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do you eat before you go to bed?

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I find I sleep better with a small snack.
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Personally, I get horrible, horrible heart burn if I eat before bed.  I sometimes wind up waking up choking on acid, and often... uh... empty my stomach (involuntarily!) when I get up.  Ugh.
Sounds like Acid Reflux... I used to have the same problem as a kid... Now I usually go to bed with a snack of some sort about an hour before I fall asleep... Usually a bowl of cereal or something...
Yeah, that's probably what it is... I just try to avoid food for about 3 hours before bed.  I'm usually okay then.
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I sleep better if I eat a small snack also. I prefer ff/sf hot chocolate or sf jello. I found this also quiets my easter basket that taunts me endlessly.
Twirll, the good news is that weight loss is very effective cure for acid reflux.
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A calorie is a calorie.  It doesn't matter when you eat it.  Some people with finicky systems have trouble sleeping after they eat or find their stomach gets upset if they lay down right after sleeping.  If your body doesn't get mad at you for eating right before bed and you aren't using a bedtime snack as a way to overeat, then eat up!

It has been proven to be urban legend that the food you eat right before bed is any harder to burn off.
I always eat 2 blueberry eggo waffles and some graham crackers and milk before going to bed.  I'm diabetic and I've found if I don't eat a bed time snack, I wake up in the middle of the night with really low blood sugar.  I've been steadily loosing weight too.  Before dieting I would eat a spoonfull of peanut butter and milk along with my snack before bed as the peanut butter made me feel sleepy.  I too think it's an urban legend that eating before bed is harder to burn off. 
I typically go to sleep around 11pm or so and my last snack can be anywhere from 8pm to 10pm, sometimes later if I am watching a show from 10-11 =)
i dont usually no. but last night i had a apple about an hour before i went to sleep. and for some reason it just cleared my mind...i felt so relaxed!
I do not eat or drink anything past 8 as a rule, then I know I am not eating and going to bed feeling like I need to walk it off!
Lately I've noticed that if I don't eat a small snack before bed then I am sick all night, stomach pains and feeling like I'm going to puke.

I wonder if its actual HUNGER.  (It's kinda sad that I don't even know, as I've never been physically hungry in my life I guess.)  Maybe my body is now fully trained to expect a little coal into the fire every couple of hours or so...? 

Dinner at 7 then bed w/o snack at 11 makes my body not happy.
I don't plan all my meals all the time so sometimes I'll wind up with a severe calorie shortage so I'll usually eat a 100 calories or so of sunflower seeds or nuts. I figure I'll give my body some good fat to process while I snooze.
I have to take a medication every night, and I have to take it with food. So I usually have one last cup of herbal tea and a handful of wheat crackers. I find I sleep better if my stomach isn't growling. :-)
I have trouble sleeping if I'm hungry.  I work really strange shifts, so sometimes I go to bed at around 7am.  That is usually the day that I'll have a snack before I sleep.  Like this morning I got off work at 6:45 and I was starving.  I try not to snack too much while I am working night shifts, but I had to eat something.  So I had a Myoplex lite bar with some water.  190 calories 15g protein and 8g of fiber.  My problem is should I count that as last nights calories or this mornings?  Who knows?   :)
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I normally have dinner about 9pm or so, and later some fruit about 10pm or so.  I usually go to bed about 11pm or so.  I do not have any trouble sleeping, and I have been eating at these times for years, and I recently, over about a year and a half, have lost 57 pounds.

The "don't eat right before bedtime" myth is exactly that.  It does not matter when you eat, it is what you eat.  A recent study reported in the Tufts University Nutrition letter confirms this.
Normally I don't just because if I do (even if it's small) it often makes it so I'm not hungry at breakfast, and if I eat less then, I often eat less all day and don't get to 1200, so I usually don't. But if I'm really hungry (stomach growling badly), I'll have an orange, or a small 100 calorie soy yogurt.
i work out pretty late ... i end up getting home around 8 usually... i eat around 830,845... but i also fall asleep late around 1230... so im sure it evens out..
Cottage cheese is one of my favorite foods which is very convenient because it one of the best foods you can eat.  I usually have a cup of fat free before bed on days that I lift, which gives me around 30g of slow processing protein for reparing while I sleep.  On non lifting days I'll have closer to .5~.75 cup.  
I find that I HAVE to have a bedtime snack or my day doesn't feel complete. I should try to break that habit, but they say that a high carb snack before bed (like cereal with no milk or an apple) can actually help you sleep better. So I try to steer that route
I take a protein shake with skim milk or water every night before bed.  (Slow digesting proteins such as casein are ideal)  Carb-laden meals tend to give me acid reflux, but protein works great for me.  Helps to reduce the effects of catabolism while you sleep, which is imperative for maximizing lean muscle gain.
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