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Weight Loss
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Went out to eat last night and now I'm 3 pounds heavier this morning?????

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How is this possible?  What would have caused this?  I have been steadily losing, and yes my weight fluctuates a pound or so here and there.  But this morning I was 3 pounds heavier than yesterday mornings weigh in!  I went out to eat last night, but I stuck to the salad bar only.  I did eat a little tuna salad on the side, but other than that, I used light dressing, etc.  I felt I was eating pretty healthy, but I had no way of actually counting my calories though.  So maybe not? But I still don't think I ate 3 pounds of food much less 3 pounds of fat! I'm at a loss and now I feel like the last week and a half's hard work is down the drain!  Ugh! 

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salt.  when you eat out, even with healthy choices, there will be more salt than you are used to.  the extra salt will cause your body to hold on to more water, you might even feel a little bloated today.

just drink plenty of water and in a day or two it should be back down to normal.
My guess is that you're simply retaining water. Restaurant food tends to have a higher sodium content than home prepared food. Don't worry, have an extra glass or two of water today to flush it out, and I'm sure the scale will tell a different story tomorrow.

It's most likely water weight. It's common for a woman to gain up to 5 or more pounds of water weight overnight, especially if you are pre-menstrual or taking in too much sodium. Have some green tea, drink some water (sounds weird but water is actually a diuretic), and relax. It will come off again. Promise! :)

Thank you both......that does make sense and I feel a lot better now.  I will definitley make sure I drink pleny of water today. Smile

Similer thing, i mean  odd i ate yesterday cus my mother made a huge feast so i decited i would eat a lager portion then usual *she was getting upset i wasent eating more of her yummy food lol*, and this morning i was 3 pounds heavier also 0_o ofcourse i was like how can one day trow me off so much and it wasent even that bad,

i guess its true 1 day off the diet does trow you off cus it did for me =/

I feel the same way like i messed up but i didin't even eat that much, plus it was all i had cus i didin't get hungry anymore,

So same! last weeks work down the drain as well..... *kicks self*

But Dont feel bad as u can see it happense. Just try and get back on track Like today i plan to work out just a bit more ^^, try the same? Let me know

*huggles* its ok no biggie hun =p

 Water retention huh, maybe ..

Of course you didn't eat three pounds of food... but you probably had enough salt in your meal that you body needs three extra pounds of water to deal with it. One day last week I had a 'healthy' salad for dinner and ended up going 50% over my RDI of sodium because I didn't realise how much salt was in the lunch meat and the cheese and the low-fat dressing, and I'd already had some salty food that day... My weight shot up a pound and a half overnight even though I drank 8 BIG glasses of water that day to try and limit the damage. You can expect that three pounds to gradually melt away over the next few days. I lost weight as normal even though it seemed like I'd put more on, and today my weight is LOWER than it was before the slipup.

Wink My daughter is a nurse and she told me that although I weigh myself each morning, not to be upset at a gain.  Basically it takes two weeks to show definitive results.  Your body adjusts to what you eat and if you ate anything salty, you will retain fluids throughout your body for awhile. 

She said to measure my real weight loss by what I weigh at the end of each week, and to watch the salt.  Maybe you could use sea salt like I do.  I don't retain too much water that way, and I walk alot during the day to work it off. 

Don't get discouraged,

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