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Weight Loss
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I would highly recommend signing up for this e-newsletter from Men's Health called "Eat this not that."   They send out AWESOME tips and information about healthy eating and weight loss tips.  I found it by chance and really love the info they send out.  Just thought I wopuld share!  :) le=etntnl.jsp

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Is this gender biased or does it apply to both man and woman, and everyone in between?  This way I know whether to have it sent to my eMail or my fiance's.

It applies to men and women both.  It is put out by "Men's Health," but as a women find it very informational with great tips.  I am sure you both would want to read it.  :)

Lol.  I would want to read it.  He would read it for fear of what I'd do to him if he didn't.

I get that news letter as well, i just sent it to my BF to receive. I love the information and some of the chioces they put as "eat this" are really surprising!

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