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Should you eat a snack before bedtime?

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Should you eat a snack before bedtime or should you go to bed hungry?

Should the last meal you eat be the supper time meal?

I was just wondering what effect it had on your bodies metabolism and weight loss.

Or does it really matter?

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This question comes up almost daily. People sit on both sides of the fence regarding this one. A calorie is a calorie, no matter what time you take it in. It's totally ok to eat before bed. No, you shouldn't go hungry. Some people don't like to eat before bed because they feel like don't sleep as well; some say they get nightmares; and other various reasons. I always always eat right before bed. It doesn't cause me any negative effects whatsoever. I suppose the metabolism might be slower at night but a calorie is STILL a calorie, and it takes 3,500 of them IN to gain a pound and 3,500 out (burned) to lose a pound.
This is my advice,

if you are hungry, and can spare the calories, eat a healthy snack.

If you don't have the calories to spare, go to bed hungry.  It won't kill you, and you won't be any more hungry the next morning than if you had eaten the snack.  In fact, it will help strengthen your character. 

If you are habitually hungry at night, plan a night-time snack into your daily menu.
I like ur answer manewell :)
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