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I eat 700 calories a day and i feel good

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hi everyone im 21 years old,5 ft 9 in, im a male, and i weight 275 pounds. I ve lost about 25 pounds since febuary already. Ok my diet consist of 2 cans of tuna with no fat low carb mayo, and mustard with relish for flavor and a can of spinach, the tuna is about 300 calories and the spinach is 100 calories, plus 3 pints of water a day, i do this about three to four days a week, on the other days ill eat a salad with skinless bone less chicken in it, with 1 tomatoe, some onion, and some great no calorie no fat no carb dressing i found, now the calories in this meal equal about 400 calories, and ill drink water with it all day. so on an average day ill take in about 400 to 700 calories, now i know this is really low but im gettin filled up from these meals and i feel fine. Acually its allot of food but it is just so low calorie wich makes it great. Now i try to exercise about 2-3 days a week doin weight training with some cardio for about 30 minutes. Does any one have any advise for me on how i can improve my weightloss or anything in general about my diet. thanks

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You eat too little. Way too little. If you're 275, you should be eating closer to 2300-2400 calories a day, not 700.
You may see a loss, but you're not losing stored fat.  You're losing muscle tissue. 

Please read this article! LINK

I urge you to revise your eating habits.  What will happen is once you get to your goal weight, and stop eating like this, the pounds will pack right back on, and quickly. 
Per the expenditure tool on this site:

Daily Calories Burned (at resting/sedentary activity level)

You burn 3000 calories during a typical day.

Per the allowances tool on this site:

Calculate Calories Needed for Goal Weight

You should consume about 2260 calories a day to reach your goal weight of 200 lbs by June 01, 2008.

Remember that this estimate is based on your body weight, height, age, gender, and activity level. It may vary slightly depending on other factors.

Generally, women should not consume any less than 1,200 calories per day, and men should not consume less than 1,500 calories per day.    
It is not just about calories.  It is also about nutrition.  There is no way that you can get all the vitamins and minerals that you need in 400-700 calories a day.
Ugh....aside from the fact that you're totally killing your body and metabolism, aren't you BORED to tears with that menu yet?? Where's the dairy? Where's your whole grain? Fruit?? Anywhere??If that's all I had to look forward to eating, I'd probably lose weight too.....FROM DEPRESSION!!! Kick up your variety AND your caloric intake and your weight will come off MUCH easier....25 pounds in 3 months? That's not even worth it! I've lost 17 in ONE month and I'm about your size (5'10 260) but I eat 1500-1700 cals a day and exercise 5 days....Come on, live a little!! Good luck!!
I'm the same way, normally my intake is around 800 everyday and I feel fine.. sometimes really full. 
I don't mean to be an echo but


Men need ATLEAST 1500 calories + what they burn exercising + more if you are on your feet all day.

You should probably be eating atleast 2000 or more calories based on what you are doing... end even more based on your current weight.

IF you eat too little like you are....

1. You lose muscle mass, you may lose a little fat too but your muscles are being eaten by your body to make up for what you arent eating.

2. You damage your organs including your HEART.  Yeah you could die all from not eating enough.   There are many people who eat like you do and end up needing medical help both physicly and psychologically because of the damages done.   Yes your body will stop telling you it's hungry even though you are starving, but you gotta do what makes sense.  EAT MORE.

3.  I mentioned psychological problems... but also there is the problem of what happens when you get down even more in weight and you decide to eat more.   Your body has been fighting to SURVIVE so it'll start storing all the extra food you give it.  So you'll end up ballooning right back up where you were or getting even bigger.
Just because you "feel" good that does not mean your body is healthy.
You're not going to get a pat on the back for not following the rules... rules for guys are 1,500 calories minimum... And the rules are there for a reason...
Eat more protien items, eat about 1500 - 2000 calories a day

exercise for about an hour a for 4-5 days a week.

one day do 20 minutes of stationary bike at a level that pushes you, 20 minutes on the tredmill at a jogging speed, and 20 minutes on the elipital at a level that pushes you

the other day do weights, make sure you push your self to max without hurting yourself.  you should exercise 20 minutes on arms, 20 minutes on legs adn the rest of the 20 minutes work on other areas such as chest, abs, and back.


 one day cARDIO, one day weights ,one day cardio, one day weights, etc.

remember that you have to get a good night sleep to get the full affect of the workout.  If you are working out tired you are not do the most you can do.
You may feel fine now, but you're doing to crash. Trust me, I've been there. Do yourself a favor and eat more.
You may feel fine now, but you're going to crash. Trust me, I've been there. Do yourself a favor and eat more.
The increasing number of people who post here saying they're doing great on 1000 cal or less is getting alarming.

You're not getting enough nutrients.. you need to eat more.  When you don't get enough calories in a day, your body is going to break down muscle to fuel your organs, more so than fat.  The weight you're losing is going to be mostly muscle.

You need more fiber - whole grains, fruits, a variety of veggie, and DEFINETELY more fat!
your body is pretty awesome - it adapts.

the problem? it will adapt indefinitly. i felt fine on 400 but i was screwing myself over.  took more calories to feel worse, but im alive. (that's good, right?)

cue the echo sound effects: you need to eat more, even if you feel amazingly healthy.
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I've been there before. I ate no more than 600 calories a day. I never felt hungry, I had a ton of energy, I lost weight. No problem right?

Give yourself a few weeks, you'll feel exhausted. You won't be able to exercise any more. I've been trying to ease myself into eating normally for a while now. It's hard. Get out of the habit of eating so little now. It's much easier to do it when you start than later.
Any day now your going to crash. It will start with a little head ache, slight dizziness, chills and then BAM your not going to feel like getting out of bed.

Cutting back on how much you eat is the right idea, but you need to educate yourself on nutrition. If your going to do it

jstdoit07 and shayde - You guys should check out anewdawn's post on this thread.  It is post #43. 

It is a very insightful post as to what you are doing to your body and the consequences of it.

shayde- I was just wondering why you felt that 110 would be a perfect weight for you?  I saw that you were 5' 7" and 120lbs currently.  Also, from your picture you already look fairly thin.  You look like you are at a perfect weight for your body. 
I'm 25yrs old and stand 5'-7" tall.  I'm told the least I should weigh is 130 at the very least for my age and height. 

Shayde - go into the BMI tool and calculate what your BMI would be at 110lbs. You'll find that for 5'-7" tall that is underweight.
undertherainbow: Honestly I don't know, a bout a year and a half ago I was 180 pounds. I was 135 my senior year and after a breakup I lost it and shot up to my highest weight ever. After about three months of severe depression I started to lose again, I am finally down to my lowest (120) and when I was 180 I always dreamed of 125.. now that I'm in that range it's still not enough. I was hoping by the time I hit 110 I'd look how I wanted to look. I know I have a problem, I actually made another thread about it, there is a link to it in my profile. There are only three there so it's easy to find..

cjeka: On another site anything 18 or over was considered average, thats why when it said that I didn't really think anything of it..

Yeah, I was doing the same thing you were and I felt miserable.  Right now I weigh 248 lbs which I have lost from 261 lbs three weeks ago.  But I learned from my mistake and started eating a bit more that I was and "who would have believed it, the weight started coming off" so do yourself a favor and get on the right track.  I know how you feel and you think you need to get this weight off quick, but believe, it won't work.  I am also a diabetic and was trying to survive on 800 calories a day.  Sorry Charlie, it did not cut it.  I feel a whole lot better now. 
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