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10 pounds for every dress size?

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Hi guys!  I've always wondered if that saying is true... has it been about one dress size smaller for every 10 pounds you lost?? For me it has mostly been true, but maybe closer to 10-15 lbs for every dress size.  For reference I am 5'5" and 161lbs and am mostly a size 10 (at vanity sizing stores like Ann Taylor LOFT or Banana Republic... and I did buy my first 8 the other day!) and at around 190 lbs I was a size 14 in the same stores.

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Mmm...I never really thought about it. It kind of sounds *about* right, now that I think about it. When I was 220 pounds, I wore a 14. At 212 pounds, I'm a size 12. I weigh in at 207 now, and my 12's are getting a little loose in the stomach.

I imagine it will start to slow down after a while, though. I can't see being a size 8 or so at 180 pounds. :/ Then again, I have odd proportions.

depends on height, weight distribution, etc.  it's roughly correct for me (5'8", small frame, no boobs to speak of) but for someone shorter and differently proportioned, 10 pounds could be a lot more than a size.

wait - is 12 - 10 one size or two?

stupid clothing manufacturers and their riddles.

Hmm -- I think the difference between sizes is greater for larger sizes. (So, a larger range of weights are meant to fit into a 14 than into a 2.) For me, I wore the same clothes at 196 that I'm wearing at 169 ... But I generally wear different clothes at 125 then 135 (or have when I was those weights.) Does that make sense?

I have never heard of this saying but after reading I have sat and worked it out that it is absolutey true for me, I started at 150lbs and my top half was a size 18, I'm only 5ft 2ins.

When I weighed in at 140lbs my size had dropped to a 16, I am currently at 131lbs now so thats almost another 10lbs i've lost and I am now a size 14 Laughing

Wish my bottom half was the same though, I have always been top heavy and really don't need to lose anymore weight there but unfortunatly it seems that is always the first place I lose it...

I would love to be the same dress size all over.....

Well, I mean everyone is shaped differently so its hard to answer in terms of YES or NO.

For me.. When I was 160 I wore a (juniors) 11

150 was a 9

140 was a 7/9

and at 132 i am a pretty solid 7

so its a nice "base" if you will, but jeans dont take in account muscle mass so... dont get stuck on the # too much!

Everyone is different... there's no way of being able to predict this accurately.

First, people loose weight from different areas.  So, one person could go down 10 pounds, but have it all come from upperbody, where someone else could loose it all from their waist.

Clothing sizes above 12 or 14 (I forget which) have two inches between sizes, and below that are only an inch... so you'd need to drop more weight to go down when you're bigger.

As you get smaller, 10 pounds is going to make more of a difference in your body just because its a larger percentage of your weight.

It also depends how much of your weight loss is coming from fat, muscle, or water.  If you drop 10 pounds of mostly fat, its going to make a bigger impact than if you dropped 5 pounds of fat, 3 pounds of muscle, and 2 pounds of water weight.


For me?  I started at a tight 18.  It took me almost 40 pounds to get to a 14.  Then, only 8 pounds to get to a 12.... now I'm 10 pounds down from that and could maybe possibly fit in a 10.  I haven't tried them on yet.

I wish this were true. I'm down 18 pounds, but only one dress size.

I'm 5'8". Down from 165 to 147.

I had hoped 20 lbs would get me down 2 sizes. Looks like I'll be trying for another 10lbs.

I wish this were true. I'm down 18 pounds, but only one dress size.

I'm 5'8". Down from 165 to 147.

I had hoped 20 lbs would get me down 2 sizes. Looks like I'll be trying for another 10lbs.

I have lost 27 pounds and only down one dress size, I was a size 14 ... I am at 156 pounds and 5'3.  My weight needs to start coming off my belly and waist for me to go down another size.  So far my weight seems to have come off my hips and boobs.

Original Post by bri927:

For me.. When I was 160 I wore a (juniors) 11

150 was a 9

140 was a 7/9

and at 132 i am a pretty solid 7

 Wow, me too almost EXACTLY. Thats pretty freaky! ha ha :)

I’m 5’8.

My suit and dress pants however are a 5 and I'm 138lbs currently. They fit the same as when I was 132. I also don't gain/loose much in the hips hence I need the 5 otherwise my bum looks saggy :)


I wish this was true for me!


At 167 I wore a 9-13 in juniors.

At 152-5, I'm still a 9-11.

Like people have said, it really depends on the brand. I'd love to be able to fit a size 7 comfortably. I feel like sometimes my size doesn't go down because my hips are jaunty. Meaning that, although they are square, boyish, and not flared at all, the bones stick out in front like guns on a holster. I mean... not that badly since there is still fat covering them, but often times they dig against pants and make me uncomfortable before my fat does.

hmm  well I've gained about 20 lbs in the past year and I can still wear some of my old clothes....although more difficultly. I guess I gained 1 dress size with 20lbs but then agian, I used to wear more baggy and now I wear more tight...

I haven't heard that one either.  I also agree that it depends on height, shape and bone structure.  I'm 5'4" and at 155-160 my size 10 jeans were starting to get snug.  I maintain at 120-125 and wear a size 2.  Depending on the manufacturer and/or style, clothes at that size may be loose or baggy.  For tops, I've gone from a large to a small.  I should mention, I''m very hourglass and getting clothes to fit has been a challenge no matter what size I'm wearing.

This hasn't been true for me (I wish) but I am also still in the larger sizes.  I'm 5'3", and at around 210 I was a size 16.  Now I'm at 167 and still a size 14.  I can fit into a 12 but I don't like the way they look - still a little tight.  I think it has to do with where my weight has come off - I'm bottom-heavy.  My top has gone from XL to M (yay!) and my face has thinned out SO much, but those hips and thighs are hanging onto the weight.  Hopefully once I get past the 12, the sizes start going down faster as I lose the weight.

It's not true for me.

Very interesting!  Right, well I knew it would vary depending on your body shape and where you lost your weight from, but I was just curious!  I am very (VERY) bottom heavy, so while I have only gone down 2 (and some times 3) sizes on the bottom, my tops do not fit at all.  I have definitely gone from a size large to a medium or a small (and even bought a size 6 top at JCREW, but that store, and the style, normally runs big).

My 70 lb loss translated into 8 sizes.  So that's 8-9lbs per size.  I'm short, only 5'2", so I think that has something to do with it.  I've heard tall women say they have to lose 30lbs before anyone notices.

It was motivating for me to buy a new pair of jeans, sometimes every 7 pounds, but the downside is that if I gain just a few, my clothes no longer fit.

true fr me,i'm 5ft 2'

at 164 lbs i wore size 14

154lbs  -size 12

146lbs - size 10

The 10 pound rule has never been true for me. It usually takes me about 20 pounds to lose a size. Right now I've lost 12 pounds and my clothes feel exactly the same. I'm 5'2" and have a larger frame--not sure if that has anything to do with it. I've noticed the first place I lose/gain weight is in my face. I've also noticed that I lose weight all over my body very proportionately...a tiny bit all over at a time.

I'm one size about every 20-25 pounds. But I lose it in my stomach last so.... Idk if that changes anything. I was a 16/18 at 218 and now I'm a 14/16 at 185ish. (I'm 5'4")

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