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April 29th, I have my first meeting with Dr Bob's Weight Loss Clinic, and I'm excited bc I've heard so many positive results. Their methods include, an appetite supressor, a heavy duty water pill and b12 injections (once a week) to stimulate metabolism. Their plan aswell as 30 mins of cardio 5x a week and a daily caloric intake ranging from 1200-1600 is my diet plan.

Please wish me luck and I'll keep you updated.


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My first meeting went as well as could be expected. I've heard news that I already know to be true, to lose weight; I don't need to diet but to change my lifestyle. My life had revolved around food, cooking for my family and eating out of boredom. Sometimes even just to taste something. It wasn't until I've seen that food doesnt control my life that I could choose what I want. Not to say that it hasn't been hard, there's been cravings and hunger pangs. I often have to cook a separate dinner for myself and boil/bake chicken for next couple days lunch. But I'm really trying to stay optomistic.

I have early mornings, waking in between 4-5 am. When I get to work usually between 545-730, I take one water and one potassium pill with coffee, working my way to a bottled water. With my morning break, I take my appetite supressor and I eat 2-4 chicken tenders (prepared the night prior). At lunchtime, I make a bee line for the treadmill and briskly walk/run on incline for 30 mins. If I get hungry, I'll snack on an apple. Dinnertime is when its hard to resist, I try to stick to chicken or tuna but may take a bite of what they're having.

I've had a B12 shot on Wednesday and plan on going back next week for another. My check up is 2 weeks from last wednesday. Wish me luck, Good luck to all you yo-yo'rs as a former one, You can beat hunger.


I don't know the clinic but the plan you have listed looks good.  What are you trying to accomplish?  That is cool that you have access to a treadmill at work.  I have access to a gym as well, but I go after.  Good luck to you.

http://www.doctorbobmedicalweightloss.com/abo ut_us

If you'd like to check it out, the link is listed above. I'm not sure if its exclusive to our area or if it may be a franchise. My ultimate goal is to lose the baby weight I've gained over the years. Pre baby, I weighed in at about 105, but I realise that is unrealistic bc of the body chages, post baby. 120-130 is my ideal, and the reason I have a range is bc I'm not sure what is going to look or feel right to me.

It's great to have a job with gym equipment access. I have a treadmill at home but only use it on my days off. I end up getting too busy with the kids and not running at home if I don't to it at work. Good luck in all that you do.

Call me crazy but any plan like that seems a waste of time and money. If you stick to the basics of eating properly and simple exercise you'll lose a ton as is seen with many people here on CC. Injections? Water Pill? Appetite Suppressants?  I used to try various plans and diets that all eventually failed. Since more than a year ago I've done the basics....didn't cost at all, easy, can do it anywhere/anytime. Now I've lost 48lbs and feel great. Bought all new clothes and my health is greatly improved. BP and cholesterol is done.


It looks to be just up in the PA area.

Mike, sometimes folks just need something that some may consider a waste of time and energy as an extra motivator.  Not saying that this program is or isn't, I don't have enough knowledge to form an opinion, but if paying $10 a month to go to a gym when you could just run in the street, or pay Nutrasystem whatever it costs to provide meals you could easily make yourself, if that investment gives you a psychological edge to assist in bettering yourself, then I say go for it.

JR, how has it been working for you?

After some research, I do believe it is only locally.

miket53: To answer your question, yes there is money involved. But is by far worth the investment. I struggle with anemia, and the B12 shots are highly beneficial. I have much more energy than I've had in the past. Which is great for my lifestyle; full-time job, full-time mom, cook, maid and traveling support system for my daughter's newfound atv racing obsession. Also, I am provided an appetite supressor, which is helping me to reduce my caloric intake. I've struggled most of my life with emotional eating. And now... the urge is gone. I don't think appetite supressants are for everyone. It's a short term solution until I adjust to my new eating habits

jigglethehandle: Thank you for your input. ANd you're correct in some aspects. Although I need the medicine required to lose the weight, It is a crutch for me. I don't cheat with my diet because I am invested. Therefore I would only be cheating myself in more than one way. I wouldn't say I'm well off, but I can't afford to throw money away either.


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