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Weight Loss
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For those of us Who don't have much to lose

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And for those of us who want to be in the first half of a healthy BMI range

And for those of us who have have to be particularly careful about our calories, because the last few lbs are extra stubborn

what kinds of steps are you taking to get rid of those last 10-15lbs?

and what kind of exercises are you doing?



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Nothing special.... and it seems to be working... watching my calories,... and going to the gym. I do mostly cardio, but step it up some days with weightlifting. I've lost  34lbs since starting CC, and 10lbs since the beginning of august. Its just a slow process all around - and that's fine with me.

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yeah, it's for sure been a slow process

have you noticed that the thinner you get the more careful you have to be about calorie counting?

how much do you have left to lose?

Im a healthy BMI right now, at 5'8 142lbs. I want to get to a BMI  of (19.8-20) at around 130-132lbs/60kg-sh I have not seen that weight in 9 years.  I have around 12lbs to lose.  I also want to be fit and gain muscle tone, so Its not so much what I see on the scale, its when I feel I look fit. I am in a very-VERY physically demanding job (but only in short spurts, that requires heavy lifting). I see/deal with the perils of obesity daily. I also see the agony of those with eating disorders. Its what drives me to be healthy.  I hold my weight in my thighs and abdomen - if I could get a flat stomach that would be fantastic, right now its lumpy. I know though I have to decrease body weight as you can not spot reduce. What I dont understand is how come I am not flattening out in the stomach, I am basically just a smaller version of myself at 176lbs :/

RISZA-hi, hope u dont mind me chiming in but it sounds like ur pretty healthy and fit right now, not 10lbs lower!  maybe tone up but a bmi too low isnt necessaraly better or so healthy weither.  u want to have energy and the ability to work the physically demanding job too, rt?  130 might be too low and thats y ur body doesnt want to go down that low, maybe try toning+weights rather than losing weight to too low a weight.

best of luck

Perhaps me posting in this topic is misleading - as I'm not having troubles losing weight now.

 I gained weight because as an adult I ate very poorly- with no physical activity for years. I may seem selfish to want to loose more - but 176lbs did not feel good. I realize I am at a  healthy body weight- as I stated in my original post Im trying to flatten my lumps and bumps out by exercising and better food choices.

i was saying 142 sounds good, thats all

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I am 135lbs and 5'3


my goal weight atm is 120

but I feel that once I get down to 120 it may change to 110-115, as I have a really small frame

but i'm going to decide that once I get  the 120 and see how I look and feel


For me it's not at all about the number on the scale.. I would stop at 130 if I knew that's the weight where my body looked the way I wanted it to

and I've honestly, never been lower than 132 so I may even hit 125 and decide that i'm happy there

I know how you feel thin girl! i am mostly happy with my weight but wouldn't mind being a couple pounds lighter (i also have a small frame) and it seems if i go over even just 100 calories i put on weight! i really have to watch what i eat and as far as exercise i usually stick to the elliptical and treadmill with occasional weights but lately i've been trying to incorporate yoga/pilates because i feel like it really makes a difference in the shape of my body and it always makes me feel good.

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it's funny


my stomach is so flat now

that when i have a big meal


i actually get a bump


I'm jealous! I would not mind having a stomach that flat!

I'm at a healthy BMI now at 22 (5'9, 149 lbs -SW 165 lbs/GW 130lbs - small frame, pear shape, ~25 BF%) but I'm only halfway to my goal. Around 86% of my weight loss so far has been fat going by tape measurement of BF%.

I'm really happy with my current weight as I haven't been this light for years and I can feel my muscles better through the fat, but I want to gain some more definition. I'm healthy now but not at my optimal fitness level which is what I strive for.

I plan to keep on going like I am now, eating 1500-1900 kcal/day and exercising moderately - mainly running. I want to step up my weight training though but the gym is so far away here out on the country side, will have to purchase some weights for the home. I'm also eating mostly according to an intermittent fasting plan - eating all my kcal at lunch and dinner as the grazing method doesn't fit in with my lifestyle or philosophy.

I'm also visualizing and practicing mindfulness to stay happy with my body image at all times so I work with my body and not despite it or against it. So far the weight loss has been going twice as fast than what I had anticipated.

Double post so I deleted it. 



I went from 210 lbs to 140 lbs and have kept my weight pretty much for the past 2 BMI is center mass at 21.9   I am 5'7" and 51 yrs old.  I basically stopped counting calories...I exercise 6 out of 7 days a week (at home) and it will vary all the time.  Sun, Tues, Thurs = 5 miles HIIT (treadmill) and weight training of 2 major muscle groups using dumbells.  Mon, Wed, Fri = 8 miles HIIT.  I did keep a promise to myself which was if I wanted to stay healthy I had to eat healthy so I dont do like most and take a "cheat meal" I eat healthy (as much as I can) did cost me in the end...I lost a marriage in the deal as well.    



Over the last year I've gone from 5' 11" and 200 down to 150. I started not just counting calories, but surrounding myself with tons of fresh fruit and veggies. Over time I cut dairy products completely out of my diet, and now have no problem staying energetic and focused about working out. 


I like doing aerobics on my wii fit (free run, or timed run, hula hoop). I also jump rope two or three times a week. Once a week or more I lift small weights (fast repetitive curls, and tricep exercises). 


But honestly, cutting dairy and watching my calories really did it for me. I can still eat sweets and snacks, just the healthy ones though.

hey i'm 5'4, weigh 125lbs so don't have much to lose but the way the weight is spread means i want to lose a little more...small boobs, big bum and thighs. its in all the wrong places! :-p and though i'm pretty active i could be more toned, so im thinking it's coz iv'e got more fat than muscle that my weights not that high but i'm also not that slim.

anyone got any good tips on quick exercises that give max affect...starting work placement 9-5 mon-fri next week with studying on top so need high impact exercise and diet strategies, sharing ideas and having support would be great :)

anyone wanna be diet buddys?

whats diets are you girls following? whats kinda foods do you eat/avoid?

mindy x

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