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Okay, so Thursday I was drinking a lotttt of water. Like non stop.

But my mom's boyfriend and grandma said that if I drink to much i could drown, because a girl died from it. She drank to much water and drowned because if filled up in her lungs.

So is this true? Or should I keep drinking all day if i want to?

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if you are thirsty then drink... your body may require more water than others. i am a big drinker where as my husband isnt. he drinks about 80 oz per day where as i am drinking anywhere from 120-200 oz a day

Well it's not that I'm thirsty, but it's that I had a lot of sodium and am trying to flush it out.

Yes it's true. A girl died cos she was playing a game and the dare was to drink water! So she died from overconsumption of water. =x

Don't drink too much!!!

Okay! I'll keep it to 5-8 water bottles a day!

Poor girl. ): *RIP<3*

The risk of dying is severe if you drink large amounts of water very quickly such as a water drinking competition.  The problem is not so much that you drown in your lungs but that your electrolytes get so diluted and your cells swell with excess water.  You can read more here

You are probably fine but  you should limit your liquid intake (not just water) to a maximum of 4 litres in any 24 hours.  That's more than enough to help flush out extra water weight from sodium. I also believe that eating a banana or two helps shift water weight.  I'm not sure how it works exactly but it's something to do with the potassium in the banana. 


the banana has potassium (K) and which is a major electrolyte, now Sodium, (Na) is also one. Potassium helps regulate Sodium, and if i remember correctly from my organic chem class (it was a LONG time ago, correct me if i'm wrong) Sodium is an ion in the fluid outside the cell, while Potassium is found in the fluid inside the cell. so whenever the there is more than the recomended amount of either, the fluids are exchanged to keep homeostasis (where your body is at a neutral state). basically if you have excess sodium, an intake in potassium can help regulate that to make sure your bodies' cells don't shrivel up. this is why people also tell you to drink lots of water. if you up water consumption, your kidneys don't have to work as hard to filter (and absorb) out excess sodium (and other toxins).

and yes you, can die from drinking lots of water. but like singing_girl said it's form drinking a large amount in a short amount of time. it's called water intoxication, i believe.

i've also read that you are supposed to be drinking 1/2 oz of water per pound, but i don 't know how true that is...

How many 8oz cups are in a liter?

Original Post by samanthabs:

How many 8oz cups are in a liter?

i think there are about 33oz to a liter, so like, 4.1.

So that means I should drink 28 glasses a day? O_o


hyponatremia is very rare ... unless you plan on entering a drinking competition or running a marathon you're fine just drinking as much as you want. It doesn't hurt to make sure you are getting enough sodium and potassium.



I would stick to 6-8 cups (8oz) glasses as a base, meaning you drink that as a minimum. It is easy if you leave a glass by the sink and drink 2 in the morning when you wake up, then 2 before each meal, and 2 in the evening. If you have any caffeine beverages then drink another cup for each beverage. If you sweat during any activity, drink a cup after that. This way you are not stressing over numbers so much, and you maintain a standard intake. If your pee is light or clear, you're good to go.

I usually drink a minimum of a gal per day and have no problems but I drink throughout the day, not a bunch all at once.  I think you are fine to drink as you want.  You would really have to push to overdose.  

Original Post by aggieloser:

i've also read that you are supposed to be drinking 1/2 oz of water per pound, but i don 't know how true that is...

I've heard that too. I think it was on a water bottle I had. Take your weight, divide by 2, drink that many ounces. So that means the standard 64oz (8 8oz glasses) that they say you need in a day is assuming the average is 128lbs. Makes sense to me.

Original Post by cheyanne_:

Yes it's true. A girl died cos she was playing a game and the dare was to drink water! So she died from overconsumption of water. =x

Don't drink too much!!!

Keep in mind that in most cases these people are drinking a HUGE quanity of water in a very short period of time and NOT urinating.  Other cases are usually serious athletes and infants.

This is not something the average person needs to worry about.  


also your body can only process so much water at a time, so why not stick to smaller amounts throughout the day, a couple ounces every 1/2 hour.. IDK, just be sensible :)

Original Post by samanthabs:

grandma said that if I drink to much i could drown, because a girl died from it.

also if grandma says it... listen <3


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Here's another article that explains water intoxication, and how very unlikely it is that it's something you have to worry about. x.htm

A healthy person can handle a LOT of water (15+ litres a day), as long as they don't try to drink it all at once.  (Of course, that doesn't mean you need that much.)

I drink about five litres a day, spread out over the day, no problem. 

One thing I haven't seen anyone mention--if you ever find yourself constantly thirsty/drinking enough that people are remarking on it, remember that excessive thirst can be a symptom of diabetes. 

Yeah its true but thats if you drink too much at one time. The woman who died was competeing in a radio contest... who could drink the most water the fastest....

Samantha.. I remember getting paranoid over this when I first started CC'ing. Due to my mother telling me the same thing. I literally researched for HOURS. You should be drinking AT LEAST half your body weight. So if you weigh 170 pounds, you need to be drinking about 85 oz through out the day. You can drink more. But you should drink at least that.

I drink right around 150 oz of just water every day. That doesn't include my three cups of coffee in the morning, or any other liquids I may drink.

I think water intoxication and hyponatremia are two different things.  And I don't think hyponatremia is as rare as people think - it happened to me several years ago, and I wound up in the ER with a sodium level of 117 (normal is 135-145) and barely able to talk.  I was put on IV fluids to slowly raise my sodium level - took about 36 hours.  I didn't even know such a condition existed, and if I had, I sure wouldn't have thought it could happen to me!

Due to circumstances I won't go into here, I wasn't eating much, and what I was eating was unprocessed so it had no added sodium.   Took a few days of drinking "only" a couple of gallons of water a day (200+ ounces), with plenty of urinating.  (My weight was probably 120 or so at the time.)  One night I stopped urinating completely, which was my body's way of attempting to conserve what sodium was left.  I can't begin to describe how horrible I felt, with a headache at pain level about 9 out of 10. 

I know water is necessary, but I cringe when I see so many posts advocating huge amounts of water intake, implying more is better.  Yes, water is necessary, and yes, the majority of people probably don't drink enough, but everyone's needs are different.  I found out I have a naturally low level of serum sodium, never having a blood test come back over 132.  (Perhaps related, my blood pressure is also a bit on the low side.)  As with everything else, I think moderation is also called for in water consumption.

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