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Don't want to give up non-diet Pepsi

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I know that I should probably give up my Pepsi...but I just don't think I can. It's my coffee in the morning. I hate diet and it's after-taste. If I include this in my calorie I have to give it up? Or is it always going to be detrimental to my weight loss goals?
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I converted to diet pop about 5 years ago, before then I thought the stuff was nasty and never drank it. When Pepsi one came out I gave it a try, and realized it wasn't all that bad. After drinking Pepsi one for a while making the switch to diet wasn't too hard for me. Now it's all I drink, regular cola tastes too sweet to me now.
It is nice to hear from someone who prefers the sound of a can opening to a coffee pot boiling in the morning ! :). I love my diet coke, and I agree, once you drink diet pop for a while, regular cola tastes too sweet. I switched to diet because I drank so much pop; after the switch I saw immediate results with respect to my weight. That being said, my personal opinion is don't switch to diet unless you have to - the aspertame is carcinogenic, and heaven knows what the other chemicals in diet pop do to one's body. (I'm currently trying to limit my pop to morning "coffee" only). I think everything in moderation is fine, if you're including the pepsi in your calorie intake, and still getting your other nutrients (perhaps consider taking a multivitamin to be sure), I think it's much healthier than switching to diet cola, and it's not detrimental to weight loss. Just remember you need to drink 2 glasses of water for every can of Pepsi - caffine is a diuretic I'm sure you know!
Not to burst anyone's bubble ;), but I just thought I should share this. There have been studies that have linked even diet soda with obesity/overweight. I used to drink only soda too, but now I only drink it a couple of times a week tops. It is not healthy for you at all and the acid alone wreaks havoc on the body.

Below are some links on the subject. lth/webmd/main701408.shtml 81639 76.htm ft_drinks.htm

Thanks for those links, Christin! I think it's obvious soda (diet or otherwise) doesn't do much for us nutritionally, though very interesting to hear it could also be "adding to the waistline."

My personal experience is different -- I lost about 50lbs while drinking diet sodas, but I have to agree the acid, artificial sweetners, and lack of any nutrients make it a bad food choice.
Been there. Used to drink tons of soda, then about a year ago I forced the change to diet pepsi, with a slice of lemon. I expected to lose a couple pounds, but I haven't. I'm still struggling with the same 15 pounds. Unfortunately, I'm now addicted to the diet soda. I'm much more aware of it now, but it's difficult to stop.

If anyone has successfully quit a soda or diet soda addiction and can offer adivise, I'd love to hear it.
HAY hasnt anyone ever hear of water....giggles...I think if you get used to drinking water you will much rather have that than diet sodas. I cant say anything though because I do like my soda but I have changed to just having it at parties or special times. SUper Bowl is coming up and I may have some then but I have actually gotten used to drinking unsweetened iced tea with lemon and an artifical sweetner. I know someone is going to say those sweeteners are bad for you too but I dont have them often. huggers to the soda lovers
Yes lurleen! Water is the original 0-calorie drink =) I've stopped drinking sodas myself (except special occasions as you mention), but I know it's hard for some people to get into the routine. If you have a desk job, one good trick for people having trouble drinking enough water is to fill a large sports bottle (1L) each morning and leave it on your desk with the goal of finishing it by the time you head home.

Oh, and btw lurleen articial sweetners are bad for you heheheh :)
I have been back and forth between diet and regular pepsi. For over ten years it was my morning coffee also. I went back to regular after someone told me diet is like formaldehyde in your body. I also heard that at soda depletes your bones of calcium. This gave me incentive to cut way back. After many attempts I am now off the pepsi except for once a week as a treat. I rarely have a migraine headache since giving it up. So I really think it was highly benificial to give up. But I don't envy anyone going through withdrawls. Lol. PS am enjoying the site!
giggles...Eric you are so funny. I really enjoy this site ohhh so much....giggles...thanks for all the encouragement and your funny wit. Igor is funny too and I guess he is still waiting to hear if I like hummus or not...giggles....I can do the water bottle thing where I work and that is a great idea. Its just that the "bathroom" is so far down the hall.....giggles
I Agree with Erik
"Yes lurleen! Water is the original 0-calorie drink =) I've stopped drinking sodas myself (except special occasions as you mention), but I know it's hard for some people to get into the routine. If you have a desk job, one good trick for people having trouble drinking enough water is to fill a large sports bottle (1L) each morning and leave it on your desk with the goal of finishing it by the time you head home. "

