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Do you drink your milk with or without sugar?

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Last weekend, I was buying milk and was wondering which is a better choice for me. Is it soy milk unsweetened with 4 g of fat ( unsaturated fat) ? or non fat organic milk with 13g of sugar?

which one is a good choice for losing weight?

Any thoughts?

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Either is good but research has shown that calcium from Dairy products and help with weight loss.  There is a good link on one these threads I am just not sure which one!!!!!

I would always go for the natural source.  People say soy is natural but I haven't seen any soy plants with teats for crying out loud.  I also think soy milk taste like pooh but that is just a personal opinion.
I prefer the unsweetend soy milk to the non-fat with tons of sugar. I think they put the sugar in to make up for the lack of flavor from the fat they removed.

I don't consume a whole lot of fat otherwise, so I figure a but of fat will do me less harm than a ton of sugar.
I actually use both.

I use the soy milk for things where it won't be noticeable that it is soy milk, and I use the fat-free milk for drinking or in dishes where any other substitution would be obvious.
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Hi. When I started dieting, I used to drink 1% milk (because I cant stand non-fact milk taste) but then I switched to unsweetened soy milk, because I had a constipation problem, and looks like milk worsens constipation. I tried a few different types of soy milk, like plain soy milk(silk brand), low fat soy milk( light silk brand), and unsweetened soy milk (various brands), I would personally take the natural fat present in soy, rather than added sugar in the soy milk, therefore my choice would have to be unsweetened soy milk. After all, you are supposed to add some nuts to your diet for the nutrients, so why not the fat in the soy milk?
For losing weight, pick the one with the lowest cals.
I use both for taste.
Also depends, as dolceamara said, on how much sugar/fat you eat. But remember, weight has nothing to do with the type of cal you consume but how many. Skim mikl is low GI anyway.
these sugars you're all freaked about is lactose - natural in milk.
They dont just pour sugar in. Basically think about 1L of pure milk. Pull out the fat. Now you have lots of air in your container. So you need to add more skim milk. So it seems like there is more sugar (when in fact its just more skim milk with lactose) Some had added sugars, but the added sugar will be for flavoured ones or funny brands.
its about balance. Pick which one you like the taste of too
im not sure on the brand but the soy milk i drink is good... plus its only 50calories per 8oz i believe

Trying to lose weight, especially around the midsection? A study published in the April 2004 issue of Obesity Research suggests that eating more calcium-rich foods, especially low fat dairy foods such as cow's milk, yogurt and kefir, may really help. In this study, 41 obese subjects, 32 of whom completed the study, were divided into three groups and put on diets designed to result in the loss of one pound per week for 24 weeks. All diets contained the same number of calories and were designed to provide subjects with a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day. The first group received a low (430 mg/day) calcium diet. The second group got the same diet with enough supplemental calcium to bring their daily intake up to 1200 mg. And the third group ate a diet with enough dairy foods to provide about 1100 mg calcium each day. At the conclusion of the study, the low calcium group had lost almost 15 pounds, the high calcium group 19 pounds, and the high dairy foods group 24 pounds. Plus, fat lost from the midsection represented an average of 19% of total fat loss in those on the low calcium diet, 50% of the fat lost in those on the high calcium diet, and 66% of the fat lost in those getting their calcium from dairy foods. spice&dbid= 130
i only drink milk with ten cups of sugar added
personally I prefer to add a little milk to my sugar and call it good : )
i add splenda to my milk=] ish shoo yummy in my tummy. hehe.

Yes, they DO put sugar in milk. Corn syrup solids, to be exact.

They do this to improve the taste of the fat-free milk. One example is Y.U.M. (Your Ultimate Milk), which I actually use, but that's because sugar is not an issue for me.
I have never even heard of adding sugar to milk. I drink skim milk only if I am having milk plain (regular goes in my coffee, I figure I deserve a treat). If I were to put sugar in my milk it would be splenda.
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well I think she is refering strictly to soy milk.  They do put sugar in it because it tastes horrible w/o (my personal opinion! LOL).  I can't get my son to drink the unsweetened and I alternate between plain and vanilla so that he'll keep the taste for the plain stuff.  If I had even known there was an unsweetned kind when he started on it I guess there would be no issue but I don't worry about the extra sugar.  It's not tons and tons and you just have to be aware of your sugar intake from other sources. 

Ok so I just watched this segment on the today show talking about the misleading info from the milk industry!!! What they were saying about milk your diet and all that crap was just a crock of crap to help them sale their product. So they have taken their ads about milk your diet lose weight off air and started a new ad campaign....Im sure if you go to they will have the info on it!!!!
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I really have never heard of putting sugar in milk. I have heard of chocolate milk, but just plain sugar? no. Personally, I drink skim milk. It takes some getting used to, but I like it now.
I think everyone has just looked at the lbael on their skima nd gone "Oh man, 13g sugar, must be evil" My milk has one ingredient. Skim mik. It says 100% natural, no additives. Its normal milk, not special organic stuff. Cheapo milk. The flavoured ones have stuff added. There is sugar because milk has lactose. There is more sugar as it replaces fat (there is also more protein)
I like skim milk myself.  I've smelled soy milk and it smelled like Play-Doh so I don't think I could bring myself to drink it lol.  I love my real milk and I couldn't see going without it.
Thanks for all the replies. I really don't care about the taste. I just want to lose weight and don't want anything to slow my efforts.

I picked the soy milk. It has 0 sugar but 4 g fats which I don't like. So my question is do you know of any unsweetened skim milk? I know that might be an extreme but maybe I will find it.

I think milk in general is important. I like to have it with my morning cereal. At least, it is a good source of calcium.
To my understanding, there are many skim milks out there that don't have sugar. You just have to look around. Sometimes neither the generics nor store brands are any better - or worse - about that.

Now, in milk, there are already sugars present. It's called lactose. :-) Lactose is milk's natural sugar content.

Not all skim milks have added sugar.
The fats that are in soy milk are mostly *good* fats... they are the type of fats that lower the bad cholesterol and help raise the good cholesterol in the body.

In my soymilk, there's 4 grams fat. The saturated fat - the bad fat - is 0.5 grams. The monosaturated and polyunsaturated - the good fats - make up the rest.

Skim milk does not have the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that help lower cholesterol.

Besides, most people are supposed to have up to 30% fat in their diet. For me - because of high cholesterol - I try to keep it at 15 - 20%.

So, if it's calories you're worried about, you can have any of the milks...
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