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If i eat 1200 calories a day, how much excercise do i need a day to lose weight?

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hi my name is amanda and i am a new member of CC...i am currently 230 and my goal weight is 170. also my height is 5'8"...i am on a 1200 calorie a day diet. so i am wondering how much excercise should i do a day to see results?currently i am doing 60 minutes of moderate walking a day...should this be enough? please let me know, i ll be thankful for any help i can get...here are some of my stats and goals down below:

height 5'8"
weight 230 goal 170
waist 35 goal 32 or less
hips 46 goal 43 or less

i want to lose 10 pounds at a time so it seems more reasonable than losing a big number like 60.
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hi :) in my opinion, i think walking is great! however, u might want to think about doing some resistance training as well to build muscle. remember, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism is. maybe you could start out walking, and eventually take it to jogging or running to burn more calories. anyways,, hope i helped and good luck achieving your goal :)
Hi Amanda,

That is exactly the formula I used to lose 60 pounds:  1200 calories / day and walking to Leslie Sansone workouts.  You are going to do so well! 
same for me. I lost 22 pounds and went down three sizes. Keep up the good work!!
Welcometo C-C.  
Did you take the Walkthrough for this site?  It is full of interesting tools for this site.  I have some bottons for you to click that will help you figure out how many calories you should eat for your weight loss journey and it will also show you what you use during your walking. 

 Activities · BMI Index · Allowance · Expenditure

Please enjoy the site.
thanks sooo much for the great replies, i really appreciate it...i am glad that people will actually take a little bit of their time to help others, this site is very motivational...so its great to see that you guys used the same formula and it worked...im lucky in a way because i am naturally muscular, so walking should be pretty successful...so i was just wondering if maybe you guys that used the 1200 calorie formula could tell me what kind of meals that you had in a day, just to give me an idea of what it should be...thanks again guys for the inspiration and motivation...im feeling pretty good =-)
Hi Amanda, I am on a 1200 cal a day diet.  My meals are pretty simple.  I have:

Breakfast:  1 pkt regular flavoroatmeal with flax seed w/1 pkt of splenda.

Mid morn:  piece of fruit - apple, or 1/2 to 1 cup of cut fruit

Lunch:  Salad w/ FF or olive oil based salad dressing, w/ 1-2 oz. turkey, 1 piece of good chewy bread, and a crystal light raspberry ice

mid day:  another piece of fruit same as mid morn

Dinner:  4 oz. lean meat (usually chicken, sometimes pork) 1/2 cup of flavored rice, a green veggie, a salad w/ FF or olive oil based salad dressing, and some good bread.

sometimes if I have cals left, I will either have a cocktail before dinner or a snack later such as 1/2 cup FF SF pudding, SF jello, FF no sugar added fudgecicle.  hope this helps, it sounds boring, but I really jazz up the meat for the grill at dinner time, lots of herbs and spices.
sorry double posted

BTW, I've lost 55 lbs since February.
I just used the tools on here, and I got that in a sedentary lifestyle, you burn 2200 calories a day, and the website suggests you eat 1450 calories a day (assuming no exercise) to burn 1.5 lbs a week.  And an hour of moderate walking burns 352 calories a day.  As a woman, you should not drop below eating 1200 net calories a day--which means if you are exercising, you need to eat whatever you burn off with exercise (i.e. those 352 calories) so that you still have the minimum 1200 calories for your body to function.  I understand wanting to lose weight fast, but I would suggest going by the site's estimate of eating 1450 calories a day and going down more slowly.  I am new at this but I've been reading a lot of stuff on the forums, and going below 1200 net calories a day is not recommended by a lot of people.

Perhaps try some of these tools for yourself--they really do help.  Also, as you lose weight, the calories you should eat will change, and how much you burn with exercise will change too, so re-work your numbers as you lose.

If you want to find some of the forums that speak of why you shouldn't drop below 1200, here are some links: (there are a lot more besides these)

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/4096 1.html

http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/calories /burning_calories/starvation.htm

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/4221 1.html
mindysmith I eat almost the same exact meal you listed above  daily and I have loss 21 pounds since April.  The great thing is that you don't get hungry.  Eating every two hours helps.  Congratulations on your weight loss.  Amandalynngillmor the above meal plan works!  Good luck!
thanks to mindysmith and sunflower09 for replying me...im glad to hear that this eating plan has worked for you guys and that you have been so successful with it...so what did you guys do for excercise??? please let me know...thanks guys =-)
amandalynngillmor...I HATE exercising...I did nothing :-)  I wanted to see if it would work it I stuck with a 1200 calorie diet and no exercising, to my surprise it worked.  I want to loose as much as I can then start exercising to tone.  I didn't want to start exercising because fat becomes muscle and of course muscle weighs more.  Nothing more frustrating than getting on the scale and weighing more than you anticipated.  I am just glad I found something that works and trust me sticking to 1200 calories a day WORKS!  Good luck!  Let me know how the diet works.  I promise you want be hungry and if you do drink water..remember don't eat after 6. 
Im just curious sunflower how much have you lost so far?

I do exercise every week but very low impact and ppl keep telling me its never enough to do more and more would be nice to hear from someone who has lost weight but not doing exercise just how much has come off and how soon. Not that i disagree with exercising im just very curious!
i lost weight when i didnt exercise as well i lost about 3 stone and dropped 3 dress sizes when i just dieted on 1200 calories a day.now i exercise to stay fit and aviod flabby bits that dieting carnt do.
angiethe1_2005..I've lost 21 pounds thus far.  I weigh myself every two weeks.  I am losing 2 - 2 1/2 pounds a week.  It took me about 7 weeks to loose.  I just wanted to loose weight and it didn't matter how long it was going to take me I was concerned about losing weight and being able to maintain without doing things out of the norm for me (ie.. exercising, eating salads everyday etc.).  I seen people loose weight basically starving, exercising like CRAZY and then when they loose the weight go back to their old habits and I didn't want to fall into that category.  Therefore, I have changed my eating habits keeping in mind that it's long term. 
I have a question, when counting your daily calorie intake how do you adjust it for wine that you may drink?
Danaisha I am not sure where you heard that information, but according to what I learned in my education in Biology and Nutrition, that is not true. You need at least 1200 cals a day to eat, these are completely separate calories from the one's you burn off. You do NOT need 1200 "net" calories a day...that would defeat the purpose of people exercising and doing a 1200 calorie diet at the same time. However, if you are exercising a lot, for instance running or high-impact aerobics, you would want to up your calorie intake so that your body can still function. Of course, the best thing for anyone who is starting a new diet and exercise plan, is to consult a professional such as a registered dietician.
Kristicro - I have to respectfully and completely disagree with the statement you've made about not needing 1200 *net* calories.

If you eat 1200, and burn 600, your *net* intake is now 600.  600 is not enough for a body to run on no matter how you slice the cake.  Please don't encourage people to starve themselves. =\

The only way it's defeating the purpose is if I ate 1800 calories, and burned off 600, leaving me with an *net* intake of 1200, giving me a 600 calorie safe deficit.  I would not eat back my calories in this case and this case only.

There is a difference, please be careful what you tell people.

There is an eating disorder that you may not be aware of, but it's a purging type where the person will eat a regular amount of food like 1200-1500 calories, then spend all day over exercising, "purging" the calories until they're *net* intake is only hundreds, starving themsevles.  This isn't safe or okay.
Sunflower, I think thats a great approach to weightloss keep on going and congrats on the weightloss. Today was my 20lb loss goal I still have almost 50 to go but I feel Great. I guess keep on keeping on so they say.
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