usually does it for me.

The other night I was craving something after dinner, but didn't want something too sweet. I have some fresh pumpkin in the fridge, so I took a cup (50 cals) and drizzled it with honey and cinnamon. I nuked it a little and mashed it up. It really did the trick and didn't make me want anything for the rest of the night. =)

Mix some dark cocoa powder, 1 tsp, (green and blacks I use) into some rolled oats mixed with oat bran, drop of milk, water & microwave, filling , nutritious and satisfies my chocolate cravings.

Quality dark Chocolate (2 pieces), Kozy Shack dark chocolate pudding (or NSA rice pudding). All of these are about 100 calories.

This is my latest find: Chobani strawberry or blueberry greek yogurt (140 calories). OMG!! No lie, like eating pie without the crust. AMAZING!!

Sugar free dark chocolate (about 2~3 small pcs.)

i buy a Smart Ones dessert, usually strawberry shortcake or the double fudge cake. much better than going for cheesecake :)

Semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Skinny cow novelty ice cream treats.  Yum sweet, creamy and depending on the item, the calories  range from 50 - 150.  There's always something I can fit into my allowance for the day.  I also like the Dreyer's slow churned ice creams, especially the yogurt blends, but have to be careful with those.  I love eating right out of the container and portion control goes out the window, so I have to make sure I measure it out.  

Then there are my homemade treats.  There's a lot you can do with meringue.  

Sometimes I go for Smarties.  A roll has 25 calories and I can really drag out the consumption, eating them one by one.

Peaches...I don't know why, but they do the trick for my sweet tooth everytime.

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