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What to eat for LUNCH?

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I am having such a problem with what to eat at work?  I am trying to stick to a 1500 cal diet to start losing the weight, but I cant seem to eat right at lunch.  I usually make a lunch that consists of one or two of either a salad, soup or sandwich, but an hour later, I am hungry again, then at like 4pm i feel hunger again?  Can anyone help me with what to pack for work???


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Try eating more slowly. Take time to chew your food, maybe have a big glass of water with lunch, and take time out to sip every couple bites.  Also try spreading out your calories so that your lunch, while a main meal, leaves you some calories for an afternoon snack such as an apple, 100 calorie pack, or veggies with light ranch dressing. Two servings of sliced cucumbers and a serving of light ranch is a great, snack which is filling and only will cost you around 80 calories.
I second the afternoon snack!  I would be hurting if I didn't have my "snack stash" in my office! (whole grain crackers, 100 calorie packs - and/or fruit)  I also find if I have more whole grains and/or protein at lunch, it sticks with me longer.
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Good idea stacypenguinsfan.  I will try the veggies and light ranch. 

 Do you have any lunch ideas?  Or is soup, sandwich or salad going the right way? 

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Jcackler, what do you take for lunch for example? 
Well, I will give you yesterday and today.

First, I try like mad to hold out till 9AM before eating anything. Yesterday, I had a Med apple and a banana for breakfast at 9am.

For lunch,at 11:30 AM I had homemade chicken salad sandwich (chicken meat, apples, grapes, fat free mayo, walnuts, raisins and celery) on two pieces of Whitewheat bread (300 calories total) I ate with it half of my carrots and grape tomatos with Kroger Fat free ranch dressing.

At 1 PM I ate the rest of my carrots and tomatoes.

AT 3 PM I hate half a pack of Lance Peanut butter and honey on Captains wafers.

This got me through the day for less than 600 calories.

At home I had Sloppy Joes on Whitewheat buns, and baked OreIda french fries.

Snacks at home were WW Ice cream cup, and finishing off the homemade low-cal banana pudding.

Today at work, I started with a large apple for breakfast at 9AM.

For lunch was a Michelina lean dinner (blackened chicken alfredo with spinach) and a piece of Whitewheat bread (total 300 cal). and again, half of my carrots and grape tomatoes with fat free dressing.

At 1 PM, again I had the rest of my carrots and tomatoes.

At 3 pm, I finished my pack of crackers from yesterday.

I cheated with half a portion of Baked Lays BBQ (leftovers from bringing in lunch for some vendors grr) and temptation overcame me. I have not added those to the log yet, but I will.

Not sure on supper tonight yet, but I am still under 650 for the day, so no worries.

I feel your pain too.  I eat almost every hour.  I bring a lot of little things to work with me from home and I eat one like every hour.

I had a Luna Bar at 9am, then yogurt at 10am, carrots at 11am, piece of pizza i made at 12 with an apple.  Then around 2 or 2:30 I get hungry again and i have pudding. Its 3 right now and I am having Craisins.  They keep me full untill i go home for dinner. Finally at like 8 ill have something small again.   


I like to eat wraps for lunch most of the time. I make one with Flatout light, baby spinach, either turkey or ham. light cheese and sometimes red peppers. I think they are filling and around 200 calories. I couldn't get by without an afternoon snack of fruit or vegetables.

I agree with everything that has been said, but just want to point out that while salads and soups can be great, they don't always curb hunger as effectively as other options.  I can eat a bowl of soup and literally be hungry less than an hour later.  Plus, I feel bloated and gross from all the unnecessary sodium.  Salads can be a great meal, so long as you treat it AS an actual meal and make sure you're getting all the food groups with it (including carbs and protein).

I find the lunch that keeps me fullest longest is a turkey wrap on a low-carb tortilla with tons of veggies (~110 calories) and a yogurt (~60-100 calories).  This leaves me enough calories to get in a snack later in the day as well.  Again, I always try to eat both a carb and a protein together to stave off the hunger longer.  Some of my favorites are: hummus or laughing cow cheese wedge on carrot sticks or melba rounds, better than PB with carrots or celery, an apple and string cheese, soy nuts and yogurt, etc.

SOUTHWEST CHICKEN SALAD from mcdonalds!!! yum!

320 without salad dressing and 420 with salad dressing and its really good.

And Healthy Choice came out with their steamed bowls which are really good and they are about 300 some calories...

Progresso soup... 120 cals a serving and have a piece have wheat bread with it... 60 cals... and that really fills you up!
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I like having salads for lunch, but usually it wouldn't fill me up for a long period of time. So....I started throwing chicken in my salad. The protien keeps your hungar at bay!
I also have an afternoon snack like pretzals, an apple, goldfish crackers, etc. so I'm not starving by the time I get home!


I have found that eating a larger breakfast keeps me satisfied longer throughout the day.  I used to neglect breakfast time, and eat all day long.  Now I eat a healthy breakfast (1/2 cup of oatmeal with a little splenda for sweetness or some scrambled eggs with salsa and a piece of plain toast) and I can get by alot further without craving a snack!

I eat 6-7 times a day so I never get hungry. I eat a snack after all 3 main meals (usually a piece of fruit, veggies, string cheese, walnuts or a protein shake). I do this because there is a contraption of evil that is lurking in my workplace, I dare not speak it's name, *looks around cautiously and the whispers* vending machine. If I do not bring food to munch on I will give in to the monstrosity that is filled with crappy sweetness. What I do is at the beginning of the week I bring in enough fruit to last me all week plus a little extra to tide me over if needed. It really works.
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Pahpi - try adding a little protein and fat to your breakfast, and it will hold you longer.... I always add a little cottage cheese, or peanut butter to breakfast, and it helps.

