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Dr.'s Scale Vs. Home Scale

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I am very confused as to which one to believe. Last week (on 1/31) i weighed 141 according to my doctor's scale. I began my calorie counting on Monday 2/2, and today i weighed in on my at-home scale (it is a weight watchers body fat monitoring scale) at 132 lbs. Now, i know it isn't possible to lose THAT much weight in a week. Which one do i believe? Do i sorta guestimate that my weight is somewhere in between? This is so frustrating because i feel like i don't have an accurate measurement!

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Did you weigh yourself with or without clothes on your at home scale? Was it at about the same time with the same conditions (with breakfast w/o breakfast etc.)? Clothes can add a few lbs to your weight at the dr.'s office, and if you weighed yourself in the morning before breakfast at home but at the doctors it was after breakfast your weight is skewed a little. 


If it makes you feel better, try to recreate how you were weighed at the doctors office. Weigh yourself at about the same time, with the same type of clothes (with or without shoes depending on whether they make you take them off), and after whatever you ate before going to the doctor. I'm sure you'll probably get a result similar (though you probably lost a couple of lbs) to the one you got at the doctors. 

Because I always read this question on CC i decided to check for myself when I went to the Dr. last monday.  I weighed in the morning like I normally do. Then before I left for the doc I weighed with all of my clothes on to see what my scale said. When I get to the doctor & get weighed...there was no 10 lb difference. It was almost the exact same as what I had on the scale at home give or take .1 or .2. Point of my story, besides your clothes being on (and what you'd eaten so far)...the # shouldn't be THAT different.  People freak out way too much about the number on the doctor's scale... I used to be one of them.

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Weight seems to fluctuate quite a bit during the day and I used to have the same problem when going to the doctor...scale would always be a few pounds different from home.  So, instead of making myself crazy with all of it, I brought one of my husbands 20 pound weights up and keep it next to my scale and always check the scale for accuracy with that before weighing myself.  I know my home scale is right every time!  I also only weigh myself once a week now and don't focus too much on that...I just try to stick with eating the right amount of calories and get my exercise in. 

Pick one scale and go with that to measure your progress.   If that's your scale... that's the one you'll be standing on every week and taking the number.  When you next get to your doctor you'll already be prepared for it to be a few lbs higher but it won't be a big deal

Heck, when I go to the doctor, the nurse doesn't let me take my coat or shoes off or even put my purse down when she weighs me!  It irrates me, but I guess they must not really care if they have my actual weight or not! 

I had a similar problem with my home and doctor's scales. After a month of weight loss, my scale at home showed a loss of 10 pounds and the doctor's showed a gain of 2 pounds. I freaked out for a while, but my doctor said that, except for nutritionists, medical offices don't take the time to calibrate their scales very often and to trust my scale at home because that is the one I use the most often.

On the other hand, my ob/gyn said their scale is calibrated daily because they need to accurately weigh pregnant women, and that scale was exactly the same as mine at home on the same day.

I would stick to the advice gi-jane gave and stick to one scale or the other. My general doctor's scale is still about 5 pounds above mine, so I make sure I expect to see that higher number so it doesn't surprise me. The weight he puts in my chart is actually my home weight from that morning.

Inaccurate scales will almost always reflect real weight loss/gain... 150 to 140 is 10 lb lost, even if the doctor scale shows it as 155 to 145.

At my doctor, they weigh me with clothes and shoes, and it usually comes up a little higher than my home scale, because I weigh myself in nothing but underpants.

my home scale is 8 pounds off from the one at my doctors, I always weigh myself at home before and after going to the doc and ajust my scale, no matter what if you lose a pound you lose a pound like ryanms said.

I started my diet because of the weight on the doctor's scale. It was 213, and I went back a few days later on a scale in a different room and it was 215. A day or two later, I got a scale of my own, and weighed myself right after a huge lunch and was only 204.

So I'm positive my doctor's scale is off by 6-10 pounds. I still add it to my weight chart but I make sure to note that it was a different scale.

take your scale with you next time you go to the doctors and do a comparison, if it is important enough.  ;)

Feel much better now after reading these posts.  My scale this morning showed I lost 3 lbs, dang doctor scale said I stayed the same.  But I weigh myself first thing in the morning, no clothes.  At the doctors I had had breakfast, rice crispies, skim milk and banana plus 50 oz of water.  I'm lucky it didn't show I had gained weight.  I'm wearing a smaller size and clothes are fitting loose.  I'm not going to freak out about this stuff anymore.



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