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How much do you eat to lose weight?

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What are your stats (age, weight, height) and how much do you eat to lose weight. How long have you been losing weight and at what rate ( ex. 6 pounds a month or maybe 2 lbs a week)? How much do you exercise? And last but not least how did you come to the decision that this is how much you were going to need to eat in order to lose weight?


Thanks :)

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5'4'' female 20 years old. Starting weight 67kg, current weight 62.2kg.

Rate of loss approximately 1kg/week with a couple of small plateaus.

I exercise a lot, around 12 sessions per week (of which 2 are weights and circuit training, the rest a mix of high and low intensity cardio).

I eat 1800 cals per day, never less.

I'm doing this for lightweight rowing, and we have a squad nutritionist who helped me figure out my goals and calorie requirements, by calculating my BMR and assessing my exercise level to get an accurate number of how many calories I'm burning per day.


Hope this helps!

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Ph and I'm 5'2.5 :p It's healthiest to have your bmr minus 500 to lose 1pm a week :) I've lost about 28lbnin the last year.

^^that's called anorexia.

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Asthenix, the reason you're bingeing at the weekends is because you are literally starving yourself by restricting your calories so much. Please start eating more.

As a teenager, there's no way you should be eating fewer than 1800 calories/day, and that's probably even too low given your activity level. Having just put your numbers through a BMR calculation, in order to lose 1lb/week you need to be eating no less than 1800. The main point is, however, that you're definitely not overweight! You don't need to lose weight so please stop starving yourself!

Also, a 4lb/week loss is too much, especially when you're already a healthy weight (as you are). Again, that's why you gain at the weekends, because your body is desperately trying to hold onto some weight. You should never be losing more than 1-2lb per week unless you're very overweight (which you definitely are NOT). It's not sustainable or healthy, and as soon as you stop losing you're far more likely to gain it back more quickly than if you lost it slowly and healthily. 

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I eat around 1700 on workout days (light exercise) and 1500 on non.

and my weight is 136 and i am 5'4 and 18 as well.

I remember back in the day when I first lost weight that I would restrict myself alot (around 1200-1300 cals, maybe lower) and I would get down from 139-133 and start bingeing like CRAZZYY ! and gain up to 142 and then repeat. So this time around i'm going to lose at 1500-1700 and no less. I guess maybe this way i can prevent the binge cycles from happening once i reach 133. My goal is to be 120-125 (no less because then my body has problems, i've been at 110 before) in 5 months.

Original Post by asthenix:

Ph and I'm 5'2.5 :p It's healthiest to have your bmr minus 500 to lose 1pm a week :) I've lost about 28lbnin the last year.

Your BMR is the total calories your body needs in order to function. By eating less than that you are killing yourself.

5'8" female, 18 years old. Currently 180 lbs, goal weight 160.

Right now I'm working out 1-2 hours a day, 6 days a week. I try to stay between 1600-1800 calories, but recently I've been eating more like 2000-2200. 

I don't really know how much I should be eating every day in order to stay healthy but still lose 1-2 pounds a week. Thoughts?

Unless you weigh more than 200lb and are overweight (that's both, not one or the other), you should not be losing more than 1% of your body weight per week.  It isn't healthy, nor is is sustainable.

The closer you get to a healthy BMI (24.9), the harder it is to lose weight.  if you have set yourself up through restriction and over-exercising, you will probably either NOT attain your goal, or re-gain the minute you return to a liveable lifestyle.

On the other hand, if you take some time to lose the weight and teach your body how to eat properly and forever, as well as learn to incorporate a sensible amount of exercise into your lifestyle. You will find the weight comes of slowly, but it is more likely to stay off.  You are less likely to declare foods off-limits and then crave/binge.  You are more likely to exercise on a regular basis rather than going full-bore for a few weeks and then quitting.

Original Post by misslazybones:

What are your stats (age, weight, height) and how much do you eat to lose weight. How long have you been losing weight and at what rate ( ex. 6 pounds a month or maybe 2 lbs a week)? How much do you exercise? And last but not least how did you come to the decision that this is how much you were going to need to eat in order to lose weight?