Also, drinking water does help too - I try to always have a bottle nearby, and drink consistently through the day... 

And the afternoon snack is my favorite time of day! It gives me something to look forward to so I'm not starving at dinner, and lets me take a little break in the late afternoon to take a deep breath.  Usually that is when I do the fruit thing... but again, fat/protein will help you feel satisfied... maybe a yogurt or a small amount of nuts. (A few nuts and a big glass of water will hold me for awhile!)

Good luck!
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first question, how long have you been on your diet? for me it took about 6 weeks for my body to adjust to 1800 and now 1700 cals per day. 1500 is a minimum and you will feel hungry there unless you are carefully monitoring your food intake for protein/fat/carb BALANCE.

second question, i thnk indogo11 has it correct about the protein and fat. your body is going to use fat AND muscle as energy sources when cals are short, so you need to add PROTEIN and FAT. yes, you will lose muscle when dieting, which is why it is so important to excercise and build muscle while dieting.

third question - an observation really - carbs (breads, rice, potatoes, etc) will make you feel full for the moment but really hungry for more soon after. and quite often sugar comes along for the carb ride home which is a double whammy.

basically i eliminated all the of the hi-carb foods i could and substituted larger portions of raw and cooked veggies like squash (all varieties), carrots, broc, green beans, etc. when i eat a lot of cooked veggies i don't much miss the starches. sometime i'll cook with butter for flavor and it is not alot of fat added. i eat very little bread or grain or potato, or yams (my favorite) or pasta. one or two sandwiches a week is a lot for me now.

breakfast is the one meal i ease back the cals on. DON'T delay eating in the morning!!! you'll only succeed in making the hunger more intense later on. trust me on this one. ;-)

i recently eliminated my beloved instant oatmeal (three packs @ 400 cals) at the office and replaced it with a yoplait original 99% fat free; less cals (170), more protein, and much less carbs. i don't really miss the cals all that much.

you need to snack like indigo11 et. al. recommend. i have 6 meals a day - 3 meals (7a, 11 a, 6p) and 3 snacks (9 a, 3p, 9 p). yes, i get a little hungry at times, but it is usually so close to a meal or snack time that i can hold out. a protein shake in the afternoon (any milk, whole foods 365 vannila whey powder, ice) is a really good appetite satisifier/controller. btw, i don't make shakes meal substitutes - eat a real meal and feel satisifed.

get a food scale! i was shocked to learn that what i had eyeballed as 4 ozs of chicken was 1.5 ozs, so i was not getting the protein/cals i needed to feel full. this is really important as you need to verify what you are eating.

track all you food intake not just for cals but also for fat, protein, calcium, fiber, etc. i hired a trainer at 24HF and he put me on a program with 106g protein, 191g carbs, 55g total fat, 20g fiber, 1700 cals, and limits on everything else like salt, sat fat, etc.). i enter everything online at myapex/bodybugg but you can do it here as well. i was shocked to see how carbs dominated my diet and protein was way  way short. (these values are for my diet/excercise program to maintain and build muscle, balance, and tone). you'll be amazed too. and yes, a trainer was essential for me (at 53) to finally get moving and committed to losing weight and getting fit. (i have 3 sons 6, 8, and 10 to keep up with!). but... i am 100% committed to my goal even if it means i am a little hungry at times.

if you're not already - excercise vigorously EVERY DAY!!! it will suppress the hungry feeling for 2 or three hours and - surprisingly - will lower your hunger feelings throughout the day and evening as well. i excercise at lunchtime during the week (i eat my brown bag lunch at me desk first) and whenever i can on the weekend. if you are not excercising hard enough to raise your heart rate signifigantly then it is not very useful. you need to burn 300-400 cals in 30-40 minutes which is easily do-able once you get into a routine.

also, i only eat out at souplantations (sweet tomatoes elswhere) and use their online nutrition guide to manage total cals. otherwise eating out is pretty much salad and chicken/fish. i do go to mcdonalds with the kids but eat the salad and a double cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce. (damn i miss their veggie burger - it was delicious and low cals!) fyi, we bring fruit and healthy snack with us and order from the menu, very, very, carefully. we'll split 1 small fries 4 ways for example!

well, i hope this helps. right now i am working my way down from 215 to 165 and am at 202 today. all the gain is from years behind a desk and very little excercise. i expect to make my goal in Jan or Feb 08.

 steven in irvine 

iam almost never hungry anymore because i eat a lot of snacks :)  I still manage to stay at around 1500-1700 cals/ day :0

sample day for me

645 am toasted light whole wheat english muffin (100 cals) 1 tbs peanut butter (90) and 1/2 c light soy milk (35)

815am banana medium size (105)

11 am light part skim low moisture string cheese (60)

130 pm whole wheat pita (130) tuna (60) grape tomatoes (16) red onion (7) yogurt (30) salt and pepper, spinach (20), apple (70) small plum (30)

445p pear (95)

600p baby carrots (25) cucumbers (15) ranch (90)

730p bl sl chicken breast (140) salad spinach (25) cucumber (15) tomato (16) zucchini (10) red onion (16) fat free feta (35) mushrooms (15) light vinaigrette (40) brown rice (200)

10p skinny cow icecream (140) or raisins (130) 

thats 1490 w/o the late night snack, 1620-1630 with it :)


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