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where should I go to eat on my birthday?

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soo my birthday's on thursday [sweet sixteeen... yeeeaaauh] and I was originally planning on going out to eat Italian, but my boyfriend works on my birthday and took me to olive garden on saturday. then, I was thinking chinese, but my sister and I ate chinese today. I didn't do TOO bad either days--didn't go over my cal limit anyway--but eating out 3 times in one week seems like it might take a hit on me :/ what would you suggest so that I won't feel so guilty for eating out so many times in one week? I was thinking sweet tomatoes, but my family wants to go to a steakhouse. haha. I DO want to treat myself a bit, and I AM moving into maintenance mode [I tried before, but kept losing..eek] .. I just want to find a good balance. any suggestions as to a place/what I can eat at a steakhouse?

oh.. and is STEAK really that bad for you? I mean, I've always felt that there was NO way I could factor it in without gaining 5 pounds. haha
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..anything? or am I gonna have to stuff my face with bran muffins from sweet tomatoes?

not a bad idea, actually.
I know applebees has the new weight watcher sure if you order something with grilled chicken or fish and veggies you should be fine.  its always hard to pick a place that wont temp you though!!! Good luck and try not to eat bran muffins from sweet tomatoes..its your brithday!!!
Well, they say that Meditterranean food (Greek, etc) is very healthy--you could try to go to that type of restaurant.

You could also look for a restaurant with good entree salads, or a place that has a menu section for those watching their weight--I haven't eaten at Applebee's for years, so I don't know about their weight watchers menu, but that's the idea... there's a delicious Italian restaurant near my house that has a low-carb section on its menu. Do some research on the internet and look for healthy restaurants around you.

And in the end, if there was ever one day that you can rationalize splurging a bit, it's on your birthday. There's always the next day (week, etc) for cutting back again <--bad advice, lol.

Happy birthday! :)
Steak isn't bad for you. No food is bad for you. Antifreeze is bad for you, that's why it's not considered a food. I think it's more about quantity- steak's not bad, but lots of steak might be.  

I love steak. I eat it all the time. Just tell them not to "brush it with" (AKA soak it in) oil. Get a small steak and load up on chickpeas from the salad bar for a carb.

Don't go to Outback, they've been annoying me. Their slogan isn't "we've got something for the dieter"- instead it's "let's go Outback tonight. Life will still be there tomorrow". It's like they're saying, "Oh, my, diets are SUCH a chore, aren't they? Let's just forget all of that stress and trouble and counting. Come to our cheesy theme restaurant and eat whatever you want. You won't have to deal with the 4000 calories we somehow managed to pack into a cut of beef and some side orders until later!"
No food is bad for you? I beg to differ. :|

About steak--red meat is best consumed in fair moderation, but leaner cuts (sirloin) are fine, and avoid fattier cuts (prime rib) and you should be fine, as long as there's not too much sauce.
Birthday's are the perfect excuse to go off the diet for just one day.   ( Then there is Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  :)  Indulge!  Happy Sweet Sixteen.  :)

mediterranean? hmmm sounds interesting.. I'll have to check it out.

applebee's sounds great too.. I took a look at the ww menu online and I can't believe how delicious everything looks. I'll probably feel like I'm cheating even though what I'll be eating will be perfectly healthy. MAN does that cake look good.

and about steak, I was just concerned about the level of saturated fat. I typically get next to none as far as I know. and Outback.. my family was thinking of going there :/ nothing for dieters? drag.
Yes, there ARE things available at Outback for the more health-conscious.  We LOVE Outback, but it is considered a special treat for us.  We also LOVE steak, so that's what we order given that we get to go there so seldom.  However, the Grilled Chicken on the Barbie is TDF.  Ditto the Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie.  It is just a grilled chicken breast.  Yes, I am sure it is marinated in something because it's too juicy and delicious not to be, but it's still a boneless, skinless chicken breast, grilled.  If you get the GSOTB, DON'T EAT THE BREAD under it, however, which is saturated with butter.  Man.  Better yet, ask them NOT to bring it on the bread unless you have SUPERHUMAN WILLPOWER.  And of course, no remoulade.  Their BBQ sauce is amazing, and it goes GREAT with the shrimp.  I know, sounds weird. 

They offer sweet potato as a side item, which you can order plain or toppings on the side, as you choose, as well as delicious steamed veggies.  I know there's something on the veggies, but I don't think it's butter, and whatever it is, they're not drowning in it.  You can also get a house salad with no dressing or order your dressing on the side, and they have the BEST house salad of any chain we've ever eaten.  Always fresh, always delicious, more than just a hunk of iceberg.  It has diced fresh cucumber, sliced sweet cocktail tomatoes, red onion rings (raw, not fried, duh!), crispy iceberg.  Yes, it has a sprinkle of cheese, which is not going to kill anybody, especially on your birthday.  ;-) 

Can you tell we've eaten there a few times and LOVE IT?  Seriously, you CAN eat there and have great food without ordering loaded baked potato, fried onions, cheese fries, steak, and all the other "fattening" things they are known for.  They have healthier options, too.