Thanks :)

Age: 21

Starting weight: 225 lbs

Current weight: 174.3 lbs

I eat about 1,600 calories/day to lose weight. More on days when I get lots of exercise. I lose 1-2 pounds every week. I used to consistently lose 2 pounds a week but now that I'm only 10 pounds from a healthy BMI, my weight loss has slowed a bit. I exercise about 4 times a week, doing 65 minutes of cardio followed by lifting weights each workout. I occasionally walk my dog and do other things like that which burn some extra calories. I decided how much I should eat by using the burn meter on this site!

This is a very useful thread topic! I would love to see some more answers to the OP.

I've been really struggling to get the weight loss started again, have been trying lots of different things, (different calorie intakes, different nutrient balances, different types of exercise) but nothing is really getting the scale moving.

I'd love to read more from CC'ers who are finding consistent success!

Age: 26

Height: 5' 5"

Current weight: 143 lbs

Goal weight: 135-140 lbs (will put me around 17-20 % body fat)

I work out 5 or 6 days a week: 3 days heavy lifting + ~ 30 min cardio, then 2-3 days of cardio only (typ metabolic circuits and intervals). I also walk quite a bit during the day.

I aim to eat: 1600-1700 cals on non-gym days, 1800-1900 cals on cardio only days, and 2000-2200 cals on lifting days. I had planned on losing 1 lb a week, but for the last 3 weeks that has actually been closer to 2 lbs a week.

Edit: I really like this site for predicting calories burned: http://www.health-calc.com/diet/energy-expend iture-advanced

I'm 30, 5'2, and 207 pounds.  My lowest weight ever was 123, and just a few months ago I was 178.  I got lazy and gained the weight back FAST.  To lose weight, so far, the best method for me has been to eat about 1400-1500 calories a day, allowing myself two days of 1600-1700 calories.  I exercise maybe twice a week and try to keep busy and active the rest of the week.  I know this isn't the recommended way to lose weight but it works for me, and as I get closer to my goal weight and build up stamina I hope to exercise more and I will probably have to level out my calorie intake a bit.

Age-22 female 5'7

starting weight 348, current weight 253..gained 5 pounds from my -100loss boo


took alittle over a year to lose 100,had a 3 month platue :/

i exercise alot,5 days a week,3 dayss heavy weights and a little cardio,other days walk/run 5-10 miles.

i eat around 15- 1800 calories.


Age: 22

Weight: 199 (just got there this week; it feels awesome to write a 1, instead of a 2!)

Height: 5'6"

How Much Do I Eat: 1400 calories if I don't do anything during the day, ~2200 on days I work (I walk around for 4-7 hours), and ~1900 when I exercise (depending on what it is). 

How Long: started CC Aug 22

How Fast: the average thus far is 6.2 lbs/month 

Exercise: If I work at least 25 hrs/week, I consider that my walking. Less than that, and I either try to do two 30 minute brisk walks or park far away from things all week to make myself get it in (now that it's cold; that's the go to method... also longer grocery shopping). On my days off, I play DDR for 30-45 minutes and do 15-20 minutes of strength training.

How I Make the Decision: My goal, rather than an exact calorie amount, is a daily deficit of around 700-800 calories, which should create a weight loss rate of <1% of my body weight/week. 

Age: 27... but not far from 28 :/

Weight: Currently 122.6kg (270lbs), but I think I'm a bit pre-menstrual... well I hope so. It was around 120kg.

Height: 165cm (5'5")

How much do I eat: 1600-1800 generally, more on the days that I exercise.

How long: Started CC end of March this year.

How fast: Well, it's averaged out to a bit more than a lb/week. I had a break in the middle where I was moving house and it was just too hard to keep on top of the organisational part of weight loss. I maintained pretty much, which was a pretty fair effort considering we were eating pretty junky in the week before we moved!

Exercise: I was doing a running program similar to Couch25K, but I got quite sick with a chest infection and had to put that on hold. I'm trying to decide whether I'll go back to it, or just go on longer walks with my dog. I walk her 3-5 times a week on average, for between 30-60 minutes.

How did I decide: Like tnewtson, I try and just keep a deficit of ~500-800 calories, so on the days I exercise I eat more than the 1600-1800.

I have found that eating in the 1600-1800 range is very sustainable for me, and I can imagine doing this forever. Calorie count recommends I eat ~1500 which I just can't do, so I just started ignoring it haha

I am starting to wonder if I'm eating enough though... I was trying to calculate my BMR and I found it was anywhere from 1900-2200 calories! As a very strong advocate for healthful weight loss, I would be heartbroken to learn I was undereating. Any ideas? :/

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