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drink warm water

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I've recently read an chinese article on the water/ drinks we have with meals.

it was saying that drinking warm water with meals will help with weight loss.

At first i thought ' what a load of cobblers' but after reading into the depth of reasoning i can now fully understand it.

It says that many of us drink cold drinks/ soda/ cold water etc with our meals.

The problem is that as the COLD drinks pass through our system, they solidify the fats from the foods we have just eaten or are eating at present. This makes the body find it harder to digest and disperse the unwanted fats from our body.

However, if we simply swap our cold drinks for a warm drink (warm water/ coffee/tea/herbals) the warm fluids help the fats in our foods to remain fluid and so easing the digestive system and helping the fats pass through our body (and reduce risk of clogged arteries)

I dont know how accurate this all is but it makes sense to me and lets face it... the chinese have a very low obesity rate.
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i'm chinese and my mom's a chinese doctor. she's ALWAYS telling me to drink warm water, but i never listen, cuz i heard that ice-cold water makes your body burn calories by forcing it to rasie your body temperature. she never gave me a reason, except that warm water is good and too much cold stuff is bad for your body. now, i dno which one to believe lol
I think drinking ice-cold water (you know, when it burns to drink lol) is really dangerous. your body could potentially go into shock trying to, yes, raise your temperature. You know those food competitions? Eat a million hotdogs in 30 minutes? There are ones that are like "drink 1 gallon of water in 30 seconds" too, I've seen em, and the men who do that- if the water isn't room temp or warmer- could die. Yeep.
I definatly believe warm water is better, but I think that th "fat solidifying part" isn't correct- our bodies are so hot on the inside that even when we do drink a glass or so of cold or wickedly-cold water, it warms up before even thinking about going through the rest of our body, which means that the fat also "melts" (if it does solidify) before ever leaving our stomachs, and our stomachs don't really digest much anyway- just kinda makes everything mooshy.
I've read that the difference in metabolism from drinking ice cold water is very minimal. 

I had a teacher about 4th grade that made it a daily requirement (graded) to drink a glass of warm water every night.  She said it helped with regularity.

I prefer room temp water
You might want to check this out:

http://z-from-a.blogspot.com/2007/02/does-dri nking-ice-water-burn-calories.html

The fact is, for an 16 ounce glass of water, your body burns approximately 17.5 calories to warm up a glass of ice water.  While that may seem overly significant - for 8 glasses a day (at 8 ounces per glass) it can add up.  Read the article as it goes in to the scientifics of how it works.

Personally I have to have my water ice cold - have always been that way.  I can't stomach room temperature water.
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By the time that water mixes with the fats you've eaten, they are all digested and can't "solidify".  Just because they do that before they are eaten doesn't mean they do that in your body.

If you feel that cold water is a shock to your stomach, then by all means drink it warm.  But it doesn't make any difference as far as digestion is concerned.
 Is room temp. water OK ?????? ( thats all i drink) The first thing you should do EVERY DAY when you get up in the morning is chug ( dont sip ) a big glass of water. Our bodies are 70 % water. You deprived your body of water after 8 hrs. of sleep.  It replinishes, revitalizes and helps remove toxins. Ive been doing it for 5 years now and i can tell you i'm heathier then a bull in Pamplona. So go drink some water......
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You know, a friend of mine at work is from India, and he says that we should ALWAYS drink and eat warm liquids and foods.  He says that it has to do with the acids in your stomach that digest the foods- cold things (things we drink and eat) disrupt the power of the acids to digest our foods.  When we drink or eat warm things, the acid levels remain high and more thoroughly digest our foods, contributing to weight loss.  He gave me this bit of info when I told him that I am trying to lose weight.  Friends of his have lost huge amounts of weight by just drinking/eating warm foods/liquids.  I have been wondering whether there is any credit to this theory.  It seems contradictory to the theory that you actually burn more calories by drinking cold water.  Interesting.....
I don't really care which is better. I like ice cold water so that's the way I'll drink it. haha
OK, I'm Indian AND I am a doctor.  I have heard about warm and cold foods and liquids.  The thing is-its mostly a theory of ayurvedic medicine and homeopathic medicine (meaning natural medicine) that is not proven.  i think we tend to have a lot of misconceptions, but they can all be explained. 

