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What is the easiest way to increase my potassium?

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Hi all!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  Okay, my question is...How on earth am I supposed to increase my potassium without eating a whole bunch of bananas each day?  The body is much trickier to maintain than I once thought!  How can I get the healthy balance I am seeking? 

My sodium is too high, but I don't eat processed foods...and my potassium is waaaay too low.  Outside of noshing on spinach all day, the only reasonable thing I can think of is to munch on bananas, but they are too high in sugar.  I know cucumbers are a good source, but I'd have to eat a whole lot of cucumbers to reach my RDA for potassium! 

How do I get the balance I am looking for?  Please help!  :-)

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If you're concerned about adding additional sugar and don't want to have to eat a million tons of spinach a day, maybe try adding a potassium suppliment?

My answer to this is always tea. I find it the easiest thing to fit in my diet, I control the amount of sugar added and it increases fluid intake.


I am not sure how helpful you will find these as they are processed foods, but here goes: The two highest sources of potassium that I can think of are low sodium V8 juice and low sodium soups because they use potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride (table salt).

I looked up potassium on the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (http://www.ars.usda.gov/Services/docs.htm?doc id=8964) and found the following foods high on their list:

Beat greens, canned tomato products, white beans, dates, milk (also high in sodium), raisins, potatoes, grapefruit juice, Lima beans, soybeans, and fish.... it's beginning to look like a nice homemade (or canned) vegetable soup would be good especially if made with low sodium broth. Carrots are a moderate source of calcium but would go well with your goal.

Another thought as warm weather approaches: would be Lima or white bean and vegetable salad.

This is just one possible answer for you, perhaps others will have more thoughts for you.


These are all great ideas!  Thanks so much.  I think a potassium supp might be the best option right now though.  I will pick on up today.  I am attempting to get my potassium up by eating foods that are high in it, but I just can't seem to do it!  Thanks again!


Before you go on a potassium supplement you should really speak to your doctor. There are a lot foods that have potassium but isn't always a listed nutrient. So basically even if calorie count is showing your potassium is low it may not be. Too much potassium is just as dangerous as not enough since potassium is a big part of regulating your hearts electrical system. Also look at the foods you are eating that have a lot of sodium and see if you can find a lower sodium alternative or find ways to add less sodium to them. Good luck and good health.

I always get frustrated that my potassium is low, and yet I'm perfectly healthy.  I have read that the need for supplementation is rare and should only be done under a doctor's supervision so I just ignore it.  I have found that fruit is a great way to get potassium, and not just bananas.

Original Post by puddykat:


Before you go on a potassium supplement you should really speak to your doctor. ...

This is great advice.  Potassium supplements can have some serious side effects, so use caution.  If you're doctor is not worried about your potassium intake, then don't take them.

Eat Avocados! I hate bananas. Prunes are also a richer source of potassium but you have to be a weirdo like me to like them

fish, tomatoes (especially concentrated forms like juice or sauce), avocado, potatoes, dried fruit (especially apricots), tea, coffee, etc.

I've found that for some of the foods on cc they dont seem to have the potassium estimates. So just be aware of this, because you might be getting more than what you think but just not realise it.


kiwi's have way more potassium than bananas, and lots more vitamin c than oranges.

Tea has potassium?  That could be why I don't seemingly get enough, I drink lots of tea but never log it since it has no calories (I brew it.)

spinach, banana, watermelon ftw

You probably don't need to supplement your potassium,  as some previous posters have mentioned there are a lot of foods that have potassium that don't always list it.  Potassium is found in almost everything, I get a lot from bananas and potatoes.


This article has some info about labels and potassium http://caloriecount.about.com/hard-potassium- q16783

Personally,I don't worry too much about reaching the "requirement" as long as I am sure to include a few foods high in potassium throughout the day.  For me that's usually carrots, OJ, spinach, bananas.  I normally eat at least 2 if not all 4 of those every day.  That usually gets me to 60% RDA which I am ok with.  I eat a LOT of carrots and often lots of spinach too.  I mean if 7 carrots and 4 big servings of cooked spinach won't do it, I'm not sure what will!

According to CC analysis I often come up low on iron and protein too, but again, I don't stress as long as my diet is balanced, and I'm not eating any junk.

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yeah, twindaze, tea definitely has potassium. So does coffee. Such a pleasant surprise!

Yes tea has 25mg of potassium per serving (1 tea bag).

Please don't take potassium supplements without medical advice to do so...

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