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Can you drink alcohol and still lose weight?

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Probably been asked a lot, but I was wondering, can you still drink booze and lose weight?
I'm asking for a friend who I am helping, kind of coaching.
Only thing is, he's a bit of a booze hag! Lol.
So... if I accomodate for it in his calories, will it make any difference if he has 1 day of drinking a week?
... Or is alcohol just down right evil and fattening?

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Depends on how much you drink.  If he's "Kind of a boozer", meaning he'll drink 10 x 150 calorie beers = 1500 calories, I doubt he'll lose weight.  But if its something like 5 or 6, you can probably incorporate them.... it all depends on serving size! you should know this by now!  Serving size, and not getting the drunken munchies...

Yes I'm all into serving size and such, it's just I don't drink alcohol...
Can't stomach the stuff.
So, I don't have much knowledge on alcohol and dieting and the effects that it has on it.
He drinks 3-5 RTDS ... 3-4 times a week.
Biggest thing for him, I think, is getting him into eating regular meals at set times, because at the moment he just eats a huge dinner and drinks, more often then not).

Not very well, I'm sorry to say.  Just remember that those're empty calories, and they do add up. Quickly, too. If he's serious about losing weight, remind him that he'll lose a bunch of weight right at the get-go if he stops drinking. I did, and it was worth it. 

You can lose weight and drink alcohol but it's certainly easier if you reduce it to much smaller amounts.  A couple of beers one day a week, for example, wouldn't hurt.  But if the drinking day means he ends up bingeing then it's not only bad for weight but tough on the liver as well. 

If he's a regular drinker I'd actually suggest your friend should have a completely alcohol-free week every so often.   I've done this with people I've coached with very positive results.  Not simply in calorie reduction and weight-loss.   Some are quite shocked to find they can have just as good a time on a night out without drinking.  Others realise that the evening glass of wine was more 'bad habit' than anything else and it's good to break the habit.  They try out different drinks...  different ways to relax.... when they wouldn't normally.  Some find they feel sharper and more energetic (alcohol is a depressant after all)  One was even quite relieved to be able to go without for a week because she seriously thought she was heading for alcoholism!  

I totally agree, I think if he could just kick the alcohol and eat more frequently, he would lose a lot!
... However he is prone to depression and see's alcohol as his friend so I can't ask him to quit straight away.
Once I've gotten him to reduce his drinking to perhaps 2 times a week (that's if he even picks up my meal suggestions I'm making him), then I might see if he'd try a week without alcohol at all.

If he's using alcohol (a depressant) as an anti-depressant he's unfortunately making the condition worse.  Low moods are also a function of a poor diet.  Poor nutrition, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, infrequent meals and so forth can make them more likely.  Children on a poor diet often exhibit behavioural & concentration problems.   And low moods are a common warning sign for Type II Diabetes..... so a diet with fewer sugars, simple starches and less (again) alcohol, will actually help if that's a possibility

If you can get him to eat more regularly, therefore, and to improve his diet he may find he doesn't need booze quite so much because his moods will be better anyway.. Perhaps these connections are something you should actively discuss with him?  Men tend to enjoy the 'scientific' angle and it would kill several birds with one stone.  Below is a link to a 'depression relief diet'. ticles/0,,181168_532818,00.html


I am a college student and my freshman year I would drink occasionally on the weekends.  When I got serious about getting healthier and losing a bit of weight, I decided it wasn't worth eating less during the day to accomodate for alcohol calories.  I also knew that I probably could have a better time at parties sober (I'm a bit of a dancer...Smile) Once I decided to stop drinking alcohol, it became much like when I stopped drinking soda a few years earlier...I developed a distate for it. Now when people ask me if I want alcohol, I usually say "No thank you, I don't drink." My boyfriend homebrews so sometimes I try his beer, but generally I dslike alcohol. A long anecdote leading to this final point: maybe if you can help him wean himself off the alcohol (note I said help, he probably needs to come to the realization himself so he doesn't crave it) he'll realize as I did that it isn't really necessary and can be enjoyed in moderation.

I drink lots of alcohol-but I dont gain weight.

I suppose that thats because I only drink certain types of booze-clear liquer and sometimes a beer.

I drank maybe four times a month, and was still able to lose a total of 15 pounds in 3 months.

Gi-jane - Thanks for the link! I'll take a look at it.
I've tried discusing his drinking with him, but his whole family is a family of drinkers.
It's habit for him...
Gotta ween him off slowly.

Thanks guys!

Im a college student and i go straight for the booze and beer.  dosent phase me, i just work out on a regular basis anyways.

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I drink on the weekends, it hasn't affected my weight at all.

I was a crazy college freshman last year and went out and drank about 4 nights a week.  No wonder I gained 10 pounds in just a few months.  This year I only drink on the weekends and during the day when I know that I'm going to be drinking later, I try and eat 500 less calories than usual since I typically have 5 beers when I go out.

Yes, it is possible.  My freshman year I got up to 160 lbs, and then down to 145 by the end of 2nd semester.  I am not going to sugar coat it- I drank a LOT, probably around 25 drinks a week.  But I worked out a LOT also, (training for a marathon and also gym sessions) and moderated my eating as much as possible while still living on campus.  I think it was the approx 2 hrs a day workouts that helped me.  Anyhow I don't recommend this lifestlye to anyone! 

Right now I probably have about 10 drinks a week and I work out regularly and probably eat between 1500-1800 calories a day, and I've gotten down just about to my GW of 145. 

I basically stopped drinking, I think, back in October, and it had a profound affect on my losing weight. I actually lost a lot of weight, and as an unexpected benefit, which you young gals won't appreciate, I stopped having hot flashes. I drink occasionally now, not very much when I do. Though I have had a couple of "binges" where I got pretty buzzed, but then my weight crept back up and due to having a hang-over, I wasn't able to do a workout.  I try not to do that any more, and try to keep in mind how many useless calories I'm taking in when I do have a drink. 

I only drink on weekend and this seems to be the time i loose the most weight.

 agreed but probably some of that is dehydration.i always lose weight when i decide to party hard. having too much fun to sit around and want to eat alot. just be smart. dont drink pina colodas and  huge party cups of beer. redbull vodka or club soda vodka and gin or scotch on rocks

A calorie is a calorie, but pouring a lot of the stuff doesn't help even if the weight is on the lower side. Drink responsibly.

agreed. also makes u less productive after and its harder to work out as effectively

Original Post by restless_girl:

Probably been asked a lot, but I was wondering, can you still drink booze and lose weight?
I'm asking for a friend who I am helping, kind of coaching.
Only thing is, he's a bit of a booze hag! Lol.
So... if I accomodate for it in his calories, will it make any difference if he has 1 day of drinking a week?
... Or is alcohol just down right evil and fattening?

Carbs and Protein have roughly 4 calories per gram.

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram.

Fat has 9 calories per gram.

So alcohol has a lot of calories, and the higher the proof, the more concentrated they are.

But I see nothing wrong with moderate consumption.

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