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What do you eat with cottage cheese?

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I just bought my ver own cottage cheese! lol. But I have no clue what to eat with it?

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In my case - as little as possible - I hate it. But...

Try a baked potato, and fill with cottage cheese and...

  • Shrimp
  • Diced crispy bacon
  • Crushed pineapple
  • Chopped chives and/or spring onions
  • Flaked tuna
  • Cooked peas and sweetcorn, chilled and mixed in

I love cottage cheese with pineapple....

It's also good with sliced tomato and a little dried chives

It's great on baked potato in place of butter 

I also eat it on toasted english muffins with a lot of pepper and sometimes chives. You can also add a slice of tomato to this.

I eat my, ahem, salt-free (even better eh, wordsmith?Wink) cottage cheese with either a tomato/garlic bruschetta topping, or plain chopped tomato... mmm mmm good


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With maple cinnamon sugar (organic cane sugar, organic maple sugar granulate, stevia, lots of cinnamon). The cane and maple suga are for texture, the stevia for sweetness.

I absolutely freakin' love cottage cheese. Don't judge! :P

I usually eat cottage cheese with my cottage cheese. Barring that:

I top salads with it, instead of dressing. I eat it with cherry or grape tomatoes. It goes well with grapes. OR grapes AND sunflower seeds. :D Sugar snap peas.

The possibilities are endless. Sometimes I even use cottage cheese in place of ricotta in lasagna...I like the texture and feel like it adds more flavor.


...nobody tell mooni! O.O

It's really good if you put some on a waffle and cover it in maple syrup Laughing

Original Post by lisaxfaith:

It's really good if you put some on a waffle and cover it in maple syrup

 When I first read that, I didn't like you anymore...but then I thought about it...I'mma try it! :D

(I was totally kidding about the "didn't like you anymore" thing.)

Eat it on toast or crackers, with some tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and even green olives on the side. My favorite dinner ever that I have almost every night :)

On pita chips.

Make a hard-boiled egg, cut it up, and mix it with some cottage cheese. Put it on toast or eat it as is. *Drool*


I think cottage cheese is my favorite food. I probably eat a pint a day!!

Kotov..I get you!
I like my cottage cheese sweet, so I usually add some kind of sweetener and ANYTHING. In the morning, I take a bit of peanut butter and a scoop of cottage cheese and in it goes! :-)

Oh..I have to add....

It ALL depends on the brand. I tried the DAISY brand and almost gagged! Knudsen is gross too. If you have a Safeway, Lucerne is delicious. So is the Kroger brand. Don't EVER eat FAT FREE...NASTY! Always get 2% or higher!!! It's worth the extra few cals..



Original Post by kotov_syndrome:

Original Post by lisaxfaith:

It's really good if you put some on a waffle and cover it in maple syrup

 When I first read that, I didn't like you anymore...but then I thought about it...I'mma try it! :D

(I was totally kidding about the "didn't like you anymore" thing.)

 lol It's yummy and filling. Enjoy!!

I mix it with a little Greek yogurt, chopped frozen spinach (thawed and drained, of course), minced onion, garlic, dill, salt and pepper as a sort of mushy salad, spinach dip, or a topping for an open-faced sandwich. Tonight I ate that piled onto a toasted whole wheat English muffin, sprinkled with grated asiago and broiled. I love the baked potato idea; I'll have to try that next. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around pineapple, though...which means I'll definitely be trying it!

I prefer mine savory, and yes I agree the brand matters a lot!

NO brand of cottage cheese here in the US will ever compare with the amazing, delicious cottage cheese we get in Israel, but I find Breakstone's to be a fair substitute. 

Must be small curd. 

I don't understand eating cottage cheese as a sweet food, that sounds terrible to me! Except for Tvorog (Russian cottage cheese), which is much more curd and almost no whey, which I love with sour cream and jam or honey and nuts and whatnot -- it's very creamy and not at all like American cottage cheese...it's naturally more sweet and more acidic. 

Also, there is a snack I used to love as a kid -- cut cucumbers in half length-wise, remove the center (the seeds and the softer part; or you can leave it, really), and put in cottage cheese and sprinkle with salt. So good! I called them cottage boats haha. 


Fresh fruit is my favorite, some sliced peach or pear, pinapple.....YUM!

One of my favorites is a baked sweet potato topped with cottage cheese. I like it mixed in a bowl with a boca burger also. Or put it in a whole grain wrap with veggies.

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I love chopping up a quarter of an apple, adding cinnamon a small amount of vanilla and then microwaving it until just warm... I tend to eat this as a dessert

I vaguely remembered seeing this - tracked it down now - Cottage cheese cheesecake!

http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/11255/cottage- cheesecake.aspx


With tomatoes and some fresh ground pepper and a little balsamic vinegar.  Fresh basil too when I have it.  So delicious!  

Also it's great on crackers with salsa, or in a salad.  I love cottage cheese - such a yummy way to get more protein in your diet.  

Fruit! Pineapple...yum.

I definitely like it with pineapple chunks, but it usually costs twice the amount to buy it that way and I never think to buy cottage cheese and pineapple separately for some reason!

When I buy plain cottage cheese, I like to mix it with sweetcorn and a bit of chilli powder. I can just eat it like that, or it's great scooped up with some chunky crisps.

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