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did i really drink an entire bottle of wine last night? (anyone else?)

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YES.  i did.  it was delicious, it was pinot grigio, it was 1,000 calories! next thing i know, my inhibitions go down, and i'm munching on annie's cheddar bunny crackers till the cows come home.  plus 400 cals!

this is not the first time i've done this.  i don't think i have a problem with alcohol... do i?

i'm 192 lbs so i get tipsy, not drunk or wasted; i drank over a 2 hr period.  (i'm also 30 yrs old, not 16)

does anyone else do this, or anything similar?

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Pinot Grigio is sooooooooooo bad for that. I tend to drink half a bottle in a sitting without realizing it, and it is beyond yummy with cheese.

Don't feel bad, it happens to everyone.
1,000?  The average bottle only has about 500.  4-5 glasses doesn't seem too much to me....I guess it depends on the person.
okay, but does anybody anywhere really drink a 3-and-one-half ounce glass of wine?  that serving size only exists for the sake of equivalency with a bottle of beer or an ounce of hard stuff.  i have nice, big shiraz glasses and even though i only fill them to the half way point like you're supposed to, it's easily 7 or 8 ounces.  so--yeah--four "glasses" is a bottle of wine in my world.
I think it is clear that a 26 oz bottle of wine is only 550 calories as seen here

I drink whole bottles all the time and still constantly lose weight.  I am a "wino" and have over 170 bottles currently.  I started my diet on April 10th and since then (52 days) I have lost 32.8 lbs.  During this time about 12% of my calories consumed (according to the analysis)  come from alcohol.  I consume about 1900-200 calories a day, so I average 200 calories a day in wine.  That is about an 8 oz glass or 1 bottle every 3-4 days.  So since I started my diet I have drank almost 15 bottles of wine.

So whoever is tell you not to drink wine or else you can't lose weight it wrong.  Now I normally don't drink this much wine, but I have been wine tasting in CA twice since my diet started (I am getting married at a winery so we have to go back frequently to set up and finalize plans).
sure isn't good for the food grade, though, hey?  i went from a A to an F in five seconds flat!
mariamck - ditto on #23 (above).
I know when i have a glass  all i want is Carbs.......and there goes the diet.    Try hot tea or cold .......eva
ME too!  weird ya'll.  wine night the world over.
Yes, it's an easy thing to do, open a bottle of wine, have a glass, 2 hours later the bottle is gone.  1000 calories later :(
I've done this before.  I usually stop before the whole bottle (like I may leave a drop so I can say I didn't drink the whole thing) I find this is a lot easier to do with white wine than with Red.  For some reason,  it is hard to stop at one glass of white, especially Pinot Grigio. 

The last time I asked my friend, a counselor,  the same question you asked ... we decided that I difinitely was using the wine to self medicate. She asked me where did I usually drink the wine.  I told her the on the back porch; she said that I need to tell myself that I can no longer drink wine on the porch by myself.  This has helped tremendously.  She said that she used medicate by  eating cheez-its on the couch in front of the TV and she stopped that.  Hope this helps. 

I allow myself one glass of Red while I am cooking dinner.  They say that Red has health benefits if you stop at one glass for my size.  I've had to change the glass I use also. I use a champaigne glass which is taller and feels like more. 
Normal bottles are 750 ml which is 24 ounces.

1 ounce of red wine is 21 calories

1 bottle of red wine = 24 oz * 21cals
       &nb sp;               &nb sp;       = 504 calories.

Oh I'm on the wagon now so I can cut some calories It sux I want some wine I was drinking bloody Marys and justifying it as a full serving of veggies but that doesnt work. It is the easiest thing in the world to polish off a bottle of wine in a couple hours glad Im not the only one in that boat btw whats the lowest cal alcohol
I love wine too!  Hate the calories.

I recently began drinking Mikes Hard Lemonade.  Was very pleased to find out that one bottle is 70 calories.  WOW!  Now I can have one bottle a night guilt free.  IF I want two, still no guilt.

All this said as I sip my lovely Clos Du Bois Merlot YUMMY!
vodka-soda also ~ 70 cals, but watch the sodium.
Pinot grigio is my favourite! I had a glass this evening. It's very dry...not too bad for you!
bump - for "who blames alcohol?"

wine is the best thing ever invented. For adults who don't drive. Anyhow, don't worry about the wine. Most people around me drink a lot of wine, and have no problems with weight!! Just balance it off the neaxt two days with a lot of water and veggies and you should still see some loss on the scale :-)
what just one?  Haha!  If I start drinking I tend to binge so I have been very good these past few weeks and can count on one hand [and one finger ;) ] the amounts of times that I have drunk in the past  7 weeks so I thinks thats pretty good.  ALso I see it as a treat and try and save calories from else where to compensate although thats quite hard to do when the drinking is unplanned and then leaves you hungover craving starchy stuff....oh well!
I used to drink alot...I mean ALOT....I no longer drink...at allllll....it not only kills your liver, kidneys, heart, it really shoots your diet all to Hell, so I just dont do it any more.when I quit drinking I lost about 17 lbs right off the top...there's insentive for ya!!!
thanks for the tip, ahhpooh ;)
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