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Don't give up on your future, just because you gave up in the past!

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  I just realized how much time I look back at my failed attempts of living a healthy lifestyle, and forget to start over .  I spend so much time and energy thinking about the past, I'm afraid I'm missing the opportunity to improve and jump on the healthy bandwagon. I'm currently on what I hope to be a life changing health kick, into a happier and healthier life.  I think it's  important NOT to think of my past diet failures, instead, I can transfer the energy into something positive, like rollerblading to the Marina or cooking a healthy meal.  Looking back, just regresses my positive attitude. Learning from my mistakes is perfectly fine, but dwelling is NOT! This is what I currently learned about myself!


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It is good that you realize that you are better to think positive for the future. Remember, this is a lifestyle change that you should plan on continuing forever. All of your new eating and exercise habits will serve you well for the rest of your life. Good luck! :D


Hey this is a great post and helped me (and I'm sure others too) to read it.  I agree: I think our past failures can become hardwired as expectations in our brains - even though our previous succcesses can be easily 'written off' by our critical self-talking as flukes or effects of circumstance.  

It is great to receive a positive post like this on the forum.  I hope that you are able to gain strength from it too on days that are more dificult. 

Good luck!!


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