What I've done for the whole caffine thing in the morning is I take these Green Tea Pills, they're basically the drink in a pill form, which gives caffine, ups the metabolism, and decreases appitite, and i haven't had a soda, diet or not, in over a week, and have seen a rather dramatic change. So I'd honestly try to just cut out any soda, try some flavored water- my favorite is Aquafina's "FlavorSplash" or Propells. Idk I'd just look into other options.
It's the sodium that bothers me. I retain water if I drink diet soads. If I stick to ice tea (green preferably), I don't "swell." I never knew this until I stopped drinking it for a long time and after the first can, I immediately bloated.

That said, at work it's easier to pop a diet soda than go get ice-tea. I used to bring it to work but that's more prep work. ;-)

I'm new at counting calories. I'm going to give it a try. I'm 20 pounds over according to this site, though I thought more like ten.
Hey everyone,
I am new to the site, but not new to dieting, I have maintained a 40 pound weight loss for around 2 years.
I am allergic to diet sodas, (all artificial sweeteners, actually) so have HAD to deal with the "leaded" regular stuff. There is nothing wrong with sugar in your diet. What IS wrong is TOO MUCH!
That being said, note how many calories you are 'spending' for every soda you drink, and make your own decision as to how much that soda is worth. If each calorie you had to spend was money and you got (for example) $13.00 a day to eat and that 12 oz can soda was going to cost you $1.50, is it worth it to you? If the answer is Yes, then go ahead and drink it. Just account for it. Know also that caffeinated sodas are a diuretic and strip our bodies of fluids. So, for every time you drink pepsi (or coffee, or any highly caffeinated drink) you need to replace the hydration they are going to remove from your system with additional water or another drink (not another soda, cup of coffee, etc... LOL)
I myself am a sucker for caffeine, Dr. Pepper and daily coffee to be specific, and I account for it in my daily food plans.
My $.02.
Mt. Dew was my favorite of all times and too that was my coffee for the mornings then I found out that one bottle of Mt. Dew is like drinking 4 cups of coffee; no wonder it gave me a power booster. But for the past 10 years I have been drinking C-Free Mt. Dew and I love it. If I take a sip of my husbands regular Mt. Dew I can tell a big difference and taste the sweet. My normal drinking is water and occasionally a soda a day but always water with all my meals. I also found flavored water with no calories, etc and that seems to help out a lot.
you know i've heard that some diet soda like diet coke leak serum from your brain and that its not actually good for you. do some research before you get hooked on something that can be worse for you.
Hello! My name is Shirley! And I am a cocaholic! LOL!

I switched a little over a week ago to water and before that it was diet soda. But my love is coca cola classic! It is so hard for me to go without it! I used to get one only when I went to town. But since starting this diet I have only had one cup and two cans. Tomorrow will be two weeks actually since my diet started and I think I have done really well. I do feel better and have more energy, plus I think I am sleeping better at night or at least using my sleep time better and I'm not as exhausted during the day or feel drowsy in the afternoon. I do still have a couple cups of coffee in the morning, but it isn't to wake up or to have the caffiene. It is more of to warm up! LOL! I don't drink coffee all year long just in the cold months sometimes. Lately it has been more often but still not as much as I used to drink coke!

Water! Yeah! Water!

When I was in the army and we were in basic training, the cadre were always yelling at us to......


I wanted a coke so bad in those days and couldn't have it! LOL!
I've gone back and forth over the years... regular Coke, then Diet Coke, then Vanilla Coke, then Diet Coke, then regular Coke, then Coke Zero.

I went in to the doc in December for a blood draw and my triglycerides were a whopping 620! Holy smokes (under 150 is normal). I've not eaten so much as an M&M or had a sip off a soda product since then.

Sugared sodas pack a decent sized sugar punch all at once. No, some sugar in your diet is not a bad thing, but the amount in a can of soda jump starts the insulin kick, which tells your body to go into fat storage mode.

I'm like many of you here, in that I still CRAVE that taste of sugar. My wife always has that Gatorade Propel "fitness water" around the house. One whole bottle (two servings) has 4 grams of sugar in it, pretty low compared to a soda, and yet it is satisfyingly sweet.

