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How drinking water helps weight loss?

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I know it helps remove toxic and other unwanted stuff pretty fast...I have been reading...many threads on this..

have some questions..

how drinking more water helps...remove water retention and thus lose pounds?

actually, if you are drinking more water...won't your body show more lbs?
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I also have wondered about that...it is always said that we carry a lot of water weight which could make the pounds add up so how does drinking water help us lose???
In really simple terms, here's how it works.  When you deprive your body of water, it ends up holding onto all it can get.  This is where the water retention comes in.  On the other hand, if you give it plenty of water, it quickly realizes that there will soon be more on the way, and it is more willing to let go of what is already inside you.  I lost about 5 pounds of water weight after a couple of weeks of steadily giving my body enough water.  It keeps you from feeling bloated.
Your body will show more pounds, but you'll pee more and by the morning after a good pee you'll be at your actual weight.   This make it a lot easier to see how the weightloss is happening since your body isn't retaining as much water except during that special time of the month for women... or after a super heavy snack filled with sodium.

Water also keep the fluid in you changed so more waste is carried out of you faster.

Water will show weightloss once you drink it enough that your body turns off the signal for retaining water.  It's like a drought and your city telling you to not water the lawn except during certain times and to conserve water.   Your body acts the same way when it doesn't get enough.

Same thing happens when you don't eat enough food.. your body tries to hold onto fats and so on.

Cutting out caffiene (which dehydrates you) and carbonated drinks (which cause you to retain water) is just yet another benefit to going to water to drink.

So overall... as disgusting as it sounds at first (atleast it did to me) going to water is really a great thing and after a while of being on it I don't miss my old drinks at all.  Expecially since I get more calories of solid food instead.
It also helps you to eat less.
I wrote up this post about a week ago, which I had titled "The Importance of Drinking Water".  In it, there are a bunch of links to information about why it's important to drink water, including the benefits to weight loss.  Feel free to check it out.
The other thing is a lot of times thirst can seem like hunger pangs (I don't know why though).  Keeping properly hydrated keeps these "hunger" pangs from making you eat.
that makes good sense to me...I learned something new today BUT if I drink a lot of water it makes my stomach cramp. Does anyone else have this problem and any advice how to stop that from happening?
Also, to get all chemistry-like on you, the water molecule "H2O" is Chemically NECESSARY for the body to break down long fatty acid chains (long Carbon centered chains) into simple sugars that the body can burn (C6H12O6 or glucose) 

Haha, I remember in Biology my teacher explaning that it is IMPOSSIBLE for the body to break down fat without the presence of the water molecule....might be the only thing i retained...but hey...whatever helps ;)
I would just add water slowly into your daily routine.  Maybe an extra 8 ounces every couple of days until you are drinking enough.  Your body should get used to it.
Thanks everyone..

I can see the importance now very well..

It was a prompt reply..appreciate the help
Damn you guys are smart
my problem is that if i take 64 ounces of water a day, all i end up doing is peeing all the time. This gets slightly better as the months pass, but not much. When my wife and I go out, I have to scout out where the bathroom is , and it becomes a factor as to where we go.

I think if i ONLY drank water, and no cofee or diet pepsi, It would be better. But since i have 2 cups of coffee a day and a diet pepsi, drinking that much water is too much.
Actually, if you are drinking anything with caffeine, then your need for water increases.  Caffeine dehydrates.  For every glass of caffeinated drink you consume, you should drink 2 glasses of water to offset it.  And the reason you are peeing a lot is because your body needs to re-adjust to it having a reliable water source.  When you don't drink enough, your body will hold on to what water it has, to help it run effectively and efficiently - just like your body does during starvation mode.  When it regularly gets the amount of water it needs, it will start releasing what it was holding on to - and when it does, you end up peeing more.  Your body is just readjusting.  Although I do understand what a nuisance it is (trying having it with an overactive bladder !!  which I have), but it is only temporary.  If you keep up the water, then you shouldn't notice the ups and downs of having to use the bathroom.  Once it levels, you should notice a more 'regular' use of the bathroom.
The caffeine in the coffee and diet pepsi actually also acts as a diuretic, making you pee even more than non-caffeinated drinks do, thus compounding your problem. I have one coffee a day, some green tea and lots of water- I usually drink most of it when I am home though as I am a yoga instructor and can't be running off in the middle of a 90-minute class to pee! Timing is important.

Anyone know why some people say they get cramps when they drink a lot of water? I have never experienced this- all I get is sloshy with all the water swilling around in my stomach. Perhaps it's because they are drinking very ice cold water?
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