Theoretically-our body is always 98.6 degrees Farenheit.  How is it when we eat ice cream it melts in our mouth?  How is it that even if we swallow a piece of ice, its going to melt by the time it reaches our esophagus and stomach.  Have you ever seen fat-Animal Lard?  It melts at a certain temperature...and surely its not going to stay solid in our digestive tracts...moreover, it is made into tiny tiny compounds called fatty acids and metabolized in liver, muscle and other organs-then they are stored for future use as adipose tissue (fats cells).  Cold water will not make the fats stay solid because the fats are already digested and stored....similarly the water is already absorbed and the excess goes through a different route ultimately. 

Also it is not drinking too much "cold water" that makes a person have water intoxication...it is any temperature water in large quantities (i forgot the exact quantity).  Have you ever poured a large amount of water into a glass of coke?  What happens?  It becomes diluted.  But coke is made up of mostly water right?  The same way-our bodies need a certain amount of water for functioning of our cells and organ systems to be healthy.  But a large amount of water will cause the nutrients and electrolytes (sodium, pottasium) in our bodies to be over diluted....causing malfunctioning of our kidneys, brains, hormones and other organs leading ultimately to death if not corrected in time. 

At the same time, I do notice that when I drink warm water, I feel like it must be better-My body functions well.  I also have read that drinking cold water causes our bodies to work harder to turn it to body temperature, therefore using energy-therefore using calories!  So I dont know the answer to this dilemma.  Personally,  i think we should just drink whatever temperature water that helps us drink the optimum amount of water for our physical benefits.  I hope you all understand that this post is not a "i told you so" post, rather i was just trying to be informative in what I do know to correct any misconceptions we may have....water intoxication is very very important to know about because it can accidently happen to anybody!
My mom goes to a chinese acupuncturist/massage therapist and she says that you should always drink warm water, as it isn't such a shock to your body and somehow is healthier...v. vague; maybe I should ask about it next time.
My great grandmother recommended drinking a glass of hot water every morning. She did this every day for most of her life and lived to 92. She said her mother had done the same thing, and she lived to 99. My great grandmother had beautiful skin and looked much younger than her age. Probably coincidence but there seems to be a lot of theories to do with water- most of the older, more traditional ones recommend that the water is hot or warm.
Let's face it - some of these ancient but 'unproven' theories and tricks have been around so long because there's truth in them.  I doubt 'jump off a bridge' would ever become an old wives tale!  However, various herbs, teas, remedies stand the test of time because they work on some level for enough people to give them credibility.  Sure some border on superstition - people in Panama believe that if they get rained on they will get sick.  Lo, they do!  I don't believe it and I don't get sick.  But when it comes to smart, proven-by-millenia theories, I'm all for them.  Especially if they are preventative or help me avoid modern medicines.  I lived in China and the first thing the Chinese told me to do everytime I was getting sick was drink TONS of water.   It works more often than not.  Garlic oil is my secret weapon against' most common illnesses.  Saline/Salt water, too.  Anyway - just my two cents/yuan/pence!  Z

I'll give you the definitive answer to this question, listen to your mom. Think about it, your body temperature is 36.9C and now you suddenly freeze it to 2-3C, your stomach will churn, how the hell is your stomach gonna handle it? It's not so bad for white people, white people have a very strong metabolic rate, due to their hunter-gatherer ancestry but for Asians who started farming very early drinking cold water will actually dehydrate you. (If you've ever been on a survival course, you will know never to eat snow cos it'll dehydrate you as the calories you burn melting the snow will vaporise more moisture than one gets from the snow.) Different civilisations have different eating/drinking habits and its just a fact of life that white people are much more macho than Asians, they have a much higher metabolic rate, they have bigger muscles (think about our martial arts stars like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, even Bruce Lee, now compare them with Arnie, Chuckie and Stallion, who's more macho? no need for me to say) they can handle cold water better than us, although ice cold water is still not advisable.

I have heard of drinking warm water. Is it effective?

My mom always swears by drinking water at room temperature or warm as it's supposed to improve digestion. Whether it's true or not, I wouldn't know but my late grandma lived up to her 80s drinking mostly lukewarm water and not even anything cold so I guess it should be a good thing to just follow... but heck, I enjoy my cold drinks too.

Original Post by moawmie:

My mom goes to a chinese acupuncturist/massage therapist and she says that you should always drink warm water, as it isn't such a shock to your body and somehow is healthier...v. vague; maybe I should ask about it next time.

Yeah.. I went to one of those massage therapist as well.  I go back regularly, such soft gentle hands

Also, experts suggest drinking room temperature water before, during, and after exercising.
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