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What do you eat when you have the flu?

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Feeling nausea. Nothing seems appetizing. Drinking lots of water.

I'm afraid of skrewing-up my metabolism if I don't get something down. Help!

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I'm sick as well, and Wednesday and yesterday nothing would stay down. Today so far I've eaten a bagel, nothing on it. It took me 3 hours though. Slow and steady seems to be the key here for me.

If you're throwing up you might want to try some gatorade and at least get your electrolytes in balance.

A few days probably won't screw up your metabolism - but all the same, it's best to try and get some food down you if possible.

Soup? Mash potato? Small wholegrain bread roll? Those are the kinds of things I like to eat when ill.


Whenever I'm nausiated I go right to the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast)...and those foods usually stay down for me.  Ginger ale usually helps and gatorade is good too.

When I can eat other things I go right for the one thing I used to have when I was a kid...chicken and stars soup.

I hope you feel better soon!!


  Pedialyte (for children) or Gatorade will help reset your electrolytes.  Homemade rehydration drink for adults:  1 quart water, ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp baking soda and 2 tbls sugar.  http://health.msn.com/PopUp.aspx?cp-documenti d=100056939  Can also be used when out in the sun too much.  I had the flu off and on for about 3 weeks at Christmas time – I was craving this stuff. 

 BRAT diet above – YES!  Also, my childhood “sick kid food” was cinnamon toast.  Plain scrambled eggs were going down easy, too.    

 When I was sick - I googled what to eat while prematurely-losing-calories-from-stomach-flu (you know what I mean) – basically the idea is that it’s good to get whatever you can into your system.  Going without nutrition for too long just makes us weak and harms recovery process. 


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