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Eat like Crazy during my periods ......pls help ( Women only please)

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I eat like crazy during my period days and that too all unhealthy stuff. Normally I eat very healthy but during those days I am mostly bloated and have bad cramps therefore I dont eat proper meals but instead go for all kinds of junk. My cravings for junk food increases like anything which futher worsens bloating........Please help what should I do.

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During your non-period days prepare some healthy food and freeze it.  When your period days comes you will feel less tempted.

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Walking will help with the bloating. I try to eat fruits when I crave sugar. If you crave salt, try making Wheat tortilla chips in the oven have it with salsa and low-fat cheese. Also bananas and skim milk really fill me up. Also, my diet never worked until I stopped buying junk food. You can ask your family to support you on this. They might :) Hope this helps :)

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I have got fruits at home and I did prepare some food to avoid my temptation for chocolate,cashewnut, chips but I just don't feel like eating that healthy stuff. It goes on for just two days. Wll these two days  affect my weight loss???


Here's my thing.  Take what you crave and put about 2 bites worth in to zip loc baggies.  I find that if I don't satisfy my cravings, I'll eat the whole rest of the house.  And a bite or two of what I want is usually enough to kill them. 

I have my couple of bites, kill my craving and continue to eat properly. 

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Well That's a great idea. I can satisfy my cravings( with a bold S) ;) without feeling guilty.



Depends on what yer cravings are... Sweets, Salts, or both!? Personally, I dig the salty crunchy stuff (potatoe chips, french fries, etc) and am definitely known to stake out the kitchen in the days leading up to my period.

I've tried to combat this by identifying healthier substutes... For instance if I want salty, I cut up some cucumber and put lemon, salt, + chili on it. It's crunchy, salty, and healthy! Or I'll eat some edamame too. If I REALLY want potato chips, I'll buy ONE LITTLE BAG of those healthier kinds (baked or whatevs) instead of the GIGANTIC bag, that way I can get the taste and still be satisfied without gorging myself.

As far as sweets go, I've switched to all-natural fruit bar popsicles. Here on calorie count they get a B+ for a snack, and they are tasty enough to conquer my sweet tooth!!

Also distracting myself is a good way to deal with the eating frenzy. I'll ready a book, go for a run, or just get myself out of the house (and not take cash with me so I dont spend on food on the run). A change of scenery will always take your mind off food!!!

I agree with morrighu, if you don't satisfy your craving, you'll go crazy - at least I do!! :)  I crave chocolate, so I stock up on chocolate protein bars, I get my chocolate and 12 grams of protein to help keep me full.  I also will drink more water or a protein drink.

If it makes you feel any better, your body is supposed to burn up a couple hundred calories during your period. It's not an excuse to eat 12 brownies, but one extra cookie shouldn't make much difference. I find that a little bit of nutella satisfies my chocolate cravings, and while it's not really all that good for you, it does have some nutrients in it (it's made from hazelnuts, after all).

i find relief in drinking chamomile tea. (: It doesn't really satisfy any cravings, but drinking it makes you feel fuller, so you don't really feel like eating that much. Chamomile also helps to reduce bloating and relief menstrual cramps, so that helps too. (:

I like to cut wholemeal bread into sticks and toast them, then dip it in something (hummus/nutella/peanut butter/cream cheese) depending on what i feel like having, i'll scoop a tablespoon of it out in a bowl. It's quite a bit of cals compared to fruits/vegs though, (180cals if you have a tablespoon of PB or nutella)... but cutting the bread up into sticks helps you to eat more slowly...

canned vegetable soup is also good for salt cravings? I've got soup that is about 2 servings per can, (and one serving is only about 60cals). Usually i just eat the whole can myself, and that keeps me satisfied for pretty long. You could also split the can up, toss half of it in the fridge and have that another day. (whatever works for you). (:

I, oddly enough, am never hungry during my periods, eating is the last thing on my mind when I have cramps. I honestly don't have any advice for you, try to drink lots more water if you're going to eat bad, it's amazing what some extra water can do.

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You are not alone - and that may be the only comfort we can give you! !sigh!

Adding natural diuretics such as tuna or fresh lemon in your water can help the bloating without dehydrating.

As for the cravings - remember, NOTHING tastes as good as being healthy (and thin) feels! 

And to make matters worse, the more you diet, the more sensitive your body becomes to changes in calorie intake!  Yes, those few days of pigging out really will mess with your dieting efforts. 



Take a deep breath. Now let it out. =) If you are eating well the rest of the time and working out, those 2 days are not going to derail you. When it is ttotm for me I tend to go with whatever my body wants at the time be it very little food or rare prime rib (by the pound).

Normally a few days indulgence will not derail weeks of effort.

