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Weight Loss
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Drinking water to lose weight!

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I know this question has been asked MORE times than we all care to remember, but has it really ever been answered???

How much water do you drink to aid in your weight loss??

I have really slacked in the H2O department as of lately and I'm going to get back on track.

Would you say 100 oz is enough per day??  More? Less?


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Although I don't have the answer you are looking for, I can tell you that I personally drink between 100 and 120oz a day, and honestly can't imagine consuming much more than that without forcing myself to. 

I have read a lot of other peoples posts and it seems that anything around 100oz is on the high side of what the people on this site are drinking, so I would have to say that if you're drinking about that much you are probably doing pretty good!

Someone just responded to a post like this one that I had posted today about water weight gain and they said that you take your body weight and divide it by two and that is how many ounces you need of water a day. I do not know how accurate that is but I would say 100 is about right for me and what I do. And that is about what my body weight divides to. Will be interested to see the other replies so this post as mine only got the one so far and I was wanting to know how to deal with water weight gain effectively.

I find for myself, at an unfortunate 380 right now Undecided, that about 5 litres minimum, and more if I really sweat that day!! And for dealing with water weight, well I try to look at things in the long run, and that the water will even out over the long run!! 

I drink 4 liters of water a day. And contrary to what people say, the crystal light helps a lot. I've tried just drinking water, but it's boring and I can never drink even half what I normally do with the cyrstal light powder added. I rarely drink just plain water, although I should, it's hard.

You're right, the weight to water ratio idea seems a bit off balanced as there are so many different ways that can go and some seem not so healthy. I am wanting to deal with water weight because of very uncomfortable bloating that feels somewhat different than my normal overweight--more puffy and miserable. The idea of drinking more water to flush it out does make sense thoughh

I too have read on different health websites that you're supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces a day. I think that seems pretty reasonable, actually. And obviously when you work out or if you are outside when it's very hot you should be drinking more.

I NEVER log my water intake, though. I have no idea how much I'm drinking, but I carry a water bottle around with me all day and refill it whenever I'm thirsty.  If I didn't carry it around, I'd be more likely to grab a diet soda to quench my thirst instead, so this works great for me.

Here's a link to more info: ml

Also, consider that you may need more (& maybe electrolytes, too) if:

  • You exercise for more than 30 minutes per day.
  • You live somewhere hot.
  • Are outside in the heat.
  • Take diuretics.
  • Have special health needs (diabetes, chronic illnesses)

You might need less if:

  • You consume lots of liquid foods (soups, smoothies, fresh fruits & vegetables).
  • Drink other beverages (juice, tea).

at work, i bring a Nalgene bottle with me. It can hold a little bit more than 32 ounces. every day, i plan to drink two of these Nalgenes by refilling it. i sip on it throughout the day, and by 5:30 i've already had over 64 ounces of water! that's not even counting the water i drink at teh gym and during the evening! i think 2 nalgenes sounds better than 8 glasses of water a day! and crystal light is AWESOME!! really liking the white tea blueberry one!! yum!!

Woah...  I thought I was doing pretty good with water but maybe I need to up mine.  I'd say lately I've been having four 16 oz bottles of water per day, so about 64 oz.  At 174 lbs, I am seeing that I should probably be drinking closer to 87 oz.  And you have 100 oz!  That's amazing to me and I love love love water!

Thanks all for responsesLaughing

I love love love water too so it's not really an issue.  I have this great water bottle that has a pop up straw (i hate chugging in public) that holds exactly 20 oz so I keep mental notes on how many times I fill it up!

I also keep a pretty diluted jug of crystal light in my fridge.  I find when I add an extra 1 1/2 cups water (more than recommended) it tastes much better!

I also just purchased a pack of those plastic popsicle maker thingys......Some nice lady here gave me the great idea of making crystal light popsicles which are virtually no calories and great for a snack!!!

Octopusqueen -  wow that's a great amount of water.  I'll do the 100 oz a day and maybe 20 oz extra on the days I work out!!!!!!!


All that water drinking gives me more exercise--running to the bathroom.Wink

The doctor has told me not to consume much more than 64 oz per day.  He said a whole lot more than that is hard on your heart.  Just throwing this out there. 

That's interesting.  Did he further explain that?  Did he mean specifically to you (like do you have a small frame or something) or for people in general?

Yeah I would like to know more about that too.  I drink around 120 oz a day on average.  I sweat a lot too at work so I really need it.  But to say its hard on your heart?  I have never heard of that.

The doctor might be talking about Hyponatemia.  You have to drink a lot of water very quickly though (like gallons) or have a pre-existing condition and it is very rare.  Most documented cases are Frat hazing, exstasy users, or athletes who overworked themselves and did not hydrate gradually.  It's a rapid change in the electrolytes that can make some sick or is even fatal.

Your kidneys can process a liter of water an hour... so drink up :)


He said it makes the heart work harder to move all the water through the system.  Harder than is necessary.  He told me to use my urine as a better test of hydration rather than just strictly the amount of water I drink.  Amazingly enough, when I'm between 50-60 oz of water daily my urine is very pale.  Now he did stress that when I'm sweating (working out or outside) to be sure to drink more before and after those times.

I tried to google this to find some research for all of you but can't find anything.  Maybe my doctor was wrong????  I don't know - there is a condition from extremely excessive drinking of water, but I certainly don't think that would apply to 100-120 oz.

What I did find in the research, though, does reinforce what he said about 64 oz.  Eight 8 oz of water is EVERYWHERE. 

I don't rule I know applies to everything in life though is:  Everything in moderation.

Probably depends on your size and diet too.  A bigger body is going to have a greater output, and will need a greater input.  Someone who eats more sodium may need to drink more water.

But you're right- the urine test is the best.  No smell and pale is ideal.

Cavaliers  do you suffer from hypertension or a heart condition?  If so the doc probably doesn't want you drinking excess water because: more water = more blood volume.  So if you have hypertension, drinking too much water could make your condition worse and if you have a weak heart or have heart failure then you need to have a fluid restriction.  In a normaly healthy person the body will just process the extra water and the person will pee a lot.

As for drinking water to lose weight, I think it works like this:  if you aren't drinking enough water your body holds onto what you have.  But if you are drinking enough water then it just moves through you and you pee a lot.  That is my VERY basic explanation.

I have high blood pressure and heart disease runs in my family.

So, maybe the advice was just for me.......quite possible.

In my opinion this is how it works. There is no "magic" ingredient in water that will help you loose weight. The benefits are. Water is the best drink to keep you hydrated. If you become dehydrated the body can mistake that for hunger and you will eat instead of drink.

It makes your tummy feel fuller. I drink about 125 oz a day. Before every meal I drink 15-25 oz of water. Then with my meal another 15-25 oz. This helps the food digest and also prevents me from overeating because I feel full quicker.

I drink a bottle first thing when I wake up to speed up my metabolism and rehydrate after sleeping. Also a bottle after working out, same reason.

Water helps move the food through your system quicker and also helps to detoxify the body. Adding lemon to your water gives it an extra boost when it comes to detoxification.

Water also helps rid your body of sodium. So if you are bloated because you ate too much high sodium food drink water and it helps to flush your system.

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