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Do you eat your exercise calories?

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I was just wondering. I know on the days I exercise or clean alot around the house I am hungrier. Do you eat those calories you burned?
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Hi Michelle,

this is what I do...

I normally strive to eat 1400 calories a day.
So, if I exercise one day for an hour and burn 600 calories, I'll only have netted 800 calories that day. You don't want to go below 1200, so I'll eat an extra 400 calories that day.

Make sense?

Michelle, I do pretty much what Neese does.  It's not too often I'll eat every single calorie back but I try to net to at least 1200.

Isn't that funny, my sister's name is Michelle, my cousin's name is Denise, we call her Neese.  (side note)

Hey my neighbor is called Neese. Her real name is Denise.


Yes this makes sense.   I keep my calories around 1500 but yesterday I lifted weights (firm tapes) and last night I caved and ate breadsticks with cheese. I didn't eat very many but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my real name is Denise too :)
Neese, I looked at you're profile and see you're a Steelers fan.  Me to.

Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!!
It depends on your basic rate.  When mine was at 1800 (sedentary), I aimed for 1200-1500 and would eat back about 1/2 of what I exercised.

Now that my rate is 2300 (active) due to more workouts, I aim for 1500-1800 and will eat a few hundred more on days when I have heavier workouts.  The 2300 includes a lot of the exercise so as long as I don't go over 2300 while I'm figuring out my calorie needs I won't worry.
kathypk - I LOVE the Steelers!! they are so much fun to watch. That Heinz Ward is something else :)

First, as I am a SEAHAWKS fan...boo Steelers!  We'll see you guys on Oct 7th!

And as far as eating workout calories, I learned my lesson yesterday.  Sunday I spent all day cleaning and burned LOTS of calories...and only ate about 100 over what I normally do.  Yesterday, my body decided to rebel and I felt sick all day until I went home and ate...enough to technically put me over for the day, but it balanced out my 1200 calorie deficit from the day before.  So I'm going to focus on maintaining about a 500 calorie deficit instead of focusing on eating a certain number of calories.  But hey, now I know if I want to splurge, clean my house first!


And Brandy, if your house is too clean you can always clean mine!  Wink

Oh yes, I better get to cleaning so I can have some bbq wings!!!!!!!!!!!


this may motivate me to clean=)

stupid seahawks     :)

i dont exactly eat back my calories in that i dont count every one. simply on days i do little i set my account to seditary and eat 1400 cals on days i work and go cycling/walking i set it to light activity and eat 1700 cals and on days that i go to the gym and/or long walk/cycle i set it to moderate and eat 2000 cals.

hope this helps

SEE????  Motivation to clean and sticking to your diet!!!  Its a beautiful thing!!!  And honestly, can a house ever be too clean??

Oh, and for all the steelers fans that appear to be on this thread....better watch out cuz this time we've got Josh Brown...and he's learned how to actually DO his job!  (Which was severly lacking at the super bowl a couple years ago...)  And we're ready for some retribution!!

 On a side note, Kimo actually lives around here and owns a local sports bar...:)

Uh Oh.  A football rivalry.  I'm the oldie of the rivalry group and am proud to say I was around in the 70's for the Steelers victories in SuperBowl VIII, X, XIII and XIV as well as XL against the Seahawks.

Oh, I sound old but I remember the days of the "Steel Curtain" with Mean Joe Green, Dwight White, Larry Holmes and LC Greenwood.  Bradshaw, Jack Ham, Mel Blount, Rocky Blier, Franco, John Stallworth, Lynn Swann, etc, etc.

I'll have to admit the Seahawks outplayed the Steelers in XL but a piece of what makes the Steelers, the Steelers, is heart.  "Big Ben" and "The Bus" were on a mission that weekend.

I'll be headed to PA this weekend and have a few items I need to pick up at the Steelers store in London (Grove City, PA).    Neese, if you need anything  :)  :)  send me a PM.

Oh, the topic: eating back your calories.  I'm sure I'll need to start doing that since I have started walking and will probably experience a stall from consuming too few "net" calories.  We'll see.

Yeah, what a rivalry :) Me vs. well, everyone else here!  But I'll stand strong behind hasselbeck and alexander and the rest of my boys!  And I won't say anything about the controversy that surrounded that game either Wink.  And speaking of fan items, I just bought an alexander jersey to compliment my hasselbeck jersey so I have one clean and ready any time they play!

And today I ended up with about a 600 calorie deficit...thats what I get for trying a new recipe just to find out I don't like it!  But I tried to make up at least some of the calories lost there!

Btw kathy, I admire the fact that there is a steelers fan willing to admit that the seahawks outplayed the steelers, even if we did lose!  Rematch is 3 weeks away! 


~~I am part of the 12th man!~~

I don't.. I just eat below 1700 and excersize, weights or cardio.. It's been workin for me..
I thought we weren't supposed to eat backexercise calories. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how it is supposed to work. I generally do NOT eat back the cals I spend exercising....should I be?
I don't eat back all the calories I burn through exercise...but I naturally am a little hungrier on days I exercise so I eat a little more than usual.
jenniferger - I think you are supposed to eat back those calories only when it puts your net calories below 1200. If you typically strive to eat 1300 a day and you burn 400 in the gym, I think (I'm no expert) that you should should eat 1600 that day to net 1200.

make sense? hope it helps. Again, I'm no expert. I'm giving advice based on how I understand it.
Depends. Your net cal deficit including exercise is not supposed to exceed 1000 on a regular basis. So if your workout+BMR gives you a net burn of 2500 for the day, you should aim for at least 1500- preferably you should keep your deficit the same on workout and non-workout days. Which means eating 1750 cals on a 2500-burn day if you keep to a 750-cal deficit on non-workout days.

 I'm not too good at it myself either.
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