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do you eat breakfast?

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if so, what do you eat?

I'm learning not to skip breakfast. I ussually have a hard boiled egg, a glass of orange juice and vitamins.

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If I have classes in the morning and have to get up early, I'm too tired to eat properly, but I have something small anyway (followed by a snack later in the morning), since I get grumpy and nauseous if I skip breakfast completely... So, if I had already boiled some eggs the night before, I have one or two. If not, I have some plain yoghurt and some berries. If I'm not too tired, I'll even sometimes have the leftovers from dinner and a smaller lunch instead.

During weekends and vacations, I have bigger breakfasts, usually omelettes and frittatas. Eggy breakfast for the win.

I have Golden syrup flavoured instant oats because it's quick and filling, I usually have some fruit at around 10. At weekends I normally have an omelette or the oats with berries or almonds in

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! In fact, I start looking forward to it the night before, he he... I always do my main exercise in the morning, so am usually starving when it's time for breakfast. On a normal day I have a couple of slices of home made buckwheat, flaxseed, and sunflower seed bread (toasted) either with butter and cheese, or with almond butter. With that I have some fruit, usually half a banana and either some blueberries, papaya, or mango.

On days when I do weights training in the morning (like today) i have the above, but one slice of bread instead of two and also a bowl of home made high-protein muesli with full cream milk. Sometimes when I can stomach it I'll have eggs, cheese and avocado on toast after weight lifting, but am usually not that keen on eggs in the morning.

Yes.  Always.  Not immediately after I get up (I actually pack mine and bring it to work to eat before I go on the clock, when I'm more awake and actually hungry).  Anything I want, even if it's not "breakfast food", as long as it's reasonably healthy and balanced.  This morning was part-skim mozzarella cheese and leftover pasta with marinara and yellow squash.

Kind of ~ My first meal of the day is usually about 11.30 am as I can't stomach food first thing (I never have been able to) I'll have a couple of babybel light cheeses with whole wheat bread or crackers, tomato and ham. Sometimes I'll have a tomato and ham omelette made with 2 large eggs. Occasionally I'll have a couple of pieces of whole wheat toast with ham and marmalade. All are accompanied by coffee! 

Great breakfast! Especially for post morning workout protein: 3 egg white omelette ( or 1 whole egg and 1 egg white if your not a fan of plain egg white!) with mushrooms and capsicum YUM :) Add a little low fat cheese if you feel like it. And then some yummy fruit

For years I've been having just a cup of coffee for breakfast but today I actually had cereal. Lol, it feels like such an achievement for me! I wasn't hungry until past midday when I'd had my breakfast at 6am (the joys of having a screaming baby to wake you up then!). But, yes, now I'm definitely going to start having breakfast every morning! xoxo

Instant oatmeal has very little nutrition, basically empty calories. 

I have 1/4 steel cut oats, cooked in 1/2 c water. I add 2 T sliced raw almonds, cinnamon, and sweeten with honey. I also have 2 hard boiled eggs, no yolks, and a bowl of strawberries. I do have coffee with creamer.

Sometimes I'll have three fried egg whites with one yolk with sliced avocado and sliced tomatoes...

Egg whites + avocado + whole grain toast

Tuna + avocado + whole grain toast

One runny egg + tuna + tomato + whole grain toast

Oats + milk + pumpkin + cinnamon

Always with coffe + milk

I have oatmeal with craisins and cashews most mornings.  If I'm in a hurry, I grab a diet shake, but those have a lot of sugar.



I have been skipping breakfast since i started my latest adventure into getting down to single digit BF%....  I don't remember the last time I've had a right and proper breakfast... it's actually been kind of nice not having to worry about getting up earlier to eat.  It's an extra fifteen minutes (at least) of sleep  for me! i'd rather have the sleep!  

I have no reported hunger issues, and i am leaner than i have ever been in my life having tried many many different methods to get to where i currently am... 

It depends on the day, what time I had to get up and if I'd prepared anything the night before, but yes, I always eat SOMETHING for breakfast. Weekends, pancakes, frenchtoast, egg scrambles, quinoa pudding (usually the items that take more than 10 minutes to prepare). Weekdays: leftovers from the weekend, oatmeal, chocolate mint quinoa, leftover quinoa pudding (I usually make an extra large batch so I have intentional leftovers for this), an egg and toast, cold cereal, grapefruit and toast, sometimes just toast. Some of this, if I have to be up before 0600, I will prepare the night before like the oatmeal or the chocolate mint quinoa. Sometimes, like today, I will have a ham and egg sandwich for breakfast on Dave's 65 calorie bread.

For me, yes always breakfast, but depends on the day what I have.

Always, two slices of whole grain toast and two pcs low sodium turkey bacon.  On lifting mornings I eat this before I workout then have a protein shake on the way to work.

On my non-lifting days, I usually will scramble some egg beaters with just a spoon full of 2% cheddar cheese to go with the toast and bacon.  In the summer, I always have sliced tomatoes with either breakfast.

On weekends, it's usually similar, but may have some potatoes cut up in the eggs and if I lift on the weekends, I follow up with greek yogurt instead of the shake.

Always, but not immediately after waking up.  Typically it consists of 3-4 of the following:

oats, apple, banana, eggs, salmon, turkey breast, yoghurt, avocado, a slice of bread, kiwi...and always black coffee and lots of it!

Steel cut oats cooked in almond milk with maybe some walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, flaxseed.  1-2 fried eggs.  Skip the toast.

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I'm horrible about eating in am- so now I force myself to have at least a protein shake

I was raised in a house where we were taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  I have always ate breakfast since I was a kid, and don't feel quite right when I miss it. 

Mon-Fri I eat oatmeal for breakfast.  It costs $1 at my job. I don't add anything like brown sugar or raisins.  People often ask "Are you going to eat that plain?".  I like it that way.  Also, oatmeal keeps me full until lunch.  I have eaten almost every Mon-Fri for years.

My weekends vary wildly. 

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