Baby dill pickles are awesome for satisfying the crunch and salt cravings.  Air popped popcorn can be good, you can use splenda and cinnamon or garlic and sea salt for flavorings.  Make sure you drink enough water or you'll end up retaining more water weight on thee scale.  Edamame that's salted is great for you and also gives you lots of chewing opportunities.  I agree that having a few bits of what you crave is a smart idea.

I'm on my rag right now and cramping horribly : [

This has nothing to do with food lol, just wanted you guys to feel my pain!!!!!! Although...... yesterday I ate 400 calories worth of cashews : ) oy, those buggers are mighty addicting

Lol, I don't even try to control the cravings, but it's only every 3 months for me so i tend to not worry about those week long lapses.  Afaik, during your period your body is doing more work than usual so wanting more food is natural.  Maybe for cravings days you should try to just stick to a maintenance intake instead of working at a deficit. 

If you're looking for a good replacement for fatty burgers, I highly recommend an ostrich burger if you can find it.  They are much leaner and have higher iron content than a cow burger.  Plus, I've never heard of an ostrich factory farm so I think it would be safe to assume they are treated humanely.  As for other unhealthy foods, homemade nachos and pizza can sometimes satisfy that urge without going overboard.  Then you at least avoid the badness of processed foods.  I have no idea what to do about craving sweets though.

Damn, now I want to make some nachos!

Rice cakes with a nice bed of spicy red salsa are superb as are hot mix pickles and feta stuffed jalepenos. I usually find that the more spicy and filling it is, the better it kills a craving. I am extremely aerobic and on the go all the time, so when my period hits I eat like a madwoman and I never beat myself down for it. Menstruation is in itself a very aerobic experience. Your body is collecting and shedding waste and your hormones are are all at different levels. Its normal to get voracious at this busy time.

oh god thanks there is this thread.. i am on diet now i break it.

not really break.. i am snacking crazily usually @ now i eat really lot veggie and fruit.

i usually swim 3 times a week due my period i will stop for a while.

i am going to gym tomorrow burn burn my fat!!..

I had the same problem along with other PMS problems. My Dr. suggested that when I first start to ovulate, (abut 2 wk before period) that I should start taking 1000 mg of calcium just til my period starts. I started doing this several years ago. It really helps all my symptons from  much less crams , if any, no sore boobs, and the desire to totally overeat is pretty much gone. Also gone, are the wicked mood swings.

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I too experienced this and found some great solutions just by modifying my diet. Really recommend book 'The Food Doctor:Healing foods for body and mind, by Ian Marber and Vicki Edgson', the authors are some of the countries leading nutrition consultants so def know their stuff!

Here's what I found out from the above source and other reading:

Pre-menstrually women are in need of magnesium. This is found in many foods, one of them being milk chocolate! Healthy alternatives can be found, such as Broccoli, and dark choc (much better source and less fattening too).

Meal suggestion: steam some salmon inside baking foil for around 15-20mins, until flesh goes 'cloudy'/opaque all the way through, boil up some new potatoes and broccoli, and add a little (or a lot!) of butter, salt and pepper to the tattys. Simple, delicious and v healthy. After this meal the body feels energized and light.

As we all know a lot of fatty foods offer the 'yum-factor', but often leave the body heavy and tired, this creates a vicious cycle spurred on by the false-energy boost that sugar gives.. and before we know it, we're regularly topping up on chocolate bars, and the like.

Cravings for chips and other fatty foods could indicate that the body is in need of (healthy) oils.  From some health-food stores or online you can buy a bottle of an Omega 3,6 and 9 oil blend made by 'Grano-vita'; this contains flax seed, hemp, pumpkin, sesame, and evening primrose oil (the latter also said to be great for pmt!).. These oils are incredibly nutritious and very beneficial for all aspects of health including hormonal balance, strengthening the immune system, etc..And when the system is in balance, cravings are far less likely to occur! I put a 2 tablespoons in a stramberry and banana smoothie, made with a sweet fruit juice and a teaspoon of runny honey. It's scrumptious and can be stored for a couple of days.

A craving is the body's way of attention-seeking. The question is, what's the need? Take a minute to think beneath the surface craving to the real need and find those yummy healthy alternatives. Craving junk foods can also be a comfort thing. I find that by indulging in other ways and pampering myself a little can also help; hot baths, massage, a good film all aid relaxation and therefore lessen the need for comfort foods.

Hope some of this helps!



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I read something once that said it's almost pointless to try and lose weight during your period. We should just focus on not gaining...meaning, don't go nuts. There's been good advice here already about satisfying your cravings w/out going overboard. Also, there's an herbal supplement called 5-HTP which is a seratonin supplement, and it helps relieve me of many PMS and for me PMDD symptoms, including cravings. Check it out and see if it would work for you.

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