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Seriously, I know this sounds like stupid question but in my head I consider salad - as in lettuce and spinach and peas and carrots basically a free for all. Dinner is my largest meal of the day and I make the most elaborate and huge salads with cucumbers and tomatoes and carrots and lots of spinach and then top is off with red wine vinegar. This is basically my side to what ever my main dinner is which generally isn't huge. I will sometimes but on a small amount of boiled eggs or kidney beans depending on what my main meal is.

Is it bad to eat so many vegetables - as in - AM I undercutting my diet without knowing it?

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It's not bad to have so many vegetables, it's great! - provided your digestion can take it, you make sure you're getting enough calories overall, and balanced nutrition with some healthy fats included (a slice of avocado or a few walnuts are great salad toppings). Have you ever checked out Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "Eat to Live" plan? He says salad (dark leafy greens especially - not iceberg) should be the main dish. Are you logging meals? What grade are you getting?

I may have a fruit smoothie for breakfast (with spinach, romaine or collards added and some ground flax), a hearty homemade soup for lunch loaded with veggies and beans, and a supersize salad for dinner. That takes me to about 1400 calories with an A grade from CC. This sample day is low in calcium and iron though, so variety is important.

Note that kidney beans are high in iron but the oxylates in spinach can block its absorption, so you may want to enjoy them at different meals.

The only way to answer your question is to use the CC food log to record what you ate and get a calorie-count for the day.  Weigh and measure the portions if you can... make a good estimate if you can't.   If you eat a lot of salad together with a good balance of other foods... carbohydrates, proteins, fats... it's less likely to be a problem.  If you eat salads to the exclusion of other foods, it's a problem because you're getting insufficient energy and a poor range of nutrition.


There's nothing bad about eating veggies. But they do tend to be filling and are very low in calories so you should track your intake using the CC food log and make sure you're eating enough and getting a good balance of other foods, as the above posters have said.

OMG! I cannot believe you are even asking this! Is it bad to eat too many vegetables? HECK NO! It is bad to eat too many hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, msg, etc... but certainly NOT vegetables! You have such a healthy habit going, do not EVEN THINK twice about it! If anything... HAVE MORE! ha ha ha!!! You are giving your body so many vitamins and minerals and fiber, it is literally screaming with happiness! Now if you were DOWNING ice cream or white bread or something unhealthy like that nightly, I would definitely say... STOP but common, veggies are AMAZING! :) 

It's most definitely not a bad thing to eat as many salads as you want. Veggies galore... eat away! But make sure you are still counting the calories of them. Salads can also be quite high in calories depending what you put in them. The carrots, corn, beans, eggs, nuts, ect... they all add up.

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