Edited to add:  The salad also has croutons, but it's not very many.   I don't know for sure if you can ask that they not be put on there, since we were told one night there is a "salad maker" and that all salads have to come out looking exactly the same and containing the right ingredients, in the right place, sort of like it's a signature item or something, but I'm SURE you could ask.  This is the most customer-friendly restaurant we've ever eaten.  Whatever it is, they will do everything they can to please the customer and make it right, and I'm talking easily 6 different locations, over 3 states we've tried so far.
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Outback has nutritional tips on their website ... not actual numbers, but healthy suggestions and ways to order differently to reduce calories/fat.

We usually have Outback once a week, and I usually get the 7 oz. Victoria's Filet steak with green beans (they come soaked in butter, you can tell them to leave off the butter, I don't).  Great meal, high in protein and not too bad calorie wise.  My other regular meal is the Chicken Caesar Salad (no croutons), also very good and not too high, you could have them bring the dressing on the side and only add half of it.  Just stay away from the Bloomin Onion, that thing is awful!
how do you feel about sushi? It's great for you and very low calorie, especially if you get sashimi (no rice) if you're into that kinda thing. I also LOVE medditerranean :-)
jdbcmt--thanks. your post was REALLY helpful. grilled shrimp sounds amazing actually.. I've been craving shrmip for a while. heh. and yeah, I guess I can find healthy options even if they're not labeled so. jesus, thanks for the warning about the bread.. bread is one of my weaknesses, heh ;P and I'm sure I could always REMOVE the croutons [which I probably wouldn't do. they're my favourite part of the salad haha].

oh, and I CANNOT resist a great fresh salad, and with sweet tomatoes the ingredients are kind of just...there. thanks for the tip :D
revolution:  GREAT!  So glad I could help!  You are speaking my language about those croutons.   The best part of the salad for me, too!  Especially the ones at Outback, which taste close to homemade, the good kind that taste like toasted bread chunks, not seasoned cardboard!  The bread bed under the grilled shrimp is so good, but lemme tell ya from experience, you CANNOT stop at one bite, so maybe best ask they not bring it if you foresee this a problem.  LOL.   Well, it IS brown bread, so . . .  Does that negate that it's drenched in butter?  Just kidding!  Hehe.  The grilled items are killer and so is the house salad.  You can't go wrong with those!  Again, we've NEVER had a bad experience of any kind in 10 years of eating there, previously quite frequently.
I noticed you're in Tucson, so at least you have a decent selection of restaurants from which to choose (I used to live there myself, on the NE side). Sweet Tomatoes is awesome, and a good selection for keeping the calories in check. What about someplace like Beyond Bread (LOVE that place, but it might be too casual for a birthday dinner)? Otherwise, if you're near Oro Valley and looking for a decent Mediterranean place, I recommend Mediterranean Garden (on Oracle Rd). Really good food. 

Of course, if you want to go someplace that wouldn't necessarily favor the diet but has a something to suit everyone's tastes, then there's always Claim Jumper.

Have fun, whatever you decide (oh, and happy b-day!). They're only calories. :-)
I agreee birthdays are a day for exception as long as your able to retrurn to your diet. 

On the other hand, most big restaurants, particularly chains, not only have a "healthy" choices but also have online menus to check out too in advance.

That being said, my birthday is Sunday and I will be staying on course.  We are going to Macaroni Grill where I went 2 weeks ago.  Funny thing is their two diet meals are actually 500 and 600 calories!  Still I got one glazed chicken (which was amazing) with asparagus and broccolli and ate half, took half home.

Also chili's has fajita skinny plate as do most restaurants but I opted for the fajita trio, and had them change chicken/ beef/ shrimp to just more chicken/ shrimp.  Granted I also ended up bringing most of it home too.
HEY we have the same birthday!!

happy birthday!!!!  :)))))
Don't go to Applebee's and eat off their WW menu.  It is horrible.  Sooooo Baaaaaddddd!  Sorry if any of you like it, but I would hate for your birthday dinner to be terrible.  I would just eat normal..don't go over your calories, but its your birthday enjoy yourself.
Honey, it's your sweet sixteen! Go eat whatever you like, eat it slowly, stop when you're full, and don't worry about it (don't eat enough to make your tummy ache - not because of the calories but because of the tummy ache!)  Eat lightly for breakfast and lunch, and I strongly doubt that you will go over your maintenance by even a pound's worth of calories - that would be maintenance PLUS 3500! (Not likely, from one meal).

It's your birthday. Even if you did gain a pound from it (unlikely), you can just lose it again in a week anyway! :)
Since it's your birthday, I agree with the others here that you shouldn't worry about counting and indulge in whatever you want.

But if you wish to maintain some control over your cal intake, you can always go to that steakhouse and order grilled chicken with veggies.
My birthday is today, and I've eaten whatever I've wanted. Tonight I'm going to a restauraunt that my mom works for, and I'm getting me some awesome food. It's free so I can get the expensive healthy choices, and some dessert. Then I'm coming home, and having homemade birthday cake. You're turning sixteen, enjoy it. Just don't eat until you feel sick...unless you like to do that.
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