I'll agree that the best thing to put in your body is plain old water water, but sometimes I just have to have that little bit of sweet!

I converted to diet soda a few years ago. I also used to think it tasted nasty, but now I think regular soda is too syrupy.

I pretty much stopped drinking soda about 7 years ago, and then last year I was craving bubbles, so I cracked a can of diet ginger ale (the most tolerable of the diet sodas for me at the time) from the fridge at work. That was the beginning of the end. Now I drink 1-2 cans of diet soda per day. My current addiction is Diet Cream Soda (yes, it's caffeinated). I don't think that healthwise diet soda as horrendous for me as some people here think (I had to write a few papers and do some research in that area), but as a semi-healthnut I find it depressing to feel so dependent on something that I don't need and that I viscerally react so negatively to. I'm not big on brands, I avoid chain restaurants, I try to shop at mom and pop businesses in my area, even though they're more expensive, I don't really eat or buy many pre-packaged or frozen food units (with a few exceptions like yogurt and Amy's Burritos) and I never wear clothes with the brand name splattered all over it (you can pay for your own advertising, thank you very much). I love vegetables, seafood, fruit and whole grains. I developed a strong taste for them over the years. I don't much like candy (except for chocolate, which I only eat occasionally). I'm one of those weird people who craves spinach or arugula or pea shoots or tofu or whatever else I get picked on at work for. I feel good when I exercise, and I get a fair amount of it. I am far from perfect (I may be going to hell for those donut cravings, but mmm.... donuts, and ohmygod buffalo wings), but I worked my butt off to get to this place in life, and am extremely proud of myself for having done it. I don't begrudge anyone else the habit, and conciously, I think it's a relatively minor sin, but when I drink a Diet Coke, I feel like I am somehow negating all of the work I put in. I may as well be permanantly affixed to my couch, shopping at Wal*Mart, wearing a shirt that says Coca-Cola across the front and shoving unnecessary crap into my body. That's not really the image of myself I like to project, nor do I think it's an image of myself I like to have in my head.

It also makes me bloat if I don't accompany it with a ton of water (about a liter of water per can of soda), but then so does anything with a lot of salt (especially restaurant Chinese food and Gatorade).

Wow, I didn't realize I felt so strongly about this until now. I think my March resolution will have to be to quit drinking the diet soda.
Wow! What an informative forum! I am very new to this site, on day two! I am dieting for the first time in my life. (Trying to get a hold of my life so I don‚??t end up looking like my mother‚?¶sorry mom! Love u-mean it!) I have always been an ice-tea, no sugar gurl. And, since I have started watching my weight I have started popping open that can of Diet Dew and Diet Dr. Pepper. I noticed about two weeks ago I was bloating & retaining water. After reading this page, I think its time for me to go back to water and tea‚?¶and the occasional Propel, which helps with my sugar cravings! Thanks! You guys & gals are great! :)
Hi everyone. I'm new to the site, joining after a very successful first week on a calorie controlled diet. I've not only been meticulous (sp?) about what food I put into my mouth, but also what liquids. eg: no sugar in tea (it's really very nice), lots of peppermint teas and fruit teas, the essential 2 litres a day of water, and, as a reformed cola addict, fizzy water with sugar free squash cordial in. It's about 8 calories a glass, so provided you don't go too over the top, you should be fine. Plenty of fruit juice for those vitamins too.

I've lost 12 lbs in my first week, and I have a very long way to go (another 100lbs), but very confident and motivated. I got up at 6 this morning and haven't yawned once yet!!!

Plus I've been hiking a lot, and as I live in a very beautiful country (Wales, UK), have the benefit of seeing some fantastic mountain views on the way!

I wish everyone the absolute best of luck with their wight loss or maintenance, whatever your goal!!
Lurleen! A southern lady who doesn't drink "sweet tea"? Hee hee hee! Sorry, had to give you a hard time. I think it's great that you can drink water so easily and all, but I have a REALLY hard time with it. As for the "real" soda vs. "diet", I quit real soda about 4 years ago, by not drinking any soda at all for two straight months, only non carbornated sugarfree lemonade, sugarfree kool-aide, etc. Then, at the end of the two months started with diet soda, now like the rest of you, I cannot drink a real soda, it's way too sweet. I would love to stop drinking any kind of soda, but I am having a hard enough time getting off this crazy food thing I think I that will have to wait.
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