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10 pounds=1 dress size??

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I had a question. I remember seeing on Oprah awhile back that usually when you lose 10 pounds it equals 1 dress size.. is this true for anyone?

I have lost 10-11 pounds so far, and definitely haven't lost a dress size yet. I'm sure it depends on your body type and such, but i was just wondering if anyone found this to be true. Thanks!


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I think it might depend in part on how tall you are.  I am 5'9" and it takes a lot more than 10lbs for me to go up or down a size... more like 30lbs.

I have always hear that is true, 10 lbs = 1 size. But, I have lost 11 lbs so far, and I have not dropped a size yet, but I have lost a total of 8 inches over my whole body.


xueli145 is right, it depends on how tall you are. That is why it is easier for smaller people to put on and lose weight more quicker and its more noticeable too...i do not weigh myself as i think id become too obsessed, instead i judge how my clothes feel, and managed to get into a skirt that couldnt fit me 4 weeks ago...it also depends where you lose the weight from first.

When I was around 185, I was in a 16 jeans. Now I'm 150 and size 11. so that's about 2-3 sizes and 35 pounds..I guess the  10 pounds=a size is kinda true in my case.

i think 10lbs is when you NOTICE a change in your clothes but not a whole dress size, maybe they're just looser  or fitting better etc
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when i was a size 14, i was 167 lbs, now at 148 lbs i m a size 6. At 161 lbs I was 12. So 10 lbs = 1 size worked intially, but then the last 12 lbs has translated into 3 sizes. I think it hugely depends on your body.
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Original Post by nenj:

when i was a size 14, i was 167 lbs, now at 148 lbs i m a size 6. At 161 lbs I was 12. So 10 lbs = 1 size worked intially, but then the last 12 lbs has translated into 3 sizes. I think it hugely depends on your body.

 Totally agree with you, and also depends in the frequency and amount of excercise you make. I drop sizes quite quickly but also I excercise almost daily Innocent so that helps a lot!

It took a fifteen-pound weight loss before anything visibly changed about my body at all... I've only really gone down one dress size in 35 pounds. The taller/larger you are, the more it takes to make a difference. One pound spread over a 5-foot frame is going to make a lot more of a difference to your measurements than one pound spread over 5/6" or taller...
It's not true for everyone.  Part of it depends on height.  For example, I am only 5' tall.  So 10 lbs. on me is actually like 2 sizes.  For some people, it may only be 1/2 a size.
It doesn't even really depend on height either.  Muscle mass makes a huge difference.  I lost 2 pant sizes and only lost 4 pounds due to the fact that I got into weight lifting  in a big way.

10 lbs = 1 dress size is only average estimation.  In addition to height & muscle mass....

To get size 8 from size 10, it only requires a 1-inch decrease in the waist while from size 12 to size 10, it requires a 1.5-inch decrease (it may vary company by company but usually this is true for the brands I use :)

So no wonder it is more difficult to get size 10 from 12 than size 8 from 10.

Also, how much a person weighs is another important consideration.  Think about a roll of toilet paper - when it is a new roll, it takes several pieces of the toilet paper to reduce the size of the roll.  When it is almost finished, it takes only a couple of pieces of the toilet paper to reduce the size.  Not sure if this makes sense :)

So if you just began your weight loss-healthy life style, don't get discouraged!!  It gets easier to see the results later :)  However, in the beginning of weight loss, it is easier to take off pounds so I'd like to get encouraged by #s in the beginning and by dress size later :)  I always think positively :)

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Thanks angie1004,

I have been on this improved lifestyle for about a month and have lost 13.2 pounds (yes I claim the .2).  My pants/jeans fit looser, but I definitely have not gone down a dress size.   

I'm only 5ft 1ish and I've lost 10 pounds, pretty sure that isn't a dress size, might have something to do with having such wide hips that won't allow me to drop a size at all!



I'm 5"3 and have lost just over 20 lbs (way hay!!) but have not gone down a size yet.  In trousers and jeans, i could have for my legs and butt as they have shrunk but my stomach is still too big. So I am now wearing jeans that are soooo baggy around my legs and butt.  Another couple of inches of my tummy should do it.
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There is actually a 40 POUND range for me, where I am the same size 16.  Ugghh. (180-220)  It is really hard to diet when there is no visible loss and I cant shop for new clothes...

Then, when I hit 180 miraculously the sizes drop about every 5 lbs.   Everybody is different.

Original Post by newbjy:

(yes I claim the .2)

 I would do too Wink  except my scale has only .5 readability Smile (am going to buy a Tanita)

I don't buy it.  I lost more than 30 pounds and didn't change pant or dress sizes.  I did get a smaller shoe because my damned toes and feet got skinnier.

It wasn't until I'd lost a total of around 50 pounds that I started going down in clothing sizes, and it's been very rapid since then.  One day I was a size 18, the next day a size 10. 
height is DEF a factor I think in this one---I know I put on a good 15 pounds when I went off to school--all my pants were pretty tight but to the average person they couldn't tell. I'm 5'7 and I've found that I would have to put on more or lose more than 10 pounds to gain/lose a size--most of my girlfriends are under 5'3 and they lose a dress size in sometimes less than 10 pounds--IF they're gaining muscle--that's a huge difference.
I went from 154lbs to 147lbs and have already lost a dress size. Then again, I'm 5'1, and almost all of my fat is in my stomach and thighs because of pregnancy - so that will be the first to go.
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