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Dukan Diet?

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Any thoughts? 

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French version of Atkins, not terribly useful or effective compared to straight calorie counting...

i know a lot of celebrities have supposedly lost a lot of weight and gotten really lean and toned on the dukan diet, but personally i don't like those super tailored prescription diets. i prefer eating healthily in general so it's just my way of life. i mean once you know what a portion size is, and the difference between natural and processed foods, and how to use a treadmill, you're pretty much all good!

I think the diet is far too strict and some one following this would be setting themself up for failing. Only my opinion though as I sure there will be people out there with success stories after following this diet.

~ Jo

I wondered how long it would take to go from Yahoo to CC....


Dukan Diet is french program named after its creator Dr Pierre Dukan.

Original Post by coach_k:

I wondered how long it would take to go from Yahoo to CC....


LMAO Coak K, I thought the exact same thing. It was 4 hours from when I read about it on my lunch break until this thread popped up.

It's pretty safe to assume that anything called "the [fill in the blank] diet" is probably crap.

I know this diet pretty well. I tried it.

Like a lot of other diets (I guess but am no expert), it is efficient in the sense that you do lose substantial weight fast but it is very difficult if not impossible to maintain in the long run.

The way it works, you eat only proteins for 5 days and then proteins + vegetables for 5 days then again 5 days of proteins only and 5 days of proteins + vegetables, etc. until you've reached your goal. The reason the diet is appealling is that you can eat proteins and veggies in whatever quantity you want. If you want to have 2 10 oz sirloin steacks for lunch, go for it!

Then there is a maintenance phase (the only thing good about this diet although I got bored of it way before I would reach it). The maintenance phase, if I remember correctly, was supposed to be 10 days per kilo (2 pounds) you've lost. It allowed for new food groups to be added slowly. And finally, for the rest of your life, one needs to dedicate one day a week to eating only proteins.

So, yes, eating little fats and little carbs you do lose a lot of weight quickly. I believe I lost 20 pounds in less than 2 months.


- it is really difficult to eat only proteins for 5 days straight - you get bored of it very quickly, it is unmanagable socially as it is nothing but proteins (meats, 0% dairy, fish), it is expensive

- it is not a healthy diet at all (not balanced in any way)

- when I stopped because I just could not do it anymore, I gained all the weight I had lost and more (of course).

So like other things, my conclusion would be: it might work for a few people but I think we all know that if we want to lose weight durably, then there is nothing like eating reasonnable quantities of everything and being physically active.

Been there, done that!

Diets like these are basically monodiets. If you eat only one thing, then you will lose weight. I actually ate the same chocolate ice cream for a whole month once. Just everything else felt weird and I didn't want it. It was strange, but I thought it had a reason and it was a warm June, so I just waited it out. It eventually passed and then I stepped on the scale, scared that I put on a lot of weight. I lost 5kg! I couldn't believe my eyes. So yes, eat any one thing for a substantial amoung of time and you will lose weight.

I love meat but could not eat just protein for 5 days straight every ten days.  It is culinary boredom which is why you can't do it for long.  Also the numbers don't justify doing anything crazy.  Someone said the lost 20lb in 2 months.  That is great but I just did the same thing watching portion size and avoiding too many empty calories.  Plus I still have some dark chocolate and low fat ice cream in there.

I wrote about this on Apr 27, 2010: What is the Dukan Diet?  I agree with melkor:  French Atkin's (even worse.)  Just a bunch of foolishness.

it sounds absolutely ridiculous!

Original Post by jog58:

Original Post by coach_k:

I wondered how long it would take to go from Yahoo to CC....


LMAO Coak K, I thought the exact same thing. It was 4 hours from when I read about it on my lunch break until this thread popped up.

 Ooh,  did I break the record??  :)   I can always count of CC for lots of info - and laughs - thanks posters.

I've been on the Dukan diet for over a month now.

I signed up with them online, and paid.

Based on my current weight (then) and my lowest ever weight in my life, height, age, sex, and target weight, they calculated the ideal duration of the various phases.

I was 84.4 kilos and wanted to drop 6 kilos to get to 78. I wasn't very overweight, but I have always loved sport, and couldn't shift these extra kilos I'd put on recently. Living in France for the last 7 years I'd picked up bad habits of too much rich food.

They proposed 2 days of Attack (protein only), 45 days of Cruise (alternating proteins and proteins + vegetables) and 64 days of Consolidation.

Protein days are NOT meat only. any dairy is allowed if it is fat free: yoghurts, milk, fromage frais etc. Eggs are allowed. During Cruise, althogh veggies are allowed avery 2nd day NO carbohydrates.

So essentially I have been off carbs and fat for just over a month, and have 10 days to go before I get to the Consolidation phase when they'll start adding in carbs.

I've also got back into running and run 6k just about every day, and longer runs every 10 days, and ran 18k 2 days ago!

I passed my target of 78kilos 2 weeks ago and have no revised my target for 74 kilos. Today I am 75.6

So, for me, Dukan suits me and is working well. I expect the Consolidation and Stabilisation phases to help me make the loss permanant.

Don't believe what people say about what the diet (including me) without checking out the official site

honestly is it just me or does it sound way too complicated....weight loss does NOT have to be this hard/restrictive:P

Original Post by sophsterful:

honestly is it just me or does it sound way too complicated....weight loss does NOT have to be this hard/restrictive:P

It's not just you.

Mar 25 2011 16:36
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Stick around stewartp and learn to count calories.

Save your money and eat what you like.

Just not too much.

maybe it seems complicated with the stages and what goes on what day, what's allowed and what's not, but in day to day terms it's very simple:

They tell me what to do.

I do it.

I lose weight.


Simple!!  Laughing

Mar 25 2011 18:08
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Stewart calorie counting worked for me this way:

My dr diagnosed me with diabetes II, told me to eat peanut buttered toast for breakfast and gave me a booklet on carb and calorie counting.

After 6 months of 1000 calorie per day deficits I had lost 50 pounds, my blood sugar was normal, and my HD good cholesterol had doubled. My dr shook my hand.

After 4 years of counting calories all of the weight has stayed off.

It's not a diet. It takes a lot of exercise for me to balance with the amount I like to eat, but there is no restriction on what I eat.

I have adapted to living this way. In 4 years I hope you are in the same position with Dukan.

No harm giving it a go.

I've been on a 'silly fad diet' (Atkins, basically) for over a year now, and lost all the weight I wanted, then some, and keep it off so easily it should be a crime.

If I eat carbs..I swell up like a macy's day float.

If I don't..I'm slim and feel good.

It worked *for me* maybe this plan would work for you.

As long as something doesn't involve freaky drugs and includes healthy food, I don't see the harm, because even if something doesn't work, you may learn a lot about nutrition and food in the process, which brings you closer to success the